Heritage Night 6

The final week is called Exodus, which was named after the book in the Bible for reasons that will be explained later.November 1, 2007. Day One. 11:00 A.M., Ae’gura.

Cate Alexander linked to the city and made an announcement, “I am leaving the DRC.”

Surely, as you can surmise, this was a major shock, as Cate was the source of funding for the DRC. Her abrupt departure meant the loss of the funding. Nobody knew what to do.

The DRC tried to keep up appearances by announcing the release of Ahnonay later in the week, but even they were at a loss.

Cate’s reasons for leaving? “I’m not getting a return on my investment,” or something like that.

Ironic, actually,

Cate had mentioned the week before that she would believe a Bahro war when she saw it. And now here she was leaving, no Bahro war in sight.

On Day Two, Ahnonay was released. That blasted age of Guild Master Kadish that tests our sanity every time we enter it.

Like all the other ages, there had been some changes caused by the Great Scream, and those had pushed back its official release. Structural issues and what not.

Marie was the only DRC member we saw that day, and she was just as worried, confused, and annoyed as the rest of us at Cate’s sudden departure.

It was the final days of the Previous Restoration all over again, only this time it was slower. Not as quick and sudden as it had been before. No quick plug pull. Just a slow, steady drain.

A lot of us had memorized the puzzles in Ahnonay from the time before the second restoration started, before the Great Scream changed everything. Those of us who remembered breezed through the puzzles relatively easily.

And then, just after midnight on November 3, we found the key. A circle with an X in it in the lower half of the Pellet Cave.

We knew exactly what this was. We used this key, and we found a new location.

K’veer, island home and prison of Atrus, son of Gehn.

K’veer, as represented in Myst V, was the home of the Keep, the Tablet’s prison.
This Tablet was the key to the Bahro’s freedom. Dr. Watson was probably the first of all of us to find his way there. The Keep stood right where the link in spot is, at least according to Myst 5.

Many of us assumed that the Bahro would avoid K’veer, should a conflict arise. And boy howdy, did conflict arise.

There were Bahro swarming Kerath’s Arch. When reports of Bahro in Ae’gura appeared, flooding in from the city, we were shocked and confused.

On November 3, the Bahro War arrived.

Destruction was here. They were here. The dream prophecy was being fulfilled.

It was a nightmare. I still shudder at the thought of the sight and the sounds.

The Bahro were everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Not just the main City. They were in our private neighborhoods as well.

Scary thought, isn’t it? Bahro, creatures that could link at will, being everywhere at once?

That wasn’t the full impact of it, either. The Bahro weren’t all on one side. They were from both sides, duking it out, fighting, killing, and screaming.

It was chaos.

And, though this wasn’t widely confirmed, a few of us saw a form standing on top of the Arch, right below the light. Make of it what you will, but there was something up there, moving.

I wasn’t sure what to make of it, at the time, but considering all the mayhem and chaos around it, I think it’s safe to guess what that form was.

The very source of this conflict.

You’ve heard the rumors, the tales, and the horrors that Esher in Myst V supposedly performed. Even that he had a Bahro skin over his shoulder, a cloth that allowed him to link.

Myst V was not false in those respects,

Esher, the demented, evil man of Noloben, truly existed. And the Bahro that he had cut that piece of skin from was mad, twisted beyond all hope of returning to any sane thinking.

He had gathered the others that thought like him, and he had formed this other side, this Twisted Faction.

We didn’t need what happened next to drive this fact home.

Phil Henderson appeared in A Beginner’s Bevin (long since disestablished) and he was claiming, “They are coming.” No, “They are here.”

So, this was Yeesha’s dream, was it not? The one that called us all here?

The DRC were at as much of a loss as we were, and Kodama used this as an excuse to leave. He went up to the surface, and secretly off to find more funding for the cavern.

Day Four of Exodus. The Bahro were still swarming, still fighting.

To maintain a sense of normality, the DRC announced the winners of the Great Zero Stained Glass contest. Those three distinct designs now appear above the Great Zero book in the Neighborhoods.

Normality, however, was an understatement.

Ae’gura was a massive mad house. Bahro were dive bombing the city, prowling the streets. They’d escalated from swarming to random encounters.

Never before or since have I seen so many explorers wearing their Journey shirts. We all had those burlap cloth pieces on us, itchy as they were. We were showing our support for the Bahro, for Yeesha, and for good.

We wore our shirts for Yeesha, for what she stood for and represented, all in the hopes that she would see and do something.

And do something she did.

Day Five, November 5.

A Bahro appeared outside the window in K’veer. Right on the ledge, though there’s nothing out there for it to stand on, not that we can see, at least. But there it was, just peering in.

We were being watched.

The Bahro began teleporting. It was next spotted inside Atrus’ prison chamber, and then it summoned the book stand in the middle of the room and placed the Myst Linking Book firmly upon it.

Two more Bahro appeared, and then, along with them, a woman with red hair and blue eyes. The tattoo over her eye made it clear who she was, and the very clothes she wore were the same as the hologram we’ve all seen in the Cleft.

It was Yeesha.

I’ll quote what I think is relevant from what she said and paraphrase the rest.

“Destruction is almost upon us.”

“They are here.”

“Fighting in war.”

The Bahro had been freed by the tablet, and most of them had sided with good, with us, with Yeesha, and with the D’ni. And they were fighting for us. Sacrificing everything they had for us. For our “peace” and for our “comfort.”

There was a side which had not sided with us, with the D’ni, or with “good.” They had chosen evil, and they basked in the opportunity that came with their freedom.

“Revenge is their only excuse,” Yeesha pointed to her left shoulder, and explained, “Their leader can be seen clearly. He is missing a large patch of skin” taken in the “torturous lab of Esher.”

“Because of that,” she said, “I will draw them away. Away from the cavern. Away from you.”

She had something they wanted. Some assumed the piece of skin that Esher had carved off of the leader of this evil side of the Bahro. Others, due to the sayings in the Watcher’s Words, assumed that Yeesha was pregnant.

“I do not know how long they will seek what I carry. It could only be days, it could be months.”

“Destruction is coming. It is almost here. I will delay it as long as I can, but, in the meantime, you must find a way. You must find a home.”

She promised to return in the future, and if things went well, she would offer her aid. But if things didn’t go well… You get the picture.

Regardless, she said we had to be ready for her return. Destruction was coming no matter what, and when it arrived we must have found our way. We MUST have found our home.

With that, she left. And almost instantly, so did the Bahro around Kerath’s arch, all of them following her for various reasons. Some for her protection, others seeking what she carried.

That night we received a KI Mail from the DRC. Marie Sutherland and Victor Laxman had gone to the surface. They were joining Kodama in his search for new funding.

The next day, Sharper announced that he was heading to the surface too. Suddenly, we found ourselves alone.

In the months that followed what I’ve come to call the “Day of Yeesha”, the DRC did not return.

We learned through other sources that Cate was not the only investor to cease funding. GameTap, the other major investor, was pulling the plug as well. (Why a computer game company was funding the restoration at all, I’ll never know…)

We tend not to blame them. Cate, however…

At any rate, we all remained in the cavern for a little while. But one by one we made our Exodus back to the surface, back to our jobs and schools and families. Back to our lives.

But we never forgot the cavern.

In February of 2010, for seemingly no reason at all, numbers in the cavern began to climb again. Now there are many who once again call this place home.

It is strange that so many should hear the Call, with the Bahro now freed and Yeesha gone, and yet, here we are.

This is not a Restoration, but it is a Great Uru. The Third Great Uru.

We’ve told you this story because we want you to understand the situation.

Yeesha is gone, but not for good. The Bahro are gone, but not for good. Destruction has not been stopped, but delayed.

I have said before that any Bahro you may encounter here are probably friendly, and now you know why.

Someday, the hostile Bahro will return. Dr. Watson told us what to do when that happens. Do you remember? Find a way. Make a home.

He told us that we would need to find some method of stopping the hostile Bahro. He told us that we would need to find something to end their war.

That’s why it’s so important that we continue to Write and explore new Ages. And that’s why we need to work in the Guilds to prepare for the return of the Bahro.

Your coming here is not without purpose. No Great Uru just happens. There is always a reason. We are those who must prepare. So find a way. Make a home.

This is our heritage.

Written By Calum, Epilogue written By Carl Palmner, Edited by Malfhok


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  1. Great story, I really enjoyed it, I love Uru…

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