Heritage Night 12

Exodus in The Cavern: AKA, Get out of my way Eddie!

(03/01 17:58:36) Chat.log started…
(03/01 18:01:36) Carl Palmner: Welcome to Heritage Night!
(03/01 18:01:39) a_altemeyer claps his hands
(03/01 18:01:43) Cactus Wren claps her hands
(03/01 18:01:46) Alphonse Godot claps his hands
(03/01 18:01:48) Duke of Earl claps his hands
(03/01 18:02:04) Carl Palmner: For anyone new to this, Heritage Night is intended as an opportunity for explorers to hear about the events of the last Restoration.
(03/01 18:02:26) Carl Palmner: Sorry I’ve missed the last few nights–I’ve been pretty sick.
(03/01 18:02:44) DimensionTravelerCalum gestures to his left
(03/01 18:02:44) Carl Palmner: And had some KI troubles on top of that.
(03/01 18:02:47) Cactus Wren: Sorry to hear it.
(03/01 18:02:50) Carl Palmner: But I am back and healthy now.
(03/01 18:03:34) Carl Palmner: Ok, I know DTC told you guys about the Hood of Illusions / HN idea…we are thinking it will be a kind of “summary pageant” covering the entire Restoration. Probably a fuly scripted event, unlike typical HNs.
(03/01 18:03:39) Carl Palmner: What do you guys think of that idea?
(03/01 18:03:53) Cactus Wren: I’d like it.
(03/01 18:03:55) Alphonse Godot: sounds good to me
(03/01 18:03:59) Heritage Night: Last time I asked had a GRAND consensus
(03/01 18:03:59) Ehren: Could be interesting to see how that would pan out
(03/01 18:04:00) Thumbs up from a_altemeyer
(03/01 18:04:12) DaVinci: I like the idea
(03/01 18:04:17) Heritage Night: Basically: Yes. HEEK Yes. HEEK HONKING YES!
(03/01 18:04:20) GracelenRose: Sounds good Carl :)
(03/01 18:04:21) Heritage Night: xP
(03/01 18:04:26) Carl Palmner: Ok, cool. ‘Cause I’m already halfway through writing a possible script
(03/01 18:04:35) DaVinci cheers
(03/01 18:04:37) Alphonse Godot: awesome
(03/01 18:04:39) a_altemeyer laughs
(03/01 18:04:45) Ehren: Watch Out, Eddie sneaking up on you
(03/01 18:04:45) Cactus Wren: I look forward to it!
(03/01 18:04:46) DoveArrow: Oh, in that case, I don’t like the idea. :-P
(03/01 18:04:48) Carl Palmner: It probably will be at least 2 weeks before we do it
(03/01 18:04:55) Carl Palmner: Because the Gray Hats need time to prepare
(03/01 18:05:04) Carl Palmner: Get out of my way Eddie
(03/01 18:05:04) Alphonse Godot: i’ll bet
(03/01 18:05:06) Ehren: makes sense
(03/01 18:05:13) Alphonse Godot: sounds like a lot of work
(03/01 18:05:20) Carl Palmner shrugs
(03/01 18:05:21) Heritage Night pats eddie on the head
(03/01 18:05:46) Carl Palmner: It will probably be on a Saturday, around noon, but we don’t have a definite date yet
(03/01 18:05:53) Carl Palmner: Second order of business
(03/01 18:05:59) Heritage Night: I’ll be sure to update the imager
(03/01 18:05:59) DoveArrow: That beach ball is still moving.
(03/01 18:05:59) Heritage Night: :)
(03/01 18:06:05) Carl Palmner: I recently got a message on theforums I wanted to tell you guys about.
(03/01 18:06:19) Carl Palmner: As you know, up until now Heritage Night has always covered the SECOND Restoration.
(03/01 18:06:36) Carl Palmner: Aside from a brief few words on Night One, we don’t touch on the first one at all.
(03/01 18:06:58) Carl Palmner: But the message I got is from someone who was active during BOTH Restorations, and is interested in telling the story of the first one.
(03/01 18:07:43) Carl Palmner: That means, his presentation would be about the first time the cavern opened to the public–when the Bahro were still slaves, the DRC and Yeesha were at odds with each other, and Sharper and Phil organized a minor rebellion among the explorers.
(03/01 18:08:15) Heritage Night: The periods called “Prologue” and “MOUL” are two different restorations. :)
(03/01 18:08:27) Heritage Night: Or, rather
(03/01 18:08:30) Carl Palmner: Yes, some refer to the First Restoration as “Prologue”.
(03/01 18:08:32) Heritage Night: the first and second restorations,
(03/01 18:08:50) Carl Palmner: Anyway I was thinking this sounds like a good idea, what do you guys think?
(03/01 18:08:55) laughingpineapple: Yesyesyesplease!
(03/01 18:08:57) Heritage Night is all for it
(03/01 18:08:58) a_altemeyer: sure
(03/01 18:09:00) Alphonse Godot claps his hands
(03/01 18:09:02) Cactus Wren: I’d be fascinated.
(03/01 18:09:03) laughingpineapple: Pretty please with a cone on top!
(03/01 18:09:05) GracelenRose: Yes
(03/01 18:09:08) Ehren: I think it’s a bad idea, sorry, too confusing
(03/01 18:09:20) DaVinci: yes
(03/01 18:09:30) laughingpineapple: After the Second Restoration’s events are covered, maybe?
(03/01 18:09:38) Carl Palmner: Ok great. We were thinking of doing that the week after the Pageant, but it might be before, depending on how quickly the Hats and I can organize the Pageant.
(03/01 18:09:54) Akira Mornvale: hi everyone
(03/01 18:10:12) Cactus Wren bounces slightly with excitement
(03/01 18:10:29) Carl Palmner: I think that’s it for announcements.
(03/01 18:11:01) Carl Palmner: For the rest of the presentation please keep comments and questions to a minimum if you can–you don’t have to be silent but remember I’ve got a lot of ground to cover
(03/01 18:11:08) Carl Palmner: And there will be time for questions at the end.
(03/01 18:11:12) Gondar: I’m not excessively late woo!
(03/01 18:11:21) Heritage Night: ^_^;
(03/01 18:11:29) To Gondar: only missed announcements is all
(03/01 18:11:30) Carl Palmner: Oh, Gondar is here! One more announcement–everyone say hi to Gondar :D
(03/01 18:11:34) Heritage Night: hi Gondar!
(03/01 18:11:36) laughingpineapple: Hi Gondar!
(03/01 18:11:41) Cactus Wren: Hi Gondar!
(03/01 18:11:41) Gondar: Hi Gondar!
(03/01 18:11:41) DimensionTravelerCalum: Hi Gondar!
(03/01 18:11:41) Gondar: oh wait
(03/01 18:11:41) a_altemeyer: hi
(03/01 18:11:42) Tanee’s MiniMe: hi
(03/01 18:11:43) Olrick140: Hi
(03/01 18:11:45) Mireena: Shorah, Gondar!
(03/01 18:11:46) DaVinci: Sora Gondar
(03/01 18:11:48) Gondar waves hello
(03/01 18:11:56) the rover: hi gondar
(03/01 18:11:56) Carl Palmner: Gondar is one of my best friends from the old days.
(03/01 18:11:58) Ehren: hello Gondar, don’t use these welcomes all at once
(03/01 18:11:59) Alphonse Godot: hi Gondar
(03/01 18:12:14) Carl Palmner: His biggest claim to fame is that he figured out that the Bahro were divided into factions long before Sharper told us so.
(03/01 18:12:14) GracelenRose: Shorah Gondar
(03/01 18:12:18) Nicoleleigh leans right
(03/01 18:12:32) Carl Palmner: Might not seem like much now, but back then the theory seemed ludicrous to most people, until Sharper confirmed it.
(03/01 18:12:34) Gondar: if it matters, I’ve been around since *after* the first original restoration. I just missed it, alas.
(03/01 18:13:06) Cactus Wren: Hi Bahro!
(03/01 18:13:08) Carl Palmner: Without further ado…
(03/01 18:13:09) Gondar: everyone was convinced it had to be Esher (or someone similar) controlling them. It just made sense. Carl and I figured it out.. ask him.
(03/01 18:13:30) Carl Palmner: (This is the part where comments go to a minimum)
(03/01 18:13:43) Ehren: Esher, but is he really related to Uru’s story? hmmm
(03/01 18:13:47) Carl Palmner: First a quick recap.
(03/01 18:14:02) Gondar: that’ll be covered tonight maybe :-)
(03/01 18:14:09) Carl Palmner: As you probably remember from past HN’s, at this point in our story Dr. Watson had just returned, along with michael Engberg.
(03/01 18:14:20) Aru: Shorah
(03/01 18:14:34) DimensionTravelerCalum waves
(03/01 18:14:40) Carl Palmner: Phil had confirmed that Watson was the “He” Phil had been referring to.
(03/01 18:14:45) DimensionTravelerCalum motions to his left :)
(03/01 18:14:56) Carl Palmner: And Watson had confirmed that the Bahro were indeed entirely free, due to Watson’s returning the Tablet to them.
(03/01 18:15:19) Carl Palmner: Watson had given a speech urging us to Write and explore new Ages–and that was the last we saw of him during the Restoration.
{NOTE: I forgot to mention that last week! >_<;; SORRY!}
(03/01 18:15:49) Carl Palmner: It’s funny, in retrospect, to think that Watson did not make an appearance during Exodus Week, the first week in November.
(03/01 18:16:29) Carl Palmner: On Nov. 1st, things seemed normal enough at first.
(03/01 18:16:36) Carl Palmner: There had been no Bahro sightings in over a month
(03/01 18:16:42) Carl Palmner: And the DRC had been quiet during that time.
(03/01 18:17:01) Carl Palmner: But then Cate showed up with some shocking and abrupt news.
(03/01 18:17:05) Carl Palmner: She was leaving the DRC.
(03/01 18:17:26) Carl Palmner: Her claim was that this was because she had not seen a “return on her investment”,
(03/01 18:17:42) Carl Palmner: but personally, I think Cate finally realized thatt he Bahro War was real, and wanted no part of it.
(03/01 18:18:16) Carl Palmner: Some of us were sad to see her go–but not many.
(03/01 18:18:23) Mireena: lol
(03/01 18:18:31) Gondar: understatement :-D
(03/01 18:18:45) Carl Palmner: The day was rather uneventful otherwise, although a few important figures did make appearances.
(03/01 18:18:48) Ehren: That can’t be correct, most people wanted the restoration to end???
(03/01 18:19:02) Carl Palmner: What I mean, Ehren, is that Cate herself was unpopular.
(03/01 18:19:24) Carl Palmner: The next day, Dr Sutherland announced the release of Ahnonay, the newest DRC-approved Age.
(03/01 18:19:28) Ehren: I’m sorry is this before it was annonced the DRC was leaving…
(03/01 18:19:29) Gondar: some of us understood her motivations, but she herself was not popular. Blame her for tetsonot.
(03/01 18:19:41) Heritage Night shudders
(03/01 18:19:46) Heritage Night: Tetsonot…. BLEH
(03/01 18:19:46) Carl Palmner: Some of us had been there before.
(03/01 18:19:50) DaVinci: lol Gondar
(03/01 18:20:01) Carl Palmner: Although the Age had changed some since then–among other things, it now requires you to solve it with a friend.
(03/01 18:20:33) Carl Palmner: And shortly after midnight, solve it is exactly what many explorers did, and as a result they reached K’veer.
(03/01 18:20:43) Carl Palmner: And THAT is where we’ll go now, for the rest of the evening, as tonight’s field trip.
(03/01 18:20:55) Heritage Night: anyone who DOES NOT have K’veer STAY HERE
(03/01 18:20:56) Carl Palmner: Please use the NEXUS to travel to K’veer
(03/01 18:21:06) Heritage Night: and I will relay via KI channels
(03/01 18:21:13) Ehren: I got to K’veer before Ahnonay… meh
(03/01 18:21:19) Carl Palmner: DO NOT use your Relto Books to go to the Kveer in your Dni books, this is not the public instance.
(03/01 18:21:29) Carl Palmner: I repeat, to join us in K’veer, go there via the NEXUS.
(03/01 18:21:35) Carl Palmner: It will be under CITY LOCATIONS.
(03/01 18:27:53) Mireena: upstairs, Sis
(03/01 18:28:04) Miranna: Hi everyone
(03/01 18:28:11) Carl Palmner: I’m going to continue now.
(03/01 18:28:13) Gondar: always keep looking up at the ceiling for blue eyes here :-)
(03/01 18:28:26) DaVinci: :) gondar
(03/01 18:28:36) Carl Palmner: Soon after we found K’veer, chaos happened.
(03/01 18:28:58) Carl Palmner: On the third day of the week, Bahro appeared, swarming Kerath’s Arch.
(03/01 18:29:03) Carl Palmner: And they did not look friendlty.
(03/01 18:29:27) Carl Palmner: There were angry and hostile Bahro cries throughout the city, and we knew that the “evil” Bahro had finally arrived in D’ni.
(03/01 18:29:45) Carl Palmner: Friendly ones showed up, to fight them.
(03/01 18:29:51) Carl Palmner: Not just in AeGura, but in Bevins as well.
(03/01 18:30:17) Carl Palmner: And Phil Henderson, standing in the Beginner’s Bevin, told us ominously, “THEY are coming. they are here.”
(03/01 18:30:39) Carl Palmner: It was too much for Ikuro Kodama. He announced his immediate departure for the surface.
(03/01 18:30:50) Carl Palmner: That left the DRC with only 2 official members.
(03/01 18:31:17) Carl Palmner: The next day, the chaos continued. There were sporadic appearances by both factions of Bahro in the cavern.
(03/01 18:31:30) Carl Palmner: The DRC tried to keep order
(03/01 18:31:48) Carl Palmner: And many explorers tried to focus on little things
(03/01 18:31:57) Carl Palmner: But all of us could feel the tension, and the fear.
(03/01 18:32:30) Carl Palmner: It was not until the fifth day that things finally came to an unexpected climax.
(03/01 18:32:37) Carl Palmner: First, a Bahro appeared right here, in K’veer.
(03/01 18:32:41) Carl Palmner: First outside that window
(03/01 18:32:43) Carl Palmner points
(03/01 18:32:51) Carl Palmner: And then inside.
(03/01 18:33:08) Carl Palmner: By Linking and by conventional walking, it made its way to the room at the top of this area–the room where Atrus was once trapped.
(03/01 18:33:19) Carl Palmner: It showed no signs of hostility, and we concluded it was a friendly Bahro.
(03/01 18:33:28) Carl Palmner: I tried to communicate with it, but it ignored me.
(03/01 18:33:45) Carl Palmner: Instead, it just walked to the pedestal and gave us one final gift–the Myst Book.
(03/01 18:34:02) Carl Palmner: Not long after, someone else made an appearance.
(03/01 18:34:16) Carl Palmner: I wasn’t here to see it–I was on the surface at the time–but I heard of it from others.
(03/01 18:34:22) Carl Palmner: That second person was none other than Yeesha.
(03/01 18:34:27) Carl Palmner: This is what she said:
(03/01 18:34:31) Carl Palmner: “I will have words.
(03/01 18:34:36) Carl Palmner: Destruction is almost upon us.
(03/01 18:34:45) Carl Palmner: They are here. Fighting in war.
(03/01 18:35:02) Carl Palmner: Freed from their prison, the Bahro choose their way now; good and evil stand before them.”
(03/01 18:35:16) Carl Palmner: “No longer are they slaves to the tablet,
(03/01 18:35:28) Carl Palmner: no longer is their destiny locked to the wishes of others.
(03/01 18:35:37) Carl Palmner: No longer is their freedom captive.
(03/01 18:35:51) Carl Palmner: They are powerful and with freedom, some are dangerous.
(03/01 18:35:57) Carl Palmner: Most of the Bahro are friends.
(03/01 18:36:09) Carl Palmner: They stand with us, protecting us from the evil that surrounds you almost constantly.
(03/01 18:36:14) Carl Palmner: They sacrifice for you.
(03/01 18:36:29) Carl Palmner: They battle and die for this cavern…and your comfort.
(03/01 18:36:31) DimensionTravelerCalum needs a moment to breathe!
{NOTE: Carl is a FAST Typer. I had a hard time just keeping up while relaying back to the Bevin DRA SAYS: “HOOD!”! ^_^;; }
(03/01 18:36:43) Carl Palmner: They fight for D’ni as well. They watch over us all.
(03/01 18:36:46) Miranna: And we appreciate it!
(03/01 18:37:03) Carl Palmner: But there are those who have not chosen to side with you, with the D’ni, or with good.
(03/01 18:37:13) Carl Palmner: They seek revenge for the evil done to them.
(03/01 18:37:26) Carl Palmner: Revenge is their excuse but freedom is their cause
(03/01 18:37:43) Carl Palmner: They are able to make the choice and bask in the opporutunity to do as they please.
(03/01 18:37:54) Carl Palmner: With freedom comes choice and with choice evil as well as good.
(03/01 18:38:04) Carl Palmner: Their leader can be seen clearly
(03/01 18:38:21) Carl Palmner: He is missing a large patch of skin on his shouilder, takne by Esher.
(03/01 18:38:30) Carl Palmner: Because of that, I will draw them away.
(03/01 18:38:35) Carl Palmner: Away from the cavern, away from you.
(03/01 18:38:45) Carl Palmner: I do not know how long they will seek what I carry
(03/01 18:38:57) Carl Palmner: Destruction is coming.
(03/01 18:39:00) Carl Palmner: It is almost here.
(03/01 18:39:10) Carl Palmner: I will delay it as long as I can but, in the meantime, you must find a way.
(03/01 18:39:14) Carl Palmner: You must make a home.
(03/01 18:39:20) Carl Palmner: Destruction will be here soon.
(03/01 18:39:29) Carl Palmner: I will try to return and help you in the future
(03/01 18:39:34) Carl Palmner: If things go well I will offer aid
(03/01 18:39:43) Carl Palmner: Regardless, you must be ready.
(03/01 18:39:51) Carl Palmner: Destruction will come, soon or later.
(03/01 18:39:54) Carl Palmner: When it does, you must find a way
(03/01 18:39:58) Carl Palmner: You must make a home.
(03/01 18:40:02) Carl Palmner: I must leave now.
(03/01 18:40:05) Carl Palmner: Goodbye.”
(03/01 18:40:09) Carl Palmner: And with that, she was gone.
(03/01 18:40:12) Cactus Wren has goosebumps
(03/01 18:40:15) Carl Palmner: Linked away, without touching a Book.
(03/01 18:40:26) Carl Palmner: And do you know who else left? The Bahro.
(03/01 18:40:35) Carl Palmner: Those swarming the Arch vanished.
(03/01 18:40:41) Carl Palmner: Those in D’ni and the Ages did as well.
(03/01 18:40:51) Carl Palmner: We never saw the hostile Bahro again
(03/01 18:41:04) Gondar: thank gods…
(03/01 18:41:06) Carl Palmner: Even the friendly ones have become so sparse, we almost never see them.
(03/01 18:41:22) Carl Palmner: I call that day–November 5th–the Day of Yeesha.
(03/01 18:41:42) Carl Palmner: On that day, Yeesha rescued us from a threat we could not overcome.
(03/01 18:41:58) Carl Palmner: I repeat now what I said at the end of the first cycle of Heritage Nights:
(03/01 18:42:21) Carl Palmner: Yeesha saved us that day, and we owe her our lives.
(03/01 18:42:43) Carl Palmner: Soon after, Sutherland and Laxman announced that they, too, were heading up to the surface.
(03/01 18:42:54) Carl Palmner: The Restoration was out of funds, and they hoped to find a new funder.
(03/01 18:42:58) Carl Palmner: But they never did.
(03/01 18:43:14) Carl Palmner: Sharper took leave of us the next day, and for the next few months we were on our own.
(03/01 18:43:21) Carl Palmner: One by one, we left the cavern behind us.
(03/01 18:43:38) Carl Palmner: Until February of 2010, when explorers began once again to hear the Call.
(03/01 18:43:58) Carl Palmner: It is strange that so many should hear it now, with the Bahro freed and Yeesha gone–yet here we are.
(03/01 18:44:00) Cactus Wren: I was one.
(03/01 18:44:06) Carl Palmner: This is not a Restoration,
(03/01 18:44:07) DaVinci never left
(03/01 18:44:15) Carl Palmner: but it IS a Great Uru.
(03/01 18:44:19) Carl Palmner: The Third Great Uru.
(03/01 18:44:36) Carl Palmner: We’ve told you this story because we want you to understand the situation.
(03/01 18:44:51) Carl Palmner: Yeesha is gone, but not for good. Most of the Bahro are gone, but not for good.
(03/01 18:45:00) Carl Palmner: Destruction has not been stopped but delayed.
(03/01 18:45:11) Carl Palmner: Someday the Bahro will return.
(03/01 18:45:18) Carl Palmner: Watson told us what to do when that happens.
(03/01 18:45:22) Carl Palmner: Do you remember?
(03/01 18:45:32) Carl Palmner: He told us that we would need to find something to end their war.
(03/01 18:45:45) Carl Palmner: That’s why it’s so important that we continue to write and explore new Ages.
(03/01 18:45:55) Gondar nods his head
(03/01 18:45:57) Carl Palmner: And that’s why we need to work with the Guilds to prepare for the return of the threat.
(03/01 18:46:05) Carl Palmner: Your coming here, to D’ni is NOT without purpose.
(03/01 18:46:16) Carl Palmner: No Great Uru “just happens”.
(03/01 18:46:23) Carl Palmner: There is always a reason.
(03/01 18:46:27) Carl Palmner: We are those who must prepare.
(03/01 18:46:34) Carl Palmner: So find a way.
(03/01 18:46:36) Carl Palmner: Make a home.
(03/01 18:46:39) Carl Palmner: This is our heritage.
(03/01 18:46:41) Carl Palmner bows
…chat.log Stopped.

Written by Carl Palmner, edited by Calum


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