Finally Finished that backlog! :)

The first round of HN scripts were masterfully re-written by Malfhok, so I used those versions instead of the original chatlogs.

You can find the original thread containing the Heritage Documents  In the Elegantly and Finely crafted link just next to this line.

In other news: Heritage Night is SEEKING HOSTS!  We are only looking for ONE more host to fill one spot remaining, but if you wish to help with multiple nights, please do so! The more the merrier!

Now then! Since there needed to be a general, collectivized place, I decided t0 appearify this little blog/site so we can keep the chatlogs together. :) If you aren’t sure there’s been an update recently via the UO or MOUL threads, then you can be sure there’ll be an update here!

Finally, our next Heritage Night will be THIS TUESDAY: 18:00 KI time, in the Heritage Night Bevin. Be sure to come! :)

_CTD, HN Manager


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