Heritage Night 9

A New Light in the Cavern

(02/08 16:06:28) Chat.log started…

(02/08 16:07:09) GracelenRose: I am having a bit of lag to night so please bare with me

(02/08 16:07:34) GracelenRose: ok….Welcome to Heritage Night everyone
(02/08 16:08:00) GracelenRose: Our discussions begins with the events of the last week of June 2007
(02/08 16:08:17) GracelenRose: “New Light in the Cavern”
(02/08 16:08:24) GracelenRose: 23nd of June 2007
(02/08 16:08:41) GracelenRose: First…there were 2 KI mails that day regarding the Great Zero…
(02/08 16:09:09) GracelenRose: the first being the ability for explorers to create their own “Quest type games”
(02/08 16:09:25) GracelenRose: upon completion of their calibration marker missions
(02/08 16:09:40) GracelenRose: and the KI guid in the classroom was also updated.
(02/08 16:10:17) GracelenRose: the second being the activation ceremony of the Great Zero which took place at 4pm Cavern time the following day
(02/08 16:10:34) GracelenRose: Watcher’s Santuary Released by DRC
(02/08 16:10:51) GracelenRose: That night the DRC released the Great Tree Pub,
(02/08 16:11:27) GracelenRose: aka the The Watcher’s Santuary, (the Watcher’s Pub)
(02/08 16:11:50) GracelenRose: located in the J’Taeri District where once the Dni high society dwelled.
(02/08 16:12:07) GracelenRose: Explorers who once walked the Path of the Shell…
(02/08 16:12:58) GracelenRose: once again browsed through the five DRC-translated volumes known as the “Words”
(02/08 16:13:13) GracelenRose: of the Watcher on the second floor, and Michael Simpson’s
(02/08 16:13:24) GracelenRose: DRC journal on the first floor,
(02/08 16:13:38) GracelenRose: describing the place’s significance.
(02/08 16:14:02) GracelenRose: the Pub also served as a gathering place where Dni met to discuss philosophical matters.
(02/08 16:14:21) GracelenRose: The Watcher was born in 4554 DE (c 3343 BC)
(02/08 16:14:51) GracelenRose: and died in 4606 DE (c 3051).
(02/08 16:15:05) GracelenRose: His mother gave birth to him mid-link
(02/08 16:15:16) GracelenRose: while excavating the Mining Age of Trases.
(02/08 16:15:28) GracelenRose: He was said to see things outside of time
(02/08 16:15:38) GracelenRose: whether past, present or future
(02/08 16:15:56) GracelenRose: His main work “Word” is a compilation of sayings
(02/08 16:16:09) GracelenRose: he received from the Maker on the future of Dni
(02/08 16:16:25) GracelenRose: a coming day of destruction
(02/08 16:16:36) GracelenRose: and of a Grower who would restore things.
(02/08 16:16:50) GracelenRose: please read the journals upstairs for more insight
(NOTE: Upstairs in the Watcher’s pub, that is. )
(02/08 16:17:05) GracelenRose: Followers built the sactuary on the spot
(02/08 16:17:16) GracelenRose: where he received his visions
(02/08 16:17:31) GracelenRose: and many still gather to discuss philosophy
(02/08 16:17:40) GracelenRose: With this release came our biggest reward….
(02/08 16:17:48) GracelenRose: the Age of Er’cana.
(02/08 16:18:08) GracelenRose: Cate Alexander told us that Er’cana would be released on Tuesday or Wednesday of that week
(02/08 16:18:28) GracelenRose: and that the DRC was working on Ahnonay and an all-new Age called Jalak
(02/08 16:19:06) GracelenRose: (which she described as a D’ni gaming area)
(02/08 16:19:22) GracelenRose: She then contininued to answer the many questions regarding Noloben and Michael Engberg,
(02/08 16:19:56) GracelenRose: who she believed was no longer in the Cavern,
(02/08 16:20:08) GracelenRose: nor would she verify the existence of the Bahro civil war.
(02/08 16:20:30) GracelenRose: Yet she confirmed that the Bahro were responsible for Wheely’s death
(02/08 16:20:54) GracelenRose: Cate also thanked everyone for their support even during these critical funding times.
(02/08 16:21:16) GracelenRose: 24th of June 2007
(02/08 16:21:32) GracelenRose: Victor Laxman stated that the KI light
(02/08 16:21:44) GracelenRose: was working much better than before.
(02/08 16:22:04) GracelenRose: (explorers later confirmed that the KI light lasted up to one minute, and the KI machine in Descent no longer emitted sparks, and appeared fixed).
(02/08 16:23:14) GracelenRose: Earlier that evening..
(02/08 16:23:32) GracelenRose: he patiently answered many questions about Wheely.
(02/08 16:23:40) GracelenRose: On the Bahro…he stated that they have the ability to “link at will” and were the ones responsible for creating different instances of Ages.
(02/08 16:24:30) GracelenRose: He described Er’cana as “an Age for food”
(02/08 16:24:42) GracelenRose: and the next Age to be released.
(02/08 16:24:56) GracelenRose: He also described the Relto “donuts” as of Bahro origin and not Dni origin
(02/08 16:25:40) GracelenRose: That day’s big event was the Great Zero Activation.
(02/08 16:26:04) GracelenRose: heeding Laxman’s invitation, explorers gathered in different instances of the Great Zero shortly before 4pm on that day
(02/08 16:26:53) GracelenRose: to witness first-hand the activation of the first great structure of Dni, built nearly 10000 years ago
(02/08 16:27:31) GracelenRose: This ancient device enabled the Dni to situate and develop
(02/08 16:27:43) GracelenRose: the important buildings of the City, along with its districts and neighborhoods, and establish Dni culture.
(02/08 16:28:25) GracelenRose: About 4pm the Great Zero was activated once again,
(02/08 16:28:35) GracelenRose: its machinary roared to life,
(02/08 16:28:57) GracelenRose: and its famous “blue line” no longer remained stationary at the Great Stairs and stared to sweep the Cavern
(02/08 16:29:34) GracelenRose: Explorers afterwards received a KI mail message
(02/08 16:29:47) GracelenRose: that confirmed the calibration effort was completed, due to their efforts
(02/08 16:30:03) GracelenRose: 25th of June 2007
(02/08 16:31:18) GracelenRose: Douglas Sharper was off again
(02/08 16:31:26) GracelenRose: this time on a self-described “adventure of revenge”.
(02/08 16:31:55) GracelenRose: He announced in the Uru Obsession Bevin
(02/08 16:32:05) GracelenRose: late that afternoon that the DRC had granted him access to the beach Age of Noloben
(02/08 16:32:26) GracelenRose: to find and kill the one Bahro that killed Wheely Engberg in last month
(02/08 16:33:08) GracelenRose: “I hope he’s there”, he stated
(02/08 16:33:24) GracelenRose: before explaining that he is going prepared
(02/08 16:33:36) GracelenRose: learning to communicate with them
(02/08 16:33:57) GracelenRose: and to ready to handle the speed at which they move.
(02/08 16:35:49) GracelenRose: Sharper said “I’ll learn, I’ll watch. I wont kill one of the good ones”
(02/08 16:36:08) GracelenRose: “I will try to find those who seem to care about us.
(02/08 16:36:24) GracelenRose: “They are fast. But they are mortal” he added.
(02/08 16:36:32) GracelenRose: The explorers reaction?
(02/08 16:36:46) GracelenRose: “I’m dissappointed” responded Sharper
(02/08 16:37:03) GracelenRose: as many cited their own fears of Bahro retaliation upon humans because of his actions
(02/08 16:37:32) GracelenRose: but Sharper stated that doing nothing only demonstrates weakness.
(02/08 16:37:52) GracelenRose: He urged them to remember Wheely and Rose, and how they could have been saved,
(02/08 16:38:22) GracelenRose: as well as the decimated animal population in Negilahn
(02/08 16:38:33) GracelenRose: Sharper remained undaunted:
(02/08 16:38:50) GracelenRose: “I will come back with a body. If I come back at all”.
(02/08 16:39:39) GracelenRose: As a side note….
(02/08 16:39:54) GracelenRose: Cate Alexander was now taking position
(02/08 16:40:15) GracelenRose: on the DRC yet her priorities will always be the funding
(02/08 16:40:35) GracelenRose: of the Restoration and the possibility for branding and advertising in the Cavern
(02/08 16:40:59) GracelenRose: which was opposed by some including Dr. Marie Sutherland.


(02/08 16:47:24) GracelenRose: ok..ready everyone?
(02/08 16:47:29) GracelenRose: ok
(02/08 16:47:38) GracelenRose: 26th of June 2007
(02/08 16:48:04) GracelenRose: That day’s big event was the release of Ercana
(02/08 16:48:30) GracelenRose: Around 11am Cavern time, Cate Alexander linked into the Watcher’s Sactuary
(02/08 16:48:47) GracelenRose: with the Er’cana linking book: and put it on the pedestal
(02/08 16:49:06) GracelenRose: “Enjoy Er’cana” was all she said
(02/08 16:49:22) GracelenRose: Er’cana is a harvest Age which supplied food
(02/08 16:49:29) GracelenRose: for the people of Dni
(02/08 16:49:46) GracelenRose: and was most likely owned by the Guild of Caterers
(02/08 16:50:01) GracelenRose: And in a July 6, 2006 town hall meeting,
(02/08 16:50:13) GracelenRose: Dr. Kodama remarked that the Age may also be useful in supplying nutrients to the lake algae, to restore a regular day and night cycle
(NOTE: to his credit, Er’cana’s all over have done just that)
(02/08 16:51:22) GracelenRose: Explorers also noticed that the Silo in the Industrial District of Uran was also released
(02/08 16:52:35) GracelenRose: another sign that the Silo is somehow related to pellet production
(02/08 16:52:54) GracelenRose: Uran was the main industrial complex in Dni located far away from the City
(02/08 16:53:16) GracelenRose: Uran contained many Silos that were used to store grain from the harvest Ages, one of which was Ercana
(02/08 16:53:58) GracelenRose: One Silo stored pellets and dropped them into the lake to feed the algae
(02/08 16:54:28) GracelenRose: when then glowed at regular intervals yielding a day and night cycle in the Cavern
(02/08 16:55:01) GracelenRose: In 5541 DE, Uran was renamed Ashemem after Ashem, the son of King Me-emen and a member of the Guild of Healers.
(02/08 16:55:34) GracelenRose: who died froma disease while investigating a new Age
(02/08 16:55:49) GracelenRose: It is also believed though not confirmed that ex-Guild Master Kadish also used Ercana and Ashemem
(02/08 16:56:32) GracelenRose: to justify himself as the Grower, one who could restore life to algae and bring “A New Light” to the Cavern
(02/08 16:56:54) GracelenRose: Also on that day at around 11:20am
(02/08 16:57:19) GracelenRose: explorers found Dr. Marie Sutherland sitting quietly by the flowers at the Kahlo Pub
(02/08 16:57:41) GracelenRose: Then at 1:45pm Cavern time
(02/08 16:57:56) GracelenRose: she unveiled a new explorer memorial devoted not just to Wheely Engberg who lost her life to a Bahro attack but also to other explorers who recently lost their lives
(02/08 16:58:52) GracelenRose: Their names were also included on the memorial
(02/08 16:59:13) GracelenRose: “Nothing I can say will do justice to their memories…
(02/08 16:59:25) GracelenRose: so I wont even try..but his will be a small token”.
(02/08 16:59:46) GracelenRose: The DRC also issued a KI mail requesting submissions of the names of other explorers who passed away along with a description of how each contributed to the restoration
(02/08 17:00:40) GracelenRose: You can see the memorial now in the City in the Kahlo Pub.
(02/08 17:00:56) GracelenRose: 27th of June 2007
(02/08 17:01:27) GracelenRose: Sharper Departs for Noloben, Protesters Press DRC
(02/08 17:01:41) GracelenRose: That night at 8:45pm Cavern time,
(02/08 17:01:56) GracelenRose: Douglas Sharper spoke to those he called his “enemies” due to reports that some were trying to prevent his expedition.
(02/08 17:02:30) GracelenRose: “I’m ready to meet my destiny, ” he declared.
(02/08 17:02:44) GracelenRose: He disclosed he had two meetings with Cate Alexander because of his tense relationship with some explorers expected to see Bahro there at war with each other
(02/08 17:03:29) GracelenRose: and clarified his mission was “to scope things out”, and to “defend myself if I need to.”
(02/08 17:03:51) GracelenRose: He then left without taking any questions.
(02/08 17:04:05) GracelenRose: Afterwards he visited the Watcher’s Pub, Citing his trip as “almost cancelled” due to the protests of some explorers
(02/08 17:04:39) GracelenRose: he reminded everyone he was still going and that he will not kill a Bahro unless he must
(02/08 17:05:05) GracelenRose: Rils, the founder of the Dni Zoological Society and others showed their support for his mission
(02/08 17:05:34) GracelenRose: “Farewell to you all. Hope to see you again soon” he concluded
(02/08 17:05:59) GracelenRose: Earlier that evening, a group of explorers led by one called Vormaen met privately with Victor Laxman to see if they could “sway the decision to hunt the Bahro”.
(02/08 17:06:34) GracelenRose: Laxman replied that the council’s decision was clear. “He is to gather information only.” And as to whether Sharper will actually be successful, he added
(02/08 17:07:42) GracelenRose: “If he is deluded enought to think he can accomplish that, his trip will be very short indeed”.
(02/08 17:08:17) GracelenRose: he also listened to a quantum mechanics theory to reverse Wheely’s death
(02/08 17:08:24) GracelenRose: which he called “crazy”.
(02/08 17:08:44) GracelenRose: “But I cannot deny that I’ve seen crazier things in my lifetime.”
(02/08 17:08:54) GracelenRose: He promised to dicuss the theory with the council
(02/08 17:09:36) GracelenRose: About 3:30 pm Cavern time the DRC issued a KI mail message
(02/08 17:10:01) GracelenRose: encouraging explorers to help feed the lake algae pellets produced in the harvest Age of Er’cana, released the previous day.
(02/08 17:10:56) GracelenRose: Extensive tests revealed that the Dni used a grain Silo in Ahshemem (formally known as Uran) to feed the algae which glowed at regular intervals,
(02/08 17:11:29) GracelenRose: thus, due to the last few centuries and because of the decimiation of dni
(02/08 17:12:00) GracelenRose: The DRC believed it may be “months” before enough of the right pellets are produced and fed via the Ashemem Silo to restore the light cycle.
(02/08 17:13:00) GracelenRose: Yet people can get “Pellet Points” for feeding algae made with the correct recipe
(02/08 17:13:19) GracelenRose: Laxman Installs Pellet Test Machine
(02/08 17:14:00) GracelenRose: Victor Laxman was seen about 3pm Cavern time that day installing a machine near the Aegura Docks
(02/08 17:14:58) GracelenRose: that veteran explorers believed is a machine that gauges the level of light in the lake
(02/08 17:15:08) GracelenRose: No statements were given at that time.
(02/08 17:15:37) GracelenRose: Please note that the Pellet Test Machine (at the Ferry Docks) has since been pulled because it was not functioning properly.
(02/08 17:16:08) GracelenRose: As a last note….
(02/08 17:16:36) GracelenRose: please continue with your pellet production because the light in the cavern is Brightening!
(02/08 17:16:48) GracelenRose: Thank you for being so patient with me tonight
{Applause, and end of the meeting}
(02/08 17:23:15) …Chat.log stopped.

Written by GracelenRose, Log formatted  by Calum


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