C.O and Cavecon meters

Hello. Tonight, I’m going to talk about ‘The CAVECON and C.O. meters’. Near the end of MOUL(2007), a chart called the ‘C.O. meter’ was devised by RAWA to let people know how likely cancellation would be. This meter [seen here: http://web.archive.org/web/20111203160514/http://www.drcsite.org/images/drcco.jpg], has 5 levels with ‘severe’ at the top and ‘low’ at the bottom. It was called the ‘Cautious Optimism Advisory System’ (or C.O meter for short). The idea of ‘Cautious Optimism’ was that there was a chance of Cyan receiving the funding they needed (optimism). This may not happen so people shouldn’t get too excited.(caution).

So now on to the CAVECON meter. The CAVECON readouts can be found here:http://mystonline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=25172. Now, if you haven’t heard, this game is paid for by fan donations. Cyan refuses to give actual monetary figures. Instead, they invented a 5-level system to measure how well donations are covering expenses on a month-by-month basis. This 5-level system is the CAVECON. Level 5 is the best and level 1 is the worst.

So, to elaborate, CAVECON 3 means expenses are equal to donations; 2 means they are below expenses and 4 means they are above. When donations are at 4, they are cached for slower times. When at level 2, the cache is used to pay for expenses.

Levels 5 and 1 are extreme: 1 means that the cache is empty and the cavern is in danger of closure. 5 means Cyan is ready to add content to the game. We’ve never reached 5 and we can’t reach 5 if Cyan is not willing to add new content. Right now, they’re working on their new game, Obduction, so it’s unlikely we will reach CAVECON 5 even if there is enough funding to do so.

To add clarity, a second digit (after a decimal point) was added. This represents how close donations are to reaching the goal (which for each month is CAVECON 3). So .3 means 30% funded to the 3.0 goal, 0.1 means 10%, etc. When CAVECON 4 is reached, the decimal represents how much extra money is in the cache. In this case, .3 means funding is 130% and .1 means funding is 110%.

So, hopefully, you now have an understanding of the CAVECON. The current ratings can be found here: URL If not, I will try to answer any questions you might have. I will put up a Q&A section at http://heritagenight.wordpress.com/. But first, if you would like to donate to MOULa, you do so at: http://mystonline.com/en/donate/


Q: How much should we donate?

A: You should donate what you can.

Q: Why won’t Cyan give actual dollar/cents figures?

A: They don’t want people to feel obligated to donate.

Q: Does all of my donation goes towards MOULa?

A: It does. They have a separate bank account specifically for MOULa.

Q: Do large yearly sums work better than monthly?

A: I believe monthly is preferred since Cyan is billed for the server monthly. So a big yearly sum only helps them out for a few months.

Q: What if I can’t donate?

A: Then the game is still free for you. Maybe you can find something else useful to do around cavern.

Q: Are donations tax-deductible?

A: No, sorry they are not.

Q: How can I donate and where do I do so?

A: Info and donations can be found here: http://mystonline.com/en/donate/

Lighting The Lake

Shorah, all! Today, I’m going to be talking about ‘Lighting the Lake’. Before we begin, is everyone familiar with the pellet-baking machine in Er’cana?

If not, let me give some background. There is an oven in one of the ages that allows the user to bake a sausage-shaped log which we call a ‘pellet’. When a pellet is dropped into a pool of water, it will produce some light. How much light you get depends on what settings you use http://heritagenight.wordpress.com/2014/07/26/1401/to bake the pellet. You can either drop the pellet into a Borah cave or a pool of water in A’gura.

In 2007, it was discovered that ‘well baked’ pellets dropped in the Agura pool of water actually affected the lake and this would eventually make the lake brighter. This is due to luminescent algae in the water, which, as far as I know, has died since the fall of D’ni.

So a project was started to light the lake to its maximum brightness, since a brighter lake would also effect the brightness of the cavern. At that time, someone at the DRC installed a funny machine at the docs. It’s supposed to measure the lake light, but it’s broken somehow and so was later removed.

I will take questions at this time, and then Stone5 will adjust the lake brightness leavals so you can see how bright and dark they go. This can only be done in the hood. Then we can go to the city to see the lake brightness measuring device.

The Q&A is bellow:

(07/26 15:06:02)  Magic Ro': TOC has a working Lake Light Meter
(07/26 15:06:09)  Jamie Marchant: That’s cool :)
(07/26 15:06:16)  Malim Praedari: Where will the chatlog b published
(07/26 15:06:18)  Jamie Marchant: I haven’t been on TOC for a while
(07/26 15:06:22)  Malim Praedari: I will have to leave soon
(07/26 15:06:30)  Magic Ro': It’s in COD
(07/26 15:06:42)  Jamie Marchant: Yes which reminds me all the Q&A will be in the chatlog
(07/26 15:06:59)  Jamie Marchant: The thing I just read to you will be on the Heritage Night blog latter
(07/26 15:07:05)  Malim Praedari: What is cod?
(07/26 15:07:27)  radioflux: City of Dimensions
(07/26 15:07:31)  Magic Ro': City of D…. forgot how to spell it
(07/26 15:07:34)  Magic Ro': TY
(07/26 15:07:41)  Jamie Marchant: I belive COD is the city of demistionts, an altertive city in the The Open Cave shard
(07/26 15:07:43)  Malim Praedari: Ok, but what is the link
(07/26 15:08:07)  Jamie Marchant: I belive if you have an account on The Open Cave you can get there for free
(07/26 15:08:08)  Magic Ro': use   /cod
(07/26 15:08:12)  Magic Ro': or the Nexus
(07/26 15:08:24)  radioflux: http://www.the-open-cave.net ???
(07/26 15:08:31)  Magic Ro': yes
(07/26 15:08:38)  Malim Praedari: No i thik we are misunderstanding
(07/26 15:08:43)  Zeke365: So does this machine of brightnees effect the cavcon any way?
(07/26 15:08:46)  Malim Praedari: what is the link to the chat log
(07/26 15:08:55)  radioflux: heh
(07/26 15:08:55)  Jamie Marchant: No it only measures it.
(07/26 15:09:27)  Zeke365: What was it mesuring for other than brightness?
(07/26 15:09:30)  Jamie Marchant: by right back
(07/26 15:09:53)  Magic Ro': The very same lake machine can be see at the Dock  with Magic Treasure
(07/26 15:10:08)  Mcbeam: hello?
(07/26 15:10:15)  Zeke365: Hello
(07/26 15:10:15)  Malim Praedari: Hello mcbeam
(07/26 15:10:23)  Jamie Marchant: Sorry about that my internal client got messed up
(07/26 15:10:24) Magic Ro’ says okay
(07/26 15:10:28)  Jamie Marchant: Ok any other questionts?
(07/26 15:10:28)  Mcbeam: where for art ?
(07/26 15:10:39)  Jamie Marchant: where for art?
(07/26 15:10:48)  Magic Ro': where for art thou
(07/26 15:10:49)  Mcbeam: everybody?
(07/26 15:11:01)  Jamie Marchant: Where upstairs
(07/26 15:11:03)  Stone: Jamy can correct mebut i thin you can find mst of the chat logs and info here….    https://heritagenight.wordpress.com
(07/26 15:11:08)  Zeke365: Was there another purpose for the machine other than brightness of the pellets?
(07/26 15:11:15)  Stone: Jamie     sorry^
(07/26 15:11:16)  Malim Praedari: ok thank you
(07/26 15:11:23)  Mcbeam: oops sorry
(07/26 15:11:43)  Jamie Marchant: The machine by the docs?
(07/26 15:11:49)  Magic Ro': doesn’t it supply air to the divers?
(07/26 15:11:55)  Zeke365: Yes and why it broke?
(07/26 15:12:03)  Jamie Marchant: Maybe, hold on a moment
(07/26 15:12:28)  Jamie Marchant: The drc site is still down :(
(07/26 15:13:04)  Jamie Marchant: They had a really good thread on the matter but I did not have accass to it when writing my script
(07/26 15:13:30)  Jamie Marchant: Also it’s a lot harder to find good info on Myst stuff with MystLore down :(
(07/26 15:13:38)  Jamie Marchant: Any other questionts
(07/26 15:13:39)  Stone: is it in the waybackmachine
(07/26 15:13:40)  Malim Praedari: what was the intention of it’s function if it did work, did it have lights and a meter to indicate brightnes?
(07/26 15:13:51)  Jamie Marchant: Oh yeah good thinking Stone
(07/26 15:13:54)  Malim Praedari: some sort of indication
(07/26 15:14:04)  Jamie Marchant: I forgot about that when doing my script :(
(07/26 15:14:20)  Magic Ro': I only see 1s and 0s on the working machine.
(07/26 15:14:34)  Jamie Marchant: That’s kind of the reason I diden’t want to do 07 stuff as there is a lot of reasearch todo since I was never there

I didn’t think of taking a screen shot of the brighter lake but here is the thing by the lake:

Hertiage Night: Memoryable Threads Speach

[Links to the threads I talked about can be found at the bottom or this post.]

This is what I said at Heritage Night:

Hello, and welcome once again to Heritage Night. Today’s topic is ‘memorable forum threads.’ Now for those of you who don’t know, the forums for this game can be found here: http://mystonline.com/forums. I suggest you check it out. The Myst Online forums were started in 2007 along with the first incarnation of “Myst Online Uru Live.

Over the years, there have been a number of noteworthy threads on the forums. The community and moderators have selected a list of their favourite threads. The name of this thread is ‘Memorable Thread Collection'; it’s found in the Information & Resource Center. Don’t worry because I will give all the URLs on the Heritage Night blog at heritagenight.wordpress.com.

Starting off, I’d like to talk about the ‘Is it More Yet?’ thread. To understand this thread, you have to know what MORE is. MORE or Myst Online Restoration Experiment was a proposal by Cyan to continue URU after the talks of cancellation in 2007. The proposal included new content, easy-to-use tools to allow people to make content, and the return to Cavern for free. While waiting for MORE, people starting ‘writing’ this thread. The thread is 140 pages long and became very silly, which is what made it memorable. The thread was locked around the time when MOULa came out, probably since MOULa (though NOT MORE) is a good enough substitute. I suggest you read a bit of the thread, but it’s not necessary to read through the whole thing. It’s interesting to see how silly a bunch of fans of a very serious game can be.

Ki toons – this a very memorable thread. A user made a bunch of comics (like one finds in the Saturday morning paper) about Cavern life. It’s only 21 pages (mostly comments of how amazing it is) and is definitely worth a look. Though I have to point out that some of the cartoons have minor spoilers and some,

This is what I said at Heritage Night:

Hello, and welcome once again to Heritage Night. Today’s topic is ‘memorable forum threads.’ Now for those of you who don’t know, the forums for this game can be found here: http://mystonline.com/forums. I suggest you check it out. The Myst Online forums were started in 2007 along with the first incarnation of “Myst Online Uru Live.

Over the years, there have been a number of noteworthy threads on the forums. The community and moderators have selected a list of their favourite threads. The name of this thread is ‘Memorable Thread Collection'; it’s found in the Information & Resource Center. Don’t worry because I will give all the URLs on the Heritage Night blog at heritagenight.wordpress.com.

Starting off, I’d like to talk about the ‘Is it More Yet?’ thread. To understand this thread, you have to know what MORE is. MORE or Myst Online Restoration Experiment was a proposal by Cyan to continue URU after the talks of cancellation in 2007. The proposal included new content, easy-to-use tools to allow people to make content, and the return to Cavern for free. While waiting for MORE, people starting ‘writing’ this thread. The thread is 140 pages long and became very silly, which is what made it memorable. The thread was locked around the time when MOULa came out, probably since MOULa (though NOT MORE) is a good enough substitute. I suggest you read a bit of the thread, but it’s not necessary to read through the whole thing. It’s interesting to see how silly a bunch of fans of a very serious game can be.

Ki toons – this a very memorable thread. A user made a bunch of comics (like one finds in the Saturday morning paper) about Cavern life. It’s only 21 pages (mostly comments of how amazing it is) and is definitely worth a look. Though I have to point out that some of the cartoons have minor spoilers and some, sadly, only make sense if you know the 2007 history, but it’s still worth the look.

BOMB in the CITY! Help deactivate it! – earlier this year, I talked about OHB and the BOMB. As a refresher, OHB put one of his ‘robots’ in the cavern who threatened to blow it up. It was up to explorers to solve a puzzle and save the day. The puzzle was posted in this thread. Now it was really fun to see it unfold, but I’m sure it would also be fun to read over. It’s only 9 pages, plus you can try and solve the puzzle before reading the solution.

There are a lot of threads I could put on this list, but only so much time, so I will now talk about three threads with a similar ‘theme’, telling a story.

Surprise in Minkata – The user, Norfren, has made a sort of interactive story. He posts a narration post, followed by ‘player’ posts requesting what to do. Each of Norfren’s posts is accompanied by a high quality render of the age. Throughout the story, hidden stuff is found in the age Minkata. (I won’t say what and spoil the surprise). This story is 67 pages long. While in college, I bookmarked my spot and read through the whole thing during 10 minute breaks. I would read a narration section, decide what I would do, and skip forward to the next narration section. It’s definitely worth your time. Also, there were a couple of interactive sections at the end. After reading through it, I wished that I could make 3D render so I could make my own story. :(

‘Beyond Teladen’ is another story thread (also with its own renders). The author, Guybrush Threepwood, takes us to new, unexplored areas of Teladen. It was in the same vein as ‘Surprise in Minkata’. Unfortunately, Guybrush has gotten busy and the story has ended in the middle.

I didn’t have a forum account in 2007, so I could not participate in ‘Surprise in Minkata,’ but I did participate in ‘Beyond Teladen.’ I had so much fun that I wished it would go on. Later, I realized that I could tell my own story, a text adventure, so I don’t have to make any 3d renders[models]  :). I did this when I wrote ‘Myst: the comedy text-adventure’.

Myst: the comedy text-adventure – This thread is very memorable as well as very funny. The party is sent on a quest to find five crystals, located in five very unique ages. Why a comedy, you might ask. The answer is: since it’s different, fun, and a bit easier (since not everything has to make sense :)) . By the way, my text-adventures made me interested in telling stories, which is one of the things that lead me to taking over Heritage Night.(but I will talk more about that in a future Heritage Night).

Well, that’s it for memorable threads for now. Thanks for listening and thank you and your neighbours for making threads that are memorable in the first place! I will take questions in a moment, but first some bad news related to Heritage Night. At the last AGM, I talked about a ‘play idea’ I had, but the announcement was a bit premature. I hadn’t actually looked at the opening of MOUL(2007), but now that I have and I’ve found that it’s not good (exciting) material for what I want to do.  I’ve shelved the idea for now, sorry. Also, I am a bit busy in the next couple of weeks with ‘summer stuff’, so there may not be a July Heritage Night, as my next event is another ‘Hood Of Illusions’ one.

Ok, at this time, I will take questions now before my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

(06/28 15:27:55) Chat.log started…
(06/28 15:28:02)  Acorn1: I asked who the artist was for the comics
(06/28 15:28:07)  JamieWithHNKey: Ok se I will be recoding this part for the blog.
(06/28 15:28:40)  JamieWithHNKey: The KiToons where drawn by Thend.
(06/28 15:28:48)  Acorn1: Thank you
(06/28 15:28:50)  JamieWithHNKey: Any other questionts?
(06/28 15:28:59)  Boywhith: I repeat mine…
(06/28 15:29:00)  radioflux: I love the ‘Mysterious Mynds’ threads
(06/28 15:29:10)  radioflux: great storytelling
(06/28 15:29:24)  Boywhith: You will give the links where we can find these stories?
(06/28 15:29:25)  JamieWithHNKey: I seem to have miseed your question Boywith
(06/28 15:30:16)  JamieWithHNKey: The stories are all on the Myst Online forums, I will give all the links on the Hertiage Night blog: heritagenight.wordpress.com.
(06/28 15:30:42)  JamieWithHNKey: Any other questionts?
(06/28 15:30:46)  Boywhith: Thank you! The are some many bloggs..
(06/28 15:31:09)  Boywhith: sometimes you can’t see the forest because of the trees…
(06/28 15:31:15)  JamieWithHNKey: True :)
(06/28 15:31:28)  Acorn1: just a comment: your comedy adventure was what got me posting on the forums, Jamie
(06/28 15:31:55)  Acorn1: i was reading it and seeing people fail to pick up the clues that I HAD to join in!
(06/28 15:32:10)  JamieWithHNKey: Yes you’ve told me that before, that’s cool to hear!
(06/28 15:32:29)  JamieWithHNKey: Also Hertiage Night is mentioned in the
(06/28 15:32:41)  JamieWithHNKey: ‘Myste Online’ articale on Wikepdia!
(06/28 15:33:30)  JamieWithHNKey: Any other questionts?
(06/28 15:34:14)  JamieWithHNKey: i gues not

And now its time for my big announcement! My third text-adventure will start July 1st ,2014! It will include the following features:
– An advanced moral system, in which you must find the ‘best way’ to do something, not just ‘push 1 to be rude, push 2 to be kind’.
-Boopies (currency) will actually have an in-game use.
– There will be 2 or 3 events on ‘The Gehn Shard’ (so you might want to sign up for an account on the shard.)
– The story will be a bit darker/deeper.
Also I have vague plans for 2 more adventures! I hope to see you on the forums!
Here are the threads I talked about:
Memorable Thread Collection – http://mystonline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=339918#p339918

Is It More Yet? -http://mystonline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=16404

Ki toons – http://mystonline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=4312

Surprise in Minkata - http://mystonline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=13155&highlight=minkata

Myst: the comedy text-adventure: http://mystonline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=26086

Next HN

The next Heritage Night on memorable forum thread from MOULa/MOUL will be Saturday, the 28th at 13 Ki time(in the Heritage Night hood.). See you then! I will be talking about this at today’s AGM, if they are any threads you think I should cover let me know ‘in person’ after the AGM. You can also PM me on the forums.

NOTE: This will NOT just be a repeat of the ‘memorable threads’ thread but some of my personal favoirits. I will also talk about Myst The Commidy Text advenuter and how it came to be. It was influnced by 3 forum threads, can you guess which ones?(if you can keep it to yourself so others can guess).

Hertiage Nihgt V Part II

Here is the chatlog from the chat on Gehn:

(05/18 15:32:50) Chat.log started…
(05/18 15:36:59)  Zeke365: I was wondering something is it possible to have this graphic level incorapted into MOULa cause I think it would give MOUla a nice facelift even if no new content is added?
(05/18 15:37:09)  Whilyam: Greetings.
(05/18 15:37:40)  Whilyam: Yeah, we need a high res texture pack for this Minecraft server, Hoikas
(05/18 15:37:55)  Adam {Hoikas}: [trollface.jpg]
(05/18 15:38:08)  jamie: the graphics level?
(05/18 15:38:21)  Alryn: Hi
(05/18 15:38:37)  jamie: It’s possible to put any changes on this shard into MOULa, how much work is involved is anouther question.
(05/18 15:38:50)  jamie: *from this shard
(05/18 15:39:27)  jamie: Cyan also has to approve and have time to put into MOULa
(05/18 15:39:35)  jamie: You could also report it to Adam

(05/18 15:40:54)  Zeke365: why do you like the ghen shard Jamie some reasons that might surpurise us?
(05/18 15:41:53)  jamie: The Gehn shard has the newest/grest toys without being silly like TOC
(05/18 15:42:09)  Whilyam: TOC?
(05/18 15:42:28)  jamie: like the text changing colours for PMs, proper widecreen and high quitly fan ages :)
(05/18 15:42:32)  jamie: The Open Cave
(05/18 15:42:43)  Acorn: but Jamie you might switch loyalties to DIRT I see from the chatlog yesterday
(05/18 15:43:05)  Zeke365: yes I really want to see DIRT shard

(05/18 15:43:06)  radioflux: ooh I do have a question
(05/18 15:43:44)  radioflux: are there any plans to get the Gahreesen wall working here?
(05/18 15:44:00)  jamie: That a question for Adam
(05/18 15:44:04)  janaba: TOC is MOSS based like OpenUru’s Minkata I believe
(05/18 15:44:22)  jamie: It might be, though the server backend does not make a whole lot of diffence
(05/18 15:44:30)  Adam {Hoikas}: there are vague plans regarding the wall
(05/18 15:44:40)  radioflux: hehe
(05/18 15:45:00)  Adam {Hoikas}: We looked at what TOC did and read a lot of the feedback and decided we needed to spend some time squashing bugs before unleashing it here
(05/18 15:45:05)  Whilyam: Vague are your only kinds of plans. :P
(05/18 15:45:07)  jamie: I prefer the H-URU server since I can acctually get it to run and it’s simpler
(05/18 15:45:12)  Adam {Hoikas}: that hasn’t happened quite yet
(05/18 15:45:25)  Adam {Hoikas}: =P
(05/18 15:45:36)  radioflux: yeah, the only good plan is a vague plan
(05/18 15:45:37)  Acorn: while we’re talkiig of fan clubs, janaba and I are fans of Elodea – mighht it come to Gehn?
(05/18 15:45:47)  Whilyam: brb, need to unstick myself
(05/18 15:45:48)  Zeke365: so it goes TOC to Ghen to Miknna, to MOULa
(05/18 15:46:05)  jamie: I wouden’t say that
(05/18 15:46:06)  Whilyam (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):  
(05/18 15:46:35) Adam {Hoikas} thinks a minute
(05/18 15:46:58)  Zeke365: I have played around on deep island shard a little bit could you tell us how that came to be?
(05/18 15:47:07)  janaba: The Wall on TOC works but has many bugs still, yes
(05/18 15:47:46)  radioflux: the TOC wall is not exaclty ready for release, no
(05/18 15:47:47)  Adam {Hoikas}: Elodea is a nice age in that it actually gives folks something to do–it’s not quite polished to the level I’m looking for though. We’re going to be hosting an event in the near future about that topic, actually
(05/18 15:47:59)  janaba: new stuff to consider goes to Minkata to be tested and then e v e n t a l l y  mayyybeeee to MOULa lol
(05/18 15:48:01)  jamie: Cool :)
(05/18 15:48:10)  janaba: eventually
(05/18 15:48:31)  jamie: Adam would be able to more correctly answer your deep island question then I would
(05/18 15:48:31)  Adam {Hoikas}: if someone wants to spend the effort to move it over to Minkata ;)
(05/18 15:48:48)  Adam {Hoikas}: Deep Island…
(05/18 15:49:15)  Adam {Hoikas}: it started up between MOUL closing and MOULa opening
(05/18 15:49:18)  janaba: ohh, poor Deledrius lol
(05/18 15:49:43)  janaba: I wouldn’t want to convert and polish the Elodea universe lol
(05/18 15:49:44)  Adam {Hoikas}: at the time, the only public way to play Uru online was on a shard run by an unscrupulous individual
(05/18 15:49:51)  Acorn: yes,there were lots of people saying that visually Elodea wasn’t up to scratch so i’m not surprised at your answer, Adam, but polishing it would presumably be a huge task..
(05/18 15:50:30)  Adam {Hoikas}: so diafero came to me with the idea for Deep Island–it would host all the fan ages and be available for anyone who registered on the GoW forum
(05/18 15:50:35)  jamie: Lets let Adam finsih his deep island thing before fludding the screen with text
(05/18 15:50:59)  Adam {Hoikas}: I was glad that I wouldn’t be the one doing the work, and promptly rubber-stamped it =P
(05/18 15:51:32)  janaba: I’d say just the conversion of those immensly huge ages (4 actually) is already an arduous task, oh my :-)
(05/18 15:52:02)  Zeke365: One thing that always has confused me is this shard runs off MOUla shard yet is different server does that mean its another branch from the main server/
(05/18 15:52:19)  Adam {Hoikas}: it gets easier every time–the GoMePub is basically ready to go, there are just a few bugs…
(05/18 15:52:29)  Acorn: oooh!
(05/18 15:52:31)  janaba: lol
(05/18 15:52:43)  janaba: awesome :-)
(05/18 15:52:45)  Zeke365: nice squah those bugs
(05/18 15:53:02)  jamie: the current MOUL shards servers are totaly unrelated
(05/18 15:53:14)  Adam {Hoikas}: Zeke365, we really only depend on the MOULa game data (ages) because it’s not exactly legal for us to let you download that from us
(05/18 15:53:36)  jamie: So if MOULa(the cyan shard) went down right now, it would not effect us.
(05/18 15:53:58)  Zeke365: okay
(05/18 15:54:27)  jamie: The hope is that someday you won’t have to copy data from one shard to anouther to make it work, but that involes get promistion from Cyan which like other things is being worked on…
(05/18 15:54:39)  janaba: That’s really great isn’t it?
(05/18 15:54:50)  janaba: that sounds like independence :-)
(05/18 15:55:05)  Adam {Hoikas}: the new installer sort of makes it easy, but there are bugs (of course >.<)
(05/18 15:55:42)  Acorn: is it true that you pay for the server yourself, Adam – you don’t seem to ask for donations…..
(05/18 15:56:01)  Adam {Hoikas}: right, the shard, forum, wiki, etc all run on the same server
(05/18 15:56:52)  janaba: in case MOULa would really go down resp. being taken one day will ewxplorers be allowed to further on use the MOULs data, is that part of being Open Source? or would there have to be other new agreements to be contracted or so?
(05/18 15:57:04)  janaba: hahaha Whilyam
(05/18 15:57:49)  janaba: but it’s really awesome that those shards are really self contained and maintained etc. :-)
(05/18 15:57:56)  Adam {Hoikas}: if MOULa were to go down permanently, we would probably ship the files anyway and hope no one cries too much
(05/18 15:58:09)  Zeke365: which brings me to another question in open source you said cyan only realased part of it are we waiting for the open source to be opened fully?
(05/18 15:58:22)  janaba: yeah, ok, like that Adam :-)
(05/18 15:58:37)  Adam {Hoikas}: all of the code is open source, and we’ve got everything we’re going to get there
(05/18 15:58:50)  janaba: inofficially Cyan would agree, officially maybe not, depends on their dependences I suppose lol
(05/18 15:59:03)  Adam {Hoikas}: the content (ages, such as Relto and Teledahn) are not open sourced
(05/18 15:59:16)  Zeke365: would cyan ever deny a fan age?
(05/18 15:59:33)  Adam {Hoikas}: what we are working towards is permission to be able to “ship” that content on our own shards
(05/18 15:59:33)  janaba: dependencies … I write too fast lol
(05/18 15:59:34) From Acorn: that might work, yes
(05/18 15:59:38)  Zeke365: because there canon right
(05/18 15:59:45)  Adam {Hoikas}: I don’t know what Cyan would or wouldn’t do
(05/18 16:00:45)  Adam {Hoikas}: I do know that if you can get on Gehn, Cyan shouldn’t be able to find much content-wise to prevent you from being on MOULa
(05/18 16:00:47)  janaba: yeah, the independant redistribution, that’s important and would make everything easier for all involved
(05/18 16:03:07)  Zeke365: I was wonder in the mikkinta shard how many fans do you have testing on it other than Mach, adam, and others?
(05/18 16:03:41)  jamie: I don’t know you would have to speak to one of the admins
(05/18 16:03:53)  janaba: ohh, there are some more like me, Acorn, Tai’lahr, Christian, Mac_Fife etc. etc. :-)
(05/18 16:04:00)  jamie: I think they are at least 50 people signed up, since that many people showed up to a party once.
(05/18 16:04:11)  jamie: Me!
(05/18 16:04:11)  Acorn: anyone can plan on minkata and test it that way, if that’s what you mean Zeke
(05/18 16:04:12)  janaba: right
(05/18 16:04:19)  Acorn: *play
(05/18 16:04:28)  Adam {Hoikas}: we have 1094 active avatars
(05/18 16:04:33)  radioflux: I’m signed up, but don’t have a working install now
(05/18 16:04:37)  jamie: on minkata?
(05/18 16:04:41)  Adam {Hoikas}: on Gehn
(05/18 16:04:46)  jamie: cool :)
(05/18 16:04:53)  Zeke365: I just go back and forth on it
(05/18 16:05:00)  janaba: yeah, the more the merrier :-)
(05/18 16:05:57)  Zeke365: cause those feathers would something in the future moula so do I want to spoil myself but then again it another way to help the community
(05/18 16:07:10)  jamie: Are they any other questionts?
(05/18 16:07:32)  Zeke365: well all have questions after we leave
(05/18 16:07:38)  radioflux: how many fan ages are there on Gehn?
(05/18 16:07:43)  janaba: awww
(05/18 16:07:52)  jamie: three I think.
(05/18 16:08:00)  Acorn: what’s the best guess for when Gehn 20 will arrive?
(05/18 16:08:08)  Adam {Hoikas}: 3 now, 4 soon
(05/18 16:08:15)  janaba: ;-)
(05/18 16:08:19)  radioflux: nice
(05/18 16:08:27)  Adam {Hoikas}: I have Gehn 20 pencilled in for June 5th
(05/18 16:08:36)  jamie: Cool!
(05/18 16:08:40)  janaba: great!!!!
(05/18 16:08:50)  Acorn: lovely!
(05/18 16:09:08)  Zeke365: so will you be doing a guild of writer rework simuliar to what the GOM pub is doing?
(05/18 16:09:08)  Adam {Hoikas}: and just glancing at all of the changes, it promises to be another 3 hour update =P
(05/18 16:09:24)  Acorn: livetream?
(05/18 16:09:31)  Acorn: *tream
(05/18 16:09:32)  Adam {Hoikas}: Tweek is working on one in his spare time
(05/18 16:09:43)  Zeke365: good thing I have a fast compiuter
(05/18 16:09:49)  Acorn: *stream
(05/18 16:09:58)  janaba: on a livestream? Tweek I mean
(05/18 16:10:02)  Adam {Hoikas}: I was thinking about doing a livestream. There are a lot of moving parts in this update, so I’m probably going to need to have Deledrius on a hangout ;)
(05/18 16:10:18)  Adam {Hoikas}: Tweek is working on a new Writers’ Pub
(05/18 16:10:31)  Zeke365: what is the google hangout seems to be the new thing
(05/18 16:10:51)  janaba: ahh, yes, of course he’s working on the pub
(05/18 16:10:53)  Zeke365: that and twitch TV
(05/18 16:10:59)  janaba: and it looks great already
(05/18 16:11:12)  jamie: It appears to be Google’s verstion of Skype
(05/18 16:11:20)  Adam {Hoikas}: wait until you see the GoMePub ;)
(05/18 16:11:30)  Zeke365: so are all the pubs going to be redone to look differnt from one another?
(05/18 16:11:31)  janaba: He’s celebrating his birthday on the 30th of Maybtw, Tweek I mean :-)
(05/18 16:11:34)  radioflux: the best writing gets done in pubs
(05/18 16:12:11)  janaba: hihi
(05/18 16:12:37)  Adam {Hoikas}: I doubt it–Doobes wanted a new GoMePub, and Tweek hates the fact that all of the Pubs are clones, but they’re just interested in fixing their own pubs for now
(05/18 16:13:35)  janaba: yes that’s enough of work to be done already lol and is a great start to be sure :-)
(05/18 16:15:47)  Zeke365: so what is your vison for the ghen shard adam that people will take away with them?
(05/18 16:16:06)  janaba: good and nice question
(05/18 16:16:45)  Adam {Hoikas}: what we’re trying to do is slowly polish and make Uru better (less bugs, better performance, more shinies, etc)
(05/18 16:17:11)  Zeke365: then someday incorpate into MOULa
(05/18 16:17:20)  Adam {Hoikas}: we’re not too interested at throwing the kitchen sink at the wall and seeing what sticks
(05/18 16:17:31)  Adam {Hoikas}: if someone wants to take the time to move things over to MOULa ;)
(05/18 16:17:32)  janaba: lol
(05/18 16:18:02)  Adam {Hoikas}: (background: when I first started playing URU, there were twenty shards…)
(05/18 16:18:37)  Zeke365: would love to see that but condsidering I no programer but I can least try to learn the ins and outs
(05/18 16:18:42)  jamie: I should warn you as Gehn(and H-URU) get father and father from MOULa/Minkia moveing things from one to the other wil lget harder
(05/18 16:19:49)  janaba: I’d say I should be considered as a priviledge for MOULa to have the shard owners and programers etc. doing all the work and providing everything for free :-)
(05/18 16:19:57)  Adam {Hoikas}: by the time Minkata was up and ready to accept changes, it was already hard. it’s gone from “hard” to “potentially very, very difficult or nearly impossible”
(05/18 16:20:31)  Adam {Hoikas}: unless you have endless patience (which I don’t have =P)
(05/18 16:20:32)  janaba: it should be considered
(05/18 16:20:45)  jamie: Right! since Minkia is still ‘locked down’ issent it?
(05/18 16:21:06)  Adam {Hoikas}: I think they’re accepting changes again, but no one has submitted any
(05/18 16:21:30)  Zeke365: the reason is because as right now MOULa looks a little aged no pun intended and if MOUla was upgraded to this quailty it might interst people and give moula a facelift it truly needs
(05/18 16:21:40)  jamie: Probally since it’s more interesting too work with H-URU(and easeir)
(05/18 16:21:46)  Adam {Hoikas}: meanwhile, most of what we’re doing is like putting the top on a pyramid–a pyramid that doesn’t even exist on MOULa
(05/18 16:22:12)  jamie: Good analogy
(05/18 16:22:30)  janaba: yep :-)
– I asked Adam a question ‘off the record’ here. –
(05/18 16:32:43)  Zeke365: if you were not at the international hood meeting I heard greydragon say there they have other projects other than obuduction and MOula
(05/18 16:33:04)  Adam {Hoikas}: yeah, they have some interesting things baking
(05/18 16:33:22)  Acorn: can you tell us?
(05/18 16:33:37)  Zeke365: wonder how long its been cooking and when they be able to pull out of the oven?
(05/18 16:33:50)  janaba: no he wasn’t specific, just teasing us lol
(05/18 16:34:11)  radioflux: I have a feeling it would unwise to hold your breath, though
(05/18 16:34:16)  Adam {Hoikas}: well, you know there are a lot of irons in the fire what with Sevkor and that sort of deal
(05/18 16:34:23)  Zeke365: sort of like a teaser trailer for the community
(05/18 16:34:59)  Zeke365: where does sevkor come from anywahse?
(05/18 16:35:05)  Acorn: Sevkor has been nearly there for so long!
(05/18 16:35:32)  Adam {Hoikas}: matthornb has been working on it in blender
(05/18 16:35:44)  janaba: matthornb is working on it, in collaboration with Karkadann
(05/18 16:36:01)  janaba: he’s uploaded some videos and pictures at least
(05/18 16:36:08)  janaba: and posted
(05/18 16:37:00)  janaba: itm seems to be quite huge from the dimensions you can see so far and it looked good so far
(05/18 16:37:23)  Zeke365: sometime I wished I had spent more time studing gemoerty in school
(05/18 16:37:49)  Acorn: Karkadann hasn’t posted about it – has he really got to work on it yet?
(05/18 16:38:00)  janaba: it looked as if much work went into it, very detailed, don’t ask me for quality and lighting etc, for that you are the specialists :-)
(05/18 16:38:02)  Adam {Hoikas}: AFAIK he hasn’t received anything
(05/18 16:38:12)  Acorn: hmmm
(05/18 16:38:44)  radioflux: he did ask for nominations for fan ages, though
(05/18 16:39:08)  janaba: yeah, he always asks some of those questions lol
(05/18 16:39:14)  Acorn: but he’s working on backgammon!
(05/18 16:39:18)  Zeke365: I have been on deep island shard and have studied how the fan ages were done and have a few ideas of me own
(05/18 16:39:47)  jamie: Looks like Adam crashed
(05/18 16:39:51)  radioflux: yup
(05/18 16:40:01)  jamie: Any other questionts?
(05/18 16:40:09)  janaba: oh, Adam logged out or poofed?
(05/18 16:40:14)  Zeke365: when the next heratige night?
(05/18 16:40:18)  Acorn: this has been fun, jamie!
(05/18 16:40:44)  Acorn: he’s back
(05/18 16:40:50)  jamie: I don’t know, I usally plan the next one at the end of the month
(05/18 16:41:02)  janaba: oh, yes, I think that was a great, informative and fun session, Jamie :-)
(05/18 16:41:22)  Acorn: what’s the next topic?
(05/18 16:41:24) jamie is typing
(05/18 16:41:44)  jamie: I’m not sure atm
(05/18 16:42:03)  janaba: ohh, you did so many already, take your time Jamie :-)
(05/18 16:42:12)  janaba: wb Adam :-)
(05/18 16:42:21)  Adam {Hoikas}: ty
(05/18 16:42:40)  jamie: Oh yes! I remember! the next Hertiage Night night will be on famous forum threads
(05/18 16:42:53)  janaba: we’re almost at the end and I’ve said it was a fun and informative session, thanks to you Jamie, Adam and all else :-)
(05/18 16:42:55) janaba cheers
(05/18 16:42:58)  jamie: including some MOUL(2007) ones like ‘Suprice in Minkinia)
(05/18 16:43:03) Acorn cheers
(05/18 16:43:06)  Adam {Hoikas}: =P
(05/18 16:43:13) Adam {Hoikas} vaguely remembers that one
(05/18 16:43:26)  janaba: hihi, on famous forum threads … yeah!!!
(05/18 16:43:28)  Adam {Hoikas}: you should do “Ending the Nonsense” as well [trollface.jpg]
(05/18 16:43:37)  Acorn: which forums are you covering, Jamie?
(05/18 16:43:45)  radioflux: Heritage Night goes meta?
(05/18 16:44:10) janaba roars with laughter
(05/18 16:44:11)  jamie: It has allready, since the last 2 meeting where OOC
(05/18 16:44:13)  Zeke365: well I gotta go see ya all later
(05/18 16:44:22)  Adam {Hoikas}: has teh funs
(05/18 16:44:25)  Acorn: bye Zeke
(05/18 16:44:30)  radioflux: bye zeke
(05/18 16:44:35)  Alryn: bye
(05/18 16:44:36)  jamie: bye
(05/18 16:44:43)  radioflux: I hae to go to, btw
(05/18 16:44:51)  jamie: bye radioflux
(05/18 16:44:52)  janaba: bye bye Zeke :-)
(05/18 16:44:55)  radioflux: time flies etc
(05/18 16:45:00)  jamie: here gone allready
(05/18 16:45:04)  Acorn: bye, Radioflux
(05/18 16:45:12)  radioflux: thanks Jamie and Adam
(05/18 16:45:18)  janaba: bye radioflux :-)
(05/18 16:45:20)  radioflux: bye
(05/18 16:45:29)  jamie: no problem radioflux
(05/18 16:45:29)  radioflux (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):  
(05/18 16:45:33)  Alryn: thank you all
(05/18 16:45:43)  jamie: Well I gues this is the end then
(05/18 16:45:49) …Chat.log stopped.

Hertiage Night 5: The Shards(Part A)

Welcome to this month’s Heritage Night! Once again this will be an ‘out of character’ event. Tonight, I will be talking about ‘the shards’. Now for those of you who don’t know, they are many server/client pairs one can use to play this game. Each server/client pair is called a ‘shard’. Each ‘shard’ has different features.

So now for what I do best, some history. The shards are not actually a new concept. After the online component of ‘URU: Ages beyond Myst’ was canceled, Cyan gave certain community members the ability to run their own servers. With a modified client (downloadable from Cyan), one could connect to the different servers. At that time, the servers were known as ‘shards’. No new content was available on the shards. However, the fans did make a tool that allowed admins to mess with the environment, similar to what we see in The Fun House today.

All of the clients had to use a ‘shard list’ Cyan maintained. When Gametap MOUL started in 2007, the ‘shard list’ was shut down and thus the age of ‘shards’ ended till Open Source.

With MOULa being Open Source, we can now make ‘shards’, so for various reasons, several fan shards have been created. They are:

- Minkata testing shard – made for testing new features (and not playing the game). This is the shard OpenURU.org uses to test changes to the game code that will eventually be put into MOULa. They are always looking for people to test features, so if you want to give them a hand, you can check out this shard at: http://www.OpenURU.Org.

– The Open Cave – This fun and non-canonical shard has some fan content and features not found anywhere else. They have pets; they allow anyone to use a ‘Bahro’ ‘treasure chest’ avatar. They’re known for a wacky version of the city called the ‘City Of Dimensions’ (a version of Ae’gura. Oh, and everyone can use magic commands like ‘goto’ (teleport) and jump?

- Gehn Shard – I saved what I consider the best for last. The Gehn is run by the Guild of Writers and uses the ‘H-URU client’. If you visit, you will find plenty of minor improvements to the game. There are also fan created ages, chosen by the Guild, showing some of the best of what the fans can create. In fact, I like it so much that I want everyone to see it and so, as I said in the events section of my post, there will be a special get-together on the shard tomorrow. If you interested in hanging out with me in one of the fan ages, this is the time to get set up on the shard. All Guild of Writers forum accounts are connected to the shard accounts, so if you have a forum account, you already have a shard account. We will meet up in the Vothol Gallery.

Are they any questions?


(05/17 15:28:53) Chat.log started…
(05/17 15:29:09)  JamieWithHNKey: Anything you say to me at this point COULD end up on the Hertiage Night blog.
(05/17 15:29:24)  JamieWithHNKey: Now someone had a question
(05/17 15:29:55)  Velvey: vivar?
(05/17 15:29:56)  Christian Walther: Do you know anything about the shards that existed in beta/prologue/whatever? Atrus, Katran, Achenar I believe?
(05/17 15:30:00)  vivarrodrigoz: tell me
(05/17 15:30:15)  Velvey: you wanted to ask something?
(05/17 15:30:15)  vivarrodrigoz: ah the question?
(05/17 15:30:24)  vivarrodrigoz: ah yes yes sorry
(05/17 15:30:25)  JamieWithHNKey: I have heard of them, I don’t know much about the
(05/17 15:30:37)  vivarrodrigoz: ok moment need translation
(05/17 15:30:40)  vivarrodrigoz: please
(05/17 15:31:23)  Christian Walther: Ok, thanks (neither do I as I wasn’t around at that time)
(05/17 15:31:32)  vivarrodrigoz: I like an image created by fans
(05/17 15:31:46)  vivarrodrigoz: name katha age i think i have 2 pics
(05/17 15:31:54)  vivarrodrigoz: katha housenight.jpg
(05/17 15:32:17)  vivarrodrigoz: and the other is the same house but is the day
(05/17 15:32:22)  JamieWithHNKey: I once red an interesting blog form somone who was around at the time, I’m sure you can find it if you Google for it
(05/17 15:33:05)  vivarrodrigoz: in this picture you can see something fabulous is a huge mansion
(05/17 15:33:19)  JamieWithHNKey: viv I’m still talking about the last thing, could you please wait a bit
(05/17 15:33:29)  vivarrodrigoz: yes sorry
(05/17 15:33:49)  vivarrodrigoz: i wait sorry
(05/17 15:34:03)  JamieWithHNKey: annways if you want me to look for the blog articale about the Beta, let me know by forum PM latter and I’ll try and hunt it donw.
(05/17 15:34:30)  Christian Walther: it’s OK, thanks, I’d probably find it on my own
(05/17 15:34:48)  Boywhith: sorry, I am late.
(05/17 15:35:00)  vivarrodrigoz: hola boy :)
(05/17 15:35:14)  JamieWithHNKey: Gehn is called Gehn is a ‘node’ to the Beta shards you talked about.
(05/17 15:35:16)  Boywhith: shorah all :))
(05/17 15:35:21)  JamieWithHNKey: Now onto viv’s thing.
(05/17 15:36:01)  vivarrodrigoz: i think need to download gehn shard?
(05/17 15:36:01)  JamieWithHNKey: Shorah Boywith, you missed the talk, we are doing a Q&A, I am chatlogging everything for the blog.
(05/17 15:36:37)  Boywhith: Thanks Jamie, I have missed there was a HN today.
(05/17 15:37:16)  JamieWithHNKey: Yes, http://www.guildofwriters.org/cwe/gehn_shard.exe will install it, it uses a copy of your MOULa data so the install is light
(05/17 15:37:35) vivarrodrigoz thanks you
(05/17 15:37:43)  JamieWithHNKey: Hmm, it was on the forums, but I did not have things ‘set up
(05/17 15:37:47)  JamieWithHNKey: WOPSE!
(05/17 15:37:57)  JamieWithHNKey: For the AGM, so I did not annonce it then.
(05/17 15:37:58)  Padbra Padchocola: hi all
(05/17 15:38:07)  vivarrodrigoz: shorah padbra
(05/17 15:38:13)  Boywhith: shorah Padbra :)
(05/17 15:38:26)  Christian Walther: You could put it on the GoMe calendar
(05/17 15:38:32)  Padbra Padchocola: there is a agm today?
(05/17 15:38:34)  JamieWithHNKey: Shorah Padbra, you missed the story, however, they was hardly annyone here for that so they might be ‘rerun’ eposodoe in ‘the future’
(05/17 15:38:53)  Padbra Padchocola: ok
(05/17 15:38:57)  JamieWithHNKey: No, there was 2 weeks ago, but I was not ready so I could not annonce Hetiage Night then :(
(05/17 15:39:16)  Padbra Padchocola: ok
(05/17 15:39:37)  JamieWithHNKey: Ok so does anyone have any quesionts about The Shards?
(05/17 15:39:51)  Christian Walther: I don’t think viv’s question was answered…
(05/17 15:39:57)  vivarrodrigoz: yes
(05/17 15:40:01)  Boywhith: They are difficult to manage…
(05/17 15:40:20)  Christian Walther: (or even asked completely, for that matter)
(05/17 15:40:21)  JamieWithHNKey: oh Viv what is your question
(05/17 15:40:30)  Boywhith: not as i called… plug and play.
(05/17 15:40:58)  vivarrodrigoz: I just wonder if in the future we could explore that age I’m dying of curiosity to know what you can find us
(05/17 15:41:01) Padbra Padchocola waves hello
(05/17 15:41:31)  JamieWithHNKey: hmm, what age?
(05/17 15:41:41)  Velvey: he’s talking about katha
(05/17 15:41:44)  vivarrodrigoz: katha age i think
(05/17 15:41:49)  vivarrodrigoz: is the name
(05/17 15:42:03)  vivarrodrigoz: i have 2 pic of katha …
(05/17 15:42:20)  vivarrodrigoz: 1 name katha_housenight.jpg
(05/17 15:42:40)  vivarrodrigoz: age created for fans
(05/17 15:43:24)  Velvey: those pictures are from years ago!
(05/17 15:43:31)  Padbra Padchocola: katha is a concept art from cyan I think, no?
(05/17 15:43:33) vivarrodrigoz nods his head
(05/17 15:43:48)  vivarrodrigoz: and i have other
(05/17 15:43:49)  Christian Walther: Yes, these pictures were not created by fans, they are Uru concept art, by Stephan Martiniere I belive.
(05/17 15:43:56)  vivarrodrigoz: name reano.jpg
(05/17 15:44:12)  Padbra Padchocola: right, Stephan Martiniere
(05/17 15:44:14)  vivarrodrigoz: yes correct right
(05/17 15:44:42)  Padbra Padchocola: I don’t know about reano
(05/17 15:44:58)  radioflux: impressive art, but never realised
(05/17 15:45:08)  JamieWithHNKey: The name sounds fimalier
(05/17 15:45:33)  JamieWithHNKey: I think Cyan has a concept art gallery somewhere online
(05/17 15:45:44)  Padbra Padchocola: reh-ahno?
(05/17 15:46:14)  Christian Walther: http://rel.to/chiso has a lot too
(05/17 15:46:37)  JamieWithHNKey: Personally I want to see Cyan relase that raceing level, where players could race a … something
(05/17 15:46:44)  JamieWithHNKey: and it would stream to the pub?
(05/17 15:46:49)  tkol17: http://chiso.uruslasthope.com/
(05/17 15:46:50)  vivarrodrigoz: my question is if in the future us to explore that age
(05/17 15:47:32)  Padbra Padchocola: if it is just a concept art, someone have to build the age first
(05/17 15:47:41)  Padbra Padchocola: :p
(05/17 15:47:42)  JamieWithHNKey: Well the fans could make what we think the age should look like based on the sketches.
(05/17 15:48:00)  JamieWithHNKey: Or Cyan could make what they inteended the age too look like.
(05/17 15:48:20)  JamieWithHNKey: I don’t think either party watns to do so at this time.
(05/17 15:48:33)  Padbra Padchocola: cyan will not build new ages I think
(05/17 15:48:38)  JamieWithHNKey: Also this is not a ‘shard’ question, so if you want to talk about more, lets do so after the meeting
(05/17 15:49:01)  Boywhith: now they are much to busy with Obduction.
(05/17 15:49:09)  Padbra Padchocola: right
(05/17 15:49:22)  Padbra Padchocola: and it’s nice :)
(05/17 15:49:37)  JamieWithHNKey: Hopfully
(05/17 15:49:40)  Padbra Padchocola: :))
(05/17 15:50:06)  vivarrodrigoz: wow
(05/17 15:50:14)  vivarrodrigoz: more pics thanks tko :)
(05/17 15:50:29)  vivarrodrigoz: wow i will explore this age is so beautifull
(05/17 15:50:29)  JamieWithHNKey: Ok are they any ‘on topic’ questionts?
(05/17 15:50:56)  Padbra Padchocola: I have a question about kind of age creation, but it’s something different
(05/17 15:50:58)  vivarrodrigoz: sorry for the interruption
(05/17 15:51:14)  radioflux: no problem, viv
(05/17 15:51:15)  JamieWithHNKey: I understand
(05/17 15:51:20)  Padbra Padchocola: I don’t know where I can ask it
(05/17 15:51:51)  JamieWithHNKey: Gould Of Writers is good place of age creation type questionts
(05/17 15:52:17)  Padbra Padchocola: ok
(05/17 15:52:31)  Padbra Padchocola: thx
(05/17 15:52:35)  JamieWithHNKey: No problem!
(05/17 15:52:39)  Padbra Padchocola: :)
(05/17 15:53:42)  JamieWithHNKey: anye other questionts?
(05/17 15:54:14)  Padbra Padchocola: well… DIRT?
(05/17 15:54:16)  vivarrodrigoz: you know?
(05/17 15:54:24)  vivarrodrigoz: i like the yellow room
(05/17 15:54:27)  vivarrodrigoz: wonderfull
(05/17 15:54:35)  JamieWithHNKey: DIRT? yellow room?
(05/17 15:55:03)  Padbra Padchocola: Dirt: Urulive
(05/17 15:55:03)  Boywhith: You mean the new Messenger Pub?
(05/17 15:55:04)  vivarrodrigoz: i see the web http://chiso.uruslasthope.com/
(05/17 15:55:30)  JamieWithHNKey: I think D.I.R.T is an ealery verstion of URU Ages Beyound Myst
(05/17 15:55:41)  JamieWithHNKey: or is that Mudpie
(05/17 15:56:00)  Padbra Padchocola: the new “dirt” by fans
(05/17 15:56:01)  radioflux: Dirt: Uru Live is new shard
(05/17 15:56:05)  vivarrodrigoz: dirt but I do not know when I will be able get me down
(05/17 15:56:13) vivarrodrigoz leans left
(05/17 15:56:27)  Boywhith: I prefer more clean places ;)
(05/17 15:56:36)  Padbra Padchocola: so, it’s a independant shard?
(05/17 15:56:51)  vivarrodrigoz: i prefer more books in my library of my relto ;)
(05/17 15:56:52)  radioflux: as far as I am aware, it is
(05/17 15:57:01)  vivarrodrigoz: and more fantastic ages :)
(05/17 15:57:15)  radioflux: http://dirturulive.tumblr.com
(05/17 15:57:22)  Padbra Padchocola: and do you know if there is some prevision to implement it on moula?
(05/17 15:57:38)  JamieWithHNKey: Oh yes, it’s so new, I forgot about when wrting my speech!
(05/17 15:57:39)  Padbra Padchocola: thx for the url :)
(05/17 15:57:42)  Boywhith: I hope it is.
(05/17 15:57:47)  JamieWithHNKey: Is that out, yet!
(05/17 15:57:58)  Christian Walther: not publicly
(05/17 15:57:59)  JamieWithHNKey: I can’t wait to try it! It might be BETTER then Gehn!
(05/17 15:58:03)  Boywhith: A wild dream was…
(05/17 15:58:06)  radioflux: still in alpha, I think
(05/17 15:58:13)  Boywhith: a second Nexus here…
(05/17 15:58:14)  JamieWithHNKey: That’s what I thought.
(05/17 15:58:20)  radioflux: or very closed beta
(05/17 15:58:26) Padbra Padchocola can’t wait
(05/17 15:58:37)  JamieWithHNKey: I think the new Avater screen looks cool!
(05/17 15:58:38)  radioflux: waiting with baited breath…
(05/17 15:58:42)  Boywhith: filled with linkingbooks to all fanages!
(05/17 15:58:54)  radioflux: quite ambitious plans, too
(05/17 15:59:04)  radioflux: I wonder who’se going to build all those ages…
(05/17 15:59:17)  JamieWithHNKey: Fans!
(05/17 15:59:50)  radioflux: I’d like some quality control, though ;)
(05/17 16:00:03)  Padbra Padchocola: :p
(05/17 16:00:15)  Boywhith: of couse, that must be an important step.
(05/17 16:00:21)  Padbra Padchocola: yes :)
(05/17 16:00:37)  Boywhith: But to that high standards…
(05/17 16:00:58)  Boywhith: the Vothol Gallery and Vinhir’s House can come here.
(05/17 16:01:26) Padbra Padchocola nods his head
(05/17 16:02:03)  JamieWithHNKey: I’d like to ‘wrap thigns up’, any other questions?
(05/17 16:02:15)  JamieWithHNKey: We can casually chat in Agarua after the meeting
(05/17 16:02:22)  Velvey: Thanks Jamie for your info! See you later guys, have fun!
(05/17 16:02:24)  Padbra Padchocola: :p
(05/17 16:02:31)  radioflux: how about tomorrow?
(05/17 16:02:33) Velvey waves hello
(05/17 16:02:33)  vivarrodrigoz: see you later velvey
(05/17 16:02:36)  radioflux: we go to Gehn?
(05/17 16:02:41)  JamieWithHNKey: Bye hope to see you tommrow on the Gehn shard!
(05/17 16:02:42)  Velvey (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):  
(05/17 16:02:43)  Padbra Padchocola: see you velvet
(05/17 16:02:48) …Chat.log stopped.


Hertiage Night V: The Shards

The next heritage night will be Saturday the 17th at 13:10 Ki time. The topic will be ‘The Shards’. The will be a visite to the Gehn shard the next day. We will be meeting same Ki time next day in the fan made ‘Vothol Gallery’!(avaible in the public city links in the nexsus!) as a ‘field trip’. So make sure you install the shard before that part of the event :).

(sorry I’m late with this, I forgot my password to this blog.)