D’ni Holiday

Hello and welcome. Today, I will be talking about ‘D’ni holidays’.

Now the D’ni used a different calendar, but don’t worry, I’ll explain the dates in a way that you will understand. It should be noted that they don’t translate 100% to our dates as our calendar “shifts” compared to theirs.

Throughout the year, there are three “Feasts of the Maker”. The first would occur around March 27th. “The Maker” is the D’ni’s god. I can find little info about this event, sorry.

The D’ni New Year occurs around April 20th.. At this time of year, if you come in Cavern, you will see a confetti display in the neighbourhoods and some slightly different decorations.

Until D’ni “year” 233, the average person did not have access to linking books. On D’ni day “Leefo* 12” of that year, the “Common Library” was opened and the average person could finally travel to other ages! This day became a holiday amongst the D’ni and would occur around May 5th on our calendar. *Leefo is the first “month” in the D’ni “year”.

The Second Feast of the Maker occurs around June 21st.

The D’ni’s old home was destroyed on “Leetar 21 3646”. A holiday was created called the “Day Of Dancing” when this was observed.(As far as I know they all moved here but that point). Where it gets it name is unclear to me. It takes place on September 3rd on our modern calendar. In modern times, people have planned musical events around this time.

The destruction of the D’ni’s old home was prophesied. It was said that a “Great King” would lead the people to a new home. This prophecy was true, and a man named “Ri’neref” was the one to lead people to their new home. This day is celebrated as “First Arrival of the Great King”. It occurs around September 28th.

The last “Feast of the Maker” occurs around November 11th.

The “Coronation of King Kerath” occurs around November 23rd.

After the move to the new home, the D’ni realized that they had lost some important healing ages. This was a great loss to Dn’i society. They were found in the “year” 2262 and the day they were found became a great celebration. An annual tradition of parents hiding fire marbles to be found by children was started.(sounds like Easter) It occurs on “Leevobro 12”. I don’t know what day that would be on a modern calendar. (I don’t have a very good idea of how to translate D’ni years to ours; the other dates were on the D’ni Wiki).

Lastly, the opening of the Guild Of Writers on Leevot 9 is remembered, but not celebrated.

Thank you for listening. Any questions?


UPDATE: Explorer “korovev” made a handy table on the Myst Online fourms, it does
not render well here though, so here is a link too it:


The Guilds

Hello and welcome to another Heritage Night. Today, we are going to talk about the guilds. Back when the cavern was operated by the D’ni, there were 18 major guilds and countless smaller ones. The larger guilds were pretty exclusive and they had a lot of influence over D’ni society at the time.

Some of the noteworthy major guilds were:

The Guild Of Writers – who trained the D’ni in the art of age writing.

The Guild Of Legislators – who made and revised the laws.

The Guild Of Cartographers – who mapped ages.

The Guild of Healers – who, as the name implies, were in charge of tending to the sick and injured.

The Guild Of Messengers – who were in charge of communications.

The last noteworthy guild was the Guild of Maintainers. They acted as a sort of police force. The age ‘Gahreesen’ was their ‘home-base’.

Each guild, at the time, had a Grand Master who was in charge of it. The master would have a bunch of “Guild Masters” who worked for him or her. A couple of lucky Guilds had “Great Lords” who were masters with the authority of a king. Below the Master was: the Captain, Guildsman and Apprentice.

People would work and could live at a Guild Hall. Some of the guilds were lucky enough to have their own age. I mentioned ‘Gahreesen’ before; another example was Er’cana’ which was the base of the Guild Of Caterers.

In modern times, explorers have decided to form their own guilds based on four of the guilds of old. They are: the Guild Of Writers, Maintainers, Cartographers, and Messengers. There is also The Guild Of Greeters, which has no historical counterpart. The DRC has kindly made shirts for these guilds. You probably have heard of these guilds. Is there anyone here who is new to MOULa or would like a refresher?

If needed…

The people of the Guild Of Writers have learned the art of writing. A number of people in the Guild have written their own fan ages. Some of them are available on “The Gehn Shard”(a client/server pair) which the guild runs. Members have also made contributions to this game.

The Guild Of Maintainers are those explorers who wish to boldly go explore ages first. The connection to the guild of old is the maintainer’s suit, which members of the old Guild would wear when entering a dangerous location. Lately, I have not seen much activity from this guild.

The Guild Of Cartographers takes on about the same role as it did in the past. They don’t seem to be mentioned often in public.

The modern Guild Of Messengers is responsible for communicating information about the cavern, like they did in the past. Of course, today they also communicate on the internet. They coordinate the monthly All Guilds Meetings where people present events.

The Guild Of Greeters is an explorer-created guild. They welcome new explorers into the cavern.

..end of optional section

Thank you very much for listening, I hope you found this as interesting to listen to as I did to write it. I found the site “dni.wikia.com” extremely helpful in researching this topic and I suggest you check it out if you want more info. Any questions?

[None asked]

Hertiage Night New Players Event

Hello and welcome! My name is Jamie Marchant. I may appear slow to type as I am pasting in my script and the game sometimes does not cooperate with me when I do this. I do a series of events called Heritage Night, where I talk about the game’s rich history and backstory.

I will be putting today’s script on the Heritage Night blog and in the forum thread for this event. If you type “/startlog”, you will be able to record a chatlog. This is a good way of recoding URLs. I am going to give a couple of them. To view the log, navigate to “Documents/Uru Live/Log”. [pause]. The Heritage Night blog can be found at: https://heritagenight.wordpress.com. If you heard about this event from the AGM, the URL for the event is http://mystonline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=28727. The game’s manual, which I suggest you read, can be found: http://uru.mac-fife.me.uk/MOULa_Manual.pdf. Just to note, it has not been updated in a while. The manual can also be found in a “sticky” thread at the top of the Spoiler-free Discussionsection of the Myst Online Forums.

Today, I will be giving an overview of the game and explaining some key things you should know. This is aimed at newer explorers.

Currently, we are standing in the abandoned city of the D’ni civilization. We were ‘called’ to this place. The D’ni had the power to write books that had, for lack of a better word, magical powers. They could transport you to other worlds. Worlds are called “Ages” and the transportation process is called “linking”. You know about these books as you have used them to get to this place. Currently, we are not in another Age, but on earth, miles underground. To be specific, this cavern is in the desert in New Mexico.

So where do the Myst games fit into this? The Myst games are essentially non-cannon; they tell the story of a nameless adventurer who helped out Atrus and his family. They took place in the 1800’s, hence the odd clothes people wore in the games.

Do you know about the chat commands? There are a nutmber of commands like “/clap”, “/cheer” that, if typed, will make your avatar do an action. “/ignore [avatar’s name]” can be used to make a troublesome explorer’s text invisible to you. The opposite function is the “/addbuddy” command, which adds someone to your “buddies” list, so you can contact them at any time.(Even in another age!) Communication is only one way; your “buddy” must add you in return before they can talk back to you from another age. “/me” can be used to tell everyone you are preforming an action. Example: “/me drinks some water”.

Now for some terms that may help you out.

The Den’i Research Concail are a bunch of archaeologists who are studding this civalizastion.

The Ki is the watch-like device you are wearing.It provides a number of functions, some of which you must discover on your own. Each Ki has its own number, which we refer to as a “Ki Number” or just “Ki #”. Your Ki # is visible to anyone you are in the same age with. For more detailed explanation of your Ki, see the “Ki guide” in the game’s manual.

Ki time is Mountain Time and is the time displayed when you open your Ki. To fully open your Ki, push “F2” twice.

So the books we use in the game are called “Linking books”. There are also “Descriptive Books” and they are thicker and contain the description of the age. Descriptions of ages are a lot more complex than links to ages. Both books are written in a special language known as “The Art”. Follow so far? [repeat parts if needed].

The Nexis contains many linking books. It’s a handy way of getting around. As you explore the game, you will get additional places you can go from your Nexis.

Each avatar is assigned a “neighbourhood” or Hood. You can talk to your neighbours, if you have any. Everyone in the same neighbourhood can manipulate things in the hood like the imager, what doors are open, etc. Don’t worry about neighbourhoods at the moment; just know that, in the future, you can join or create your own neighbourhood and you can find instructions online explaining how to do this.

A Door Run is an activity done by explorers to solve a puzzle that requires multiple people to solve. Don’t participate in one unless you ask it to be spoiler-free.

In Character/In Cavern is the term for when we pretend that all of this is real. People used to do this a lot more frequently than they do today. Out Of Cavern/Out Of Character is when you speak about the game as if it is a game.

The Guilds do various different things and you can find out about them in Kirel accessible from Nexis.

There are things called Instances. Basically, they are several different versions of each age. They are in different states, depending on how much progress their owners have made in solving them.

Shorah is a D’ni greeting.

That is all from me for now. Any questions? What you say to me will be used on the Heritage Night blog so others can benefit from your questions.


10/14 15:36:22) Ditto #13: are there different instances of the plaza?
(10/14 15:37:28) HeritageNightGuy: Yes, the one accasiable thougn Nexsis is global but if you use a book in an age it’s a “hood” instance
(10/14 15:37:55) HeritageNightGuy: I don’t fully remember all the instanceing rules but there are discustions online about how they work
(10/14 15:38:09) Ditto #13: you can get to it from the nexus public list but also from the hood or from youre relto book
(10/14 15:39:09) HeritageNightGuy: Yes that’s corect, if you use the nexus public list, it is a global instance that everyone can see, the other two versions will take you to an instance only your neighbours can see.
(10/14 15:39:44) HeritageNightGuy: Your Nexsis is allways private nobody can visit you there
(10/14 15:39:59) Ditto #13: is the relto one and the hood the same instance?
(10/14 15:40:14) HeritageNightGuy: I can’t say 100% yes but I belive so
(10/14 15:40:25) Ditto #13: ok thanks
(10/14 15:40:31) HeritageNightGuy: No problem :)
(10/14 15:40:38) HeritageNightGuy: Any other questionts?
(10/14 15:41:06) Korov’ev: Relto and Hood books both lead to Hood instance of Ae’gura
(10/14 15:42:04) HeritageNightGuy: Well thanks for ceoming I’ll put this on the blog soon.
(10/14 15:42:15) Ditto #13: thank you

People calp and chear :)

History of Mysterium

Hello and welcome! Today, I am going to be talking about the history of Mysterium. Now, for those that don’t know, Mysterium is a long-time running Myst convention.

The first Mysterium took place 17 years ago when a group of over 200 fans met up in Spokane, Washington. Cyan had an open house and fans could see early versions of RealMyst, Myst III and Uru (known as “MUDPIE” at the time).

In 2001, Mysterium took place in New Mexico and, amongst other things, people explored the caves in Caverns National Park. Richard A. Watson (RAWA) attended and took pictures. More about this later.

Throughout the years, many interesting things have happened and I don’t have time to list every single one of them. At most (if not at all) Mysteriums, Cyan has made a presentation. In recent years, this was done via teleconferencing software (such as Skype or Google hangouts). Fans have often given presentations. A group of fans have presented the “The Starry Expanse Project”. They are taking on the mammoth task of recreating “Riven: The Sequel to Myst” in Real-time 3D. That is a fully explorable version of the game. Think about how RealMyst lets you fully explore the worlds of Myst. If this interests you, I can talk more about it after the presentation.

There have also been activities for people to participate in. Often there are fan made Myst themed: boardgames, RPGs, competitions, and escape rooms. A popular competition was “What Would Atrus Do,” where fans must make a model invention that would resemble something that the character Atrus would come up with. They must use odds and ends that they are given. One example was a device made to study a captured animal.

Lastly, I mentioned photos. I will give some URLs and it might help to start a chatlog now. RAWA’s photos can be found here: http://cho.cyan.com/rawa/mysterium2001/mysterium.html. More photos by attendees can be found in the history section of the Mysterium website. The URL is: http://www.mysterium.net/about/history. Click on a year and then click the media link if one is available for that year. Keep in mind that camera technology and the size of images you can reasonably put online has greatly increased over the years and so these old photos may not look that good by today’s standards. I will put these URLs on the Heritage Night blog, here, https://heritagenight.wordpress.com/. A link to the article I write will be posted in the event forum thread for this event. (Found under the events section of the official forums, it’s called “Heritage Night: History of Mysterium [August 12th] “.

Thank you very much for listening. Are they any questions? Your responses will be used in my chat log, to be posted on the Heritage Night blog.

There where no questions. If you want to see a chat log anyway comment bellow and I’ll post it here.

‘Appreciation Party’ speech

Here is my speech for the Zak’s Appreciation Party. The party is part of the anniversary events taking place this month(February).

Hello, I’m Jamie (also known as “HeritageNightGuy.”) I do a series of events called “Heritage Night.” At Heritage Nights, I talk about the game’s history. I have covered such topics as “OHBot – a computer controlled avatar” and “the creation of authorized hacking zones”.

Heritage Night was started by another explorer for the same purpose as it’s used today.

I took over Heritage Night in 2013. At that time, it had been dead for a while. I got the idea when I mentioned OHBot in “Myst: The Comedy Text Adventure” and people did not know who he was. I then realized that I had seen things that others had not. Remembering a Heritage Night I had attended, I announced my first event. It was going to be called History Night and I was going to talk about my first experience in MOULa in 2010. I was contacted by Calum, the previous administrator and was told I could use the name and website Heritage Night.

I have done many events since then; some turned out better than others, with my best events involving authorized hacking.

From the beginning, I have tried to make my events unique. I did this by using authorized hacking to demonstrate things or by having unique special guests like OHB, the creator of the computer controlled avatar. Lastly, I have tried to have a unique perspective on things and tell stories.

Thanks for listening. More information on Heritage Night can be found here: https://heritagenight.wordpress.com/. You can also catch up on past events there. To find out when the next event is, check the events section of the forums. We will now begin the Q and A.


(02/12 13:36:12)  JamieM(2.0): So any questionts?
(02/12 13:36:37)  Calum Traveler: not a question per say, but I’d just like to say, Jamie, I’m glad to see HN is still running after all these years.
(02/12 13:36:47)  JamieM(2.0): Thanks Calum :)
(02/12 13:36:50)  TrapperDave: Thanks to Jamie , he has done a lot of good !
(02/12 13:36:51)  JamieM(2.0): I’m  glad too :)
(02/12 13:36:59)  Hummingbird: Me too!
(02/12 13:37:03) Thumbs up from JamieM(2.0)
(02/12 13:37:26)  Kayara: When is heritage night usually held?
(02/12 13:37:30)  JamieM(2.0): I have some fun events planned for latter this years :)!
(02/12 13:37:50)  JamieM(2.0): Usually on a saturday at 12 Ki time.
(02/12 13:38:11)  TrapperDave: Not every week though ?
(02/12 13:38:24)  JamieM(2.0): They used to be ounce a month but I can’t allways think of a topic
(02/12 13:38:30)  Zeke365: what hood is it held in jamie?
(02/12 13:38:51)  Kayara: Shorah brandon and briglit
(02/12 13:38:57)  JamieM(2.0): Either ‘Heritage Night’ hood or ‘The Hood Of Iluusionts’ for magic events
(02/12 13:39:24)  JamieM(2.0): Wait I typed ot fast and spelt it wrong…
(02/12 13:39:42)  brandon20897: Shorah everyone
(02/12 13:39:42)  Obducted Joker: We speak typonese
(02/12 13:39:49)  Zeke365: lol
(02/12 13:39:50)  Institution TOOO: Shorah brandon
(02/12 13:39:54)  Hummingbird: lol
(02/12 13:39:55)  Omiahn: shorah :
(02/12 13:40:08)  JamieM(2.0): The Hood of Illusions is used for magic events
(02/12 13:40:27)  Emor D’ni Lap: copy that
(02/12 13:40:39)  JamieM(2.0): Acctually it was a fairly simple idea to use the hood to talk about why it was created. Since after it was created there was talk about useing it for evetns.
(02/12 13:41:03)  Emor D’ni Lap: now I’m confused
(02/12 13:42:12)  Calum Traveler: way back when HN first was designed, Carl Palmner wanted to use magic hoods for certain events,
(02/12 13:42:32)  Calum Traveler: but he never got a chance to work out the hows, and i never got a chance either
(02/12 13:42:36)  JamieM(2.0): Thanks Calum I was getting confused trying to explain it.
(02/12 13:42:36)  ~*Jayne*~ (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(02/12 13:42:45)  Hummingbird: we could only do magic in a private setting.
(02/12 13:42:54)  JamieM(2.0): I basically took his idea and got it to work
(02/12 13:43:14)  Calum Traveler: *nods* if Carl were active, im sure he’d love that
(02/12 13:43:27) Calum Traveler wonders what the heck that guy’s up too these days…
(02/12 13:43:56) Error: Don’t know how to ‘/shurg’
(02/12 13:43:59) JamieM(2.0) shurgs
(02/12 13:44:11)  Zeke365: are there any other question about jamie and his event
(02/12 13:44:23) Kayara shakes her head
(02/12 13:44:42) TrapperDave laughs
(02/12 13:44:42)  JamieM(2.0): Sorry that was kind of short. I gave myself extra time incase I had problems putting pasteing
(02/12 13:44:48)  JamieM(2.0): (it happends often)
(02/12 13:45:20)  TrapperDave: brglit is entertaining :)
(02/12 13:45:25)  Institution TOOO: Lol
(02/12 13:45:32)  Zeke365: that and for question right jamie
(02/12 13:46:21)  JamieM(2.0): So I’m an IT guy that’s how I got the Hood Of Ilustionts stuff to work
(02/12 13:46:48)  Zeke365: well if no one has futher questions should we bring out our next guest
(02/12 13:46:57)  JamieM(2.0): I met a guy named Stone in the Fun House and he helps me out with hacks
(02/12 13:47:05) Hummingbird claps
(02/12 13:47:09)  JamieM(2.0): I think he used to help Zake as well
(02/12 13:47:11) Institution TOOO claps his hands
(02/12 13:47:13) TrapperDave claps his hands
(02/12 13:47:14) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(02/12 13:47:14) Karel claps his hands
(02/12 13:47:17) Davide claps his hands
(02/12 13:47:21) Minasunda claps her hands
(02/12 13:47:21) Error: Don’t know how to ‘/thumbsups’
(02/12 13:47:24) Thumbs up from JamieM(2.0)
(02/12 13:47:26)  Zeke365: jame it it zEke
(02/12 13:47:38)  JamieM(2.0): LOL so it is
(02/12 13:47:41)  JamieM(2.0): Sorry
(02/12 13:47:50) Omiahn claps her hands
(02/12 13:47:53) brandon20897 claps his hands
(02/12 13:47:58) From Calum Traveler: seriously, congrats on keeping things running. :)
(02/12 13:48:00) brglit claps her hands
(02/12 13:48:12)  JamieM(2.0): I guess I’m done here
(02/12 13:48:12) Wolfsbane claps his hands
(02/12 13:48:15)  Omiahn: thanks :)
(02/12 13:48:22) Institution TOOO thanks you
(02/12 13:48:23)  Zeke365: it fine I knew some e was not working could not remember who
(02/12 13:48:29) To Calum Traveler: Your welcome it’s been fun :)
(02/12 13:48:44) From Calum Traveler: ^u^






Heritage Night: The Great Zero

Hello. Today, I’m going to be talking about The Great Zero. To help with navigation, the D’ni placed markers (not to be confused with Ki markers) in their ages. The English translation of these markers is “Great Zeros”.

The Great Zero is a machine found in Ae’gura. Like the Great Zeros, it serves as a means to improve navigation. However, this machine would not be known as “The Great Zero” by the D’ni; they would call it “Rezeero”. We currently don’t know the translation of this word.

If you have your Ki correctly calibrated, you will see coordinates that are your location relative to Rezeero (The Great Zero.) Those blue lines that pass by every so often are used to help keep Rezeero calibrated.

When explorers first came to D’ni, Rezeero was uncalibrated. Calibration was done by individuals finding locations throughout the city. Groups of locations were put together in what we know as ‘Marker Missions’. Rezeero provided explorers with a number of marker missions to do and when all were completed, Rezeero powered on. Since it was powered on a while ago, we can’t see it in it’s off state, nor can we see it power on.

So now Stone will change the eggroom’s private rooms into teleporters that will take you to a hackable (magical) version of The Great Zero and we will hack it to turn on.

Here is what we saw in the hood:

People asked what powers The Great Zero, I don’t know but I have now asked:



OHBot and the Bomb(second telling)

Hello. Today I’m going to be talking about OHB (or Orange Hair Boy) and his robots.

Soon after MOULa opened, I found a hood named “The Guild of Robots”. Interested, I went in. There were two people in the hood. One of them called himself “OHB”; the other, “OHBot”. OHBot was a robot (computer controlled avatar) created by OHB, who had a striking resemblance to his creator. OHBot was in very early stages of development. Most of the things I said to him, he did not understand and said something like: “I don’t know what you said; I’ll let OHB know, so he can fix the problem.” With my usual bad spelling, I got this more than other people. OHB was monitoring my conversation (to help improve OHBot) and kept telling me how to correctly spell things so that OHBot would understand. If I only knew, at that point, that OHBot would be become a big thing! I left and continued my duties around cavern.

As time passed, OHBot became a lot more advanced. You could ask him many things and he had many responses. For example, you could ask him “OHBot, what it your favorite color?” and he would say “Orange”. If you threw something at him, he would “set his phasers to 100% and destroy the object” or “duck out of the way faster than you can see”. There was a lot of silly stuff like that, but also a lot of useful stuff as well. He could tell you the weather, calculate a puzzle answer, play ‘20 questions’ and translate phrases into different languages.

OHB added the translation function for fun. He did not realize how useful it would be. When they were added, people were Ki mailing their buddies, who did not speak that much English and were telling them to “get into the Guild of Robots now!” The only problem was that you had to be in the same room as OHBot for him to do the translation and it had to be public, so the chat was covered in translations. This led to OHB creating a translation program BabelBot. It will run alongside MOULa and provide translations (using Google translate). The only downside is you need to run MOULa in a window. After Bablebot OHB made a project called GULP to translate several Myst projects.(including MOULa and Riven)

Now back to robots, it’s time to talk about ‘the bomb’! On July 10th, 2010, a man who the Ki identified as ‘BOMB’ appeared in the city. He was a robot that was created by OHB’s unnamed arch-nemesis. He had the appearance of an older man. When talked to he would speak out loud, his material being a bunch of funny lines from the video game Starship Titanic. If left alone he would start counting down bet never reach zero.(instead he would panic and restart from 1000). OHB’s arch nemesis had captured OHB and was holding him in the nemesis’s Relto. OHB did not have his Relto book, but he did have his Ki (oddly). On the forums, AgeExplorer wrote about what was going on, including the Ki mail he received from OHB. It was a coded message to deactivate the bomb. Explorers had to figure out how to decode it. The cavern was packed the whole time and most explorers could not get in to see what was going on. Fortunately, explorers managed to crack the code and save the day! OHB was saved as well. Later this disarmed BOMB (who thought he was still armed) was in the arch’s hood for those to see, who had missed the event.


So what happened to the robots? Sadly OHB has moved onto other things, however thanks to events like this his legacy lives on.


And now the man himself OHB, who will be telling his side of the story and then answering any questions you, may have for him.

OHB’s story and FAQ:

Chat log

03/12 14:31:30)  OHB: it’s ok. i’ll type i guess.
(03/12 14:31:52)  OHB: so, as Jamie mentioned, it all started with OHBot…and he was born out of sheer boredom.
(03/12 14:32:17)  OHB: I’ve always been one to play with things and try things out. I guess I was just the right guy in the right place with the right knowhow.
(03/12 14:32:39)  OHB: From OHBot, everything took a somewhat logical path of progression from one project to another.
(03/12 14:33:25)  OHB: And while I completely enjoyed doing things like OHBot and the BOMB, etc., it became pretty clear to me that my role wasn’t to lead the revolution.
(03/12 14:34:03)  OHB: Rather, it was just to inspire it. I helped form the Grey Hats and worked with Cyan to get those things (like the Fun House and Guild of Illusions) officially sanctioned.
(03/12 14:34:48)  OHB: There are plenty of other people with more skills than I…and I was happy for them to be able to use the new space to further their own efforts to bring URU into the next century.
(03/12 14:35:12)  OHB: Today, I’m not very active in the cavern…I have other things that I’m working on.
(03/12 14:35:21)  OHB: But, I keep in touch with the community in my own ways.
(03/12 14:35:51)  OHB: I still maintain GULP – the project for translating URU/Riven/etc into other languages in the hope that one day we’ll be able to share what we have with everyone.
(03/12 14:36:10)  OHB: And I’m on this year’s Mysterium committee…so come on out to Salt Lake City this year! :)
(03/12 14:36:39)  OHB: that’s really all I’ve got. I’m happy to answer any questions that anyone has.
(03/12 14:36:58)  HeritageNightGuy: I’ve got a question?
(03/12 14:37:03)  OHB: sure thing
(03/12 14:37:06) Christian Walther has a question
(03/12 14:37:16)  HeritageNightGuy: What inspired you to make the bomb?
(03/12 14:37:40)  OHB: I was always curious what I could make OHBot do…what his limitations would be.
(03/12 14:37:56)  OHB: OHBot was a little different than the bots we’re used to today, like Mimi Bot who I see on my buddy list.
(03/12 14:38:21)  OHB: OHBot didn’t directly interact with the game or the servers. OHBot was basically a robotic player…pressing keys on the keyboard like you and I do.
(03/12 14:38:30)  OHB: Walking using the keyboard and mouse like we do.
(03/12 14:38:40)  OHB: So I experimented with lots of things.
(03/12 14:38:54)  OHB: I tried to see if I could get OHBot to go on his own pellet runs, for example.
(03/12 14:39:08)  OHB: Quite complicated for a blind and dumb computer program lol
(03/12 14:39:15)  OHB: It wasn’t a huge success.
(03/12 14:39:40)  OHB: In the same vein, I experimented with OHBot’s access to use the microphone
(03/12 14:39:55)  fredinsel: Hello Folks, hallo Leute
(03/12 14:39:56)  OHB: I made it so he could play music
(03/12 14:40:10)  mTX17: abend fred :)
(03/12 14:40:16)  OHB: And, in reverse, I made it so OHBot could record audio as well to MP3 files.
(03/12 14:40:31)  OHB: But I thought it would be cool to interact with a robot in some way with voice.
(03/12 14:40:47)  OHB: After some thought, I remembered the game Starship Titanic.
(03/12 14:41:00)  OHB: It had lots of awesome robot characters…each was fully voiced.
(03/12 14:41:26)  OHB: …and I already had all of the extracted audio. So, it was a pretty easy jump from there to making the BOMB.
(03/12 14:41:43)  OHB: Originally, I thought about making a robot bartender using the voice of BarBot from Starship Titanic.
(03/12 14:41:44)  HeritageNightGuy: There is a BOMB in the game
(03/12 14:41:53)  OHB: He would have lived in the Kahlo pub.
(03/12 14:42:17)  OHB: But, I settled on the BOMB character (yes, it’s a character in the game) because he didn’t do much and he would be easy to program.
(03/12 14:42:41)  OHB: From there, I made an event for fun, and the rest is history :)
(03/12 14:42:54)  HeritageNightGuy: Thanks for the explaination
(03/12 14:42:56)  OHB: does that answer your question, Jamie?
(03/12 14:43:10)  HeritageNightGuy: Yes thank you
(03/12 14:43:17)  OHB: CW, you had a question?
(03/12 14:43:21)  Christian Walther: You just answered my question, thanks (about mentioning the ingenious way OHBot interacted with the game, compared to today’s bots who have it a lot easier)
(03/12 14:43:34)  HeritageNightGuy: We have time for a more quesioints and then the cavern tour is on
(03/12 14:43:59)  OHB: ah yeah. Today’s bots have it a lot easier, but it took some better technical guys than I to figure out how to do that.
(03/12 14:44:08)  spatialkay: how does a bot controlled by a keyboard differ from useravatars?
(03/12 14:44:16)  Christian Walther: and Cyan to release the source code.
(03/12 14:44:46)  OHB: well, we already had the source code for the necessary things before that :)
(03/12 14:44:55)  OHB: but Cyan releasing the code certainly helped in other areas.
(03/12 14:45:10)  OHB: spatialkay, in many ways there is no difference.
(03/12 14:45:26)  OHB: I always used to tell people, OHBot is an avatar like any other person.
(03/12 14:45:49)  OHB: While we use fingers to press keys and use the mouse, OHBot has virtual fingers that operate a virtual keyboard and mouse.
(03/12 14:45:58)  OHB: When OHBot went online I would watch him.
(03/12 14:46:43)  spatialkay: would he not require your intervention to act?
(03/12 14:46:50)  OHB: He went through the login dialog, picked the right avatar, went to Relto, used his Nexus book to get to his hood.
(03/12 14:46:54)  OHB: All just like we do.
(03/12 14:47:09)  OHB: once in a while he’d get stuck and I’d have to help but he was pretty good on his own.
(03/12 14:47:46)  RoJethhe: So more or less you programed Macors/Micros?
(03/12 14:47:48)  Christian Walther: Could he ever “see” (interpret the video output) or was it just the chatlog until the end?
(03/12 14:48:47)  OHB: Rojethhe, you could call it macros…but they were very smart macros with LOTS of custom code for the AI and a database full of information.
(03/12 14:48:56)  OHB: CW, I did experiment a little with “seeing”
(03/12 14:49:18)  OHB: In order to OHBot to go on a pellet run, he would have to locate the big blue button to open the oven, for example.
(03/12 14:49:51)  OHB: And, OHBot used VERY basic vision when linking. He’d wait for the screen to go dark, then for it to be not dark.
(03/12 14:49:58)  OHB: that’s how he’d know he had finished linking :)
(03/12 14:50:08)  HeritageNightGuy: That’s neat!
(03/12 14:50:21)  OHB: same thing when logging in.
(03/12 14:50:28)  OHB: he could “see” when the avatar selection screen appeared
(03/12 14:50:55)  OHB: any other questions?
(03/12 14:50:58)  Christian Walther: Interesting, thanks.
(03/12 14:51:03)  OHB: you’re welcome! :)
(03/12 14:51:42)  OHB: Alright well if there’s no more questions I’ll turn things back over to Jamie
(03/12 14:51:48)  OHB: Thank you for the invite!
(03/12 14:51:48) RoJethhe claps his hands
(03/12 14:51:52) Frobozz claps his hands
(03/12 14:51:53) mTX17 claps his hands
(03/12 14:51:54) Christian Walther claps his hands
(03/12 14:51:54)  HeritageNightGuy: No problem
(03/12 14:51:57) tkol17 claps his hands
(03/12 14:51:57) Boywhith claps his hands
(03/12 14:52:03) OHB bows
(03/12 14:52:07)  HeritageNightGuy: Thank you ver much ounce again to OHB!
(03/12 14:52:09) HeritageNightGuy bows
(03/12 14:52:18)  OHB: my pleasure
(03/12 14:52:36)  HeritageNightGuy: And that’s it for tonight’s Heritage Night! Thakn you very much for comeing
(03/12 14:52:44)  OHB: i’d join you for the cavern tour but as it happens, i’m in the middle of a date and my date has been gracious enough to wait for me to do this :)
(03/12 14:52:53)  OHB: bye everyone!
(03/12 14:52:55) Franklife claps his hands
(03/12 14:52:59) mTX17 waves goodbye
(03/12 14:53:01) mTX17 claps his hands
(03/12 14:53:02) tkol17 waves goodbye
(03/12 14:53:03)  Christian Walther: give a hug to your date
(03/12 14:53:04) ChristaM claps her hands
(03/12 14:53:13)  HeritageNightGuy: I’m not running the cavern tour and have some other stuff to do myself
(03/12 14:53:17)  spatialkay: and a big smooch too
(03/12 14:53:17)  HeritageNightGuy: See you later
(03/12 14:53:20)  OHB: oh…there will be hugs
(03/12 14:53:25)  OHB: …and smooches…
(03/12 14:53:27)  OHB: ;)