Heritage Night 14

Kahlo Pub Memorial

Explorers remaining in Kahlo Pub after Heritage Night 14

The Week of Scars

(05/10 17:57:16) Chat.log started…
(05/10 17:57:25) Mireena waves hello
(05/10 17:57:38) Cal: Well, then
(05/10 17:57:48) Cal: First off we’ll begin with announcements
(05/10 17:57:52) Cal: Then RO here’ll take the stage
(05/10 17:58:02) Cal: Heritage night now has awebsite!
(05/10 17:58:08) Cal: HeritageNight.wordpress.com
(05/10 17:58:20) Cal: We have previous nights up already
(05/10 17:58:27) Cal: And the future updates for HN
(05/10 17:58:33) Cal: Will be there as well as on the forums
(05/10 17:58:36) Cal: So if you think you’ve messed a forum update
(05/10 17:58:42) Cal: Just check the site
(05/10 17:58:43) Cal: :)
(05/10 17:59:10) Cal: Secondly, we recently subrented the hood out durring off-hours to a local Bahro Band
(05/10 17:59:25) Cal: they’re sleeping in the chambers behind the cone barrier
(05/10 17:59:35) Cal: So, we’ll have to be just a little bit quiet for them tonight :)
(05/10 17:59:42) Cal: They’re prepping for a concert tomorrow, ;)
(05/10 17:59:53) Cal: Thirdly,
(05/10 17:59:58) Cal: Refreshments are in the fountain
(05/10 17:59:59) Cal: As always
(05/10 18:00:06) Cal: Chilled for your enjoyment should you get thirsty
(05/10 18:00:17) Cal: Finally, we have a field trip tonight,
(05/10 18:00:27) Cal: You’ll know when the time comes
(05/10 18:00:32) Cal: And it’s an easy spot to get to :)
(05/10 18:00:42) Cal: So, without further adue, i’ll leave you to your host,
(05/10 18:00:44) Cal: Rapacious One
(05/10 18:00:46) rapacious one: :)
(05/10 18:00:50) Mireena claps her hands
(05/10 18:00:51) Cal claps his hands
(05/10 18:00:54) DaVinci claps his hands
(05/10 18:00:58) ahlisendar: clap
(05/10 18:01:02) Wall-E cheers
(05/10 18:01:03) ahlisendar claps his hands
(05/10 18:01:04) Debz claps her hands
(05/10 18:01:05) Lissie claps her hands
(05/10 18:01:06) rapacious one: thank you for the support guys it’s my first heritage night as some of you know.
(05/10 18:01:07) Snow Leopard claps her hands
(05/10 18:01:13) rapacious one: thank you
(05/10 18:01:29) LAHI: Thank you
(05/10 18:01:49) rapacious one: Without further adue, “the Week of Scars”.
(05/10 18:02:17) rapacious one: Known for it’s physical and emotion scars, it was propperly named.
(05/10 18:02:42) rapacious one: The first scar will be a physical crack.
(05/10 18:02:58) rapacious one: The week began without incident.
(05/10 18:03:19) rapacious one: Other than the predator hunt that Douglas Sharper was planning.
(05/10 18:03:42) rapacious one: Some predator was destroying all the animals in negilahn.
(05/10 18:04:01) rapacious one: At the same time,
(05/10 18:04:22) rapacious one: Victor Laxman, one of the four remaing DRC members at the time,
(05/10 18:04:35) rapacious one: was making rounds from Bevin to Bevin.
(05/10 18:05:15) rapacious one: He was chatting with new members about a new age to be released, when all of a sudden he received a Ki-mail.
(05/10 18:06:04) rapacious one: he excused himself, and said that he had to check out a report of seismic activity in A’guera
(05/10 18:06:22) rapacious one: excuse me D’ni Ae’gua
(05/10 18:07:19) rapacious one: No one thought anything of it, afterall; the Great scream had already distablalized everything in the city just months before.
(05/10 18:08:00) rapacious one: Conversation in the cavern shifted from Laxman,
(05/10 18:08:07) rapacious one: to Nick White .
(05/10 18:08:38) rapacious one: He had been fired from the DRC, and without details, was quite the “ladies man”.
(05/10 18:09:14) rapacious one: However, he was still a member of the cavern, just not the DRC>
(05/10 18:10:09) rapacious one: And with talk of Nick, concern grew; for Nick was to be going on the predator hunt with Sharper.
(05/10 18:10:21) Ehvihn is sad
(05/10 18:10:58) rapacious one: Later that day: reports of seismic activity came in all over the city. And details of what happened were in that report.
(05/10 18:11:01) Debz gives Ehvihn a tissue
(05/10 18:11:14) rapacious one: The seismic activity caused a crack in the Kahlo pub.
(05/10 18:11:50) rapacious one: the news brought in the people.
(05/10 18:12:17) rapacious one: The crack becamecrowded, and Bahro screams were heard frequently.
(05/10 18:12:32) Ehvihn: O_O
(05/10 18:12:41) Debz cringes
(05/10 18:12:51) rapacious one: After all that, every one still went to bed pretty normally.
(05/10 18:13:04) rapacious one: No one thought anything would be more abnormal, but they were very wrong.
(05/10 18:13:32) rapacious one: The next day, as expected, the crack is crowded again.
(05/10 18:14:05) rapacious one: Willow “Wheely” Engberg
(05/10 18:14:16) rapacious one: shows up with her friend, Rosette.
(05/10 18:14:57) rapacious one: They had been running marker missions. This was Rosette’s first time exploring the city, actually.
(05/10 18:15:37) rapacious one: The two girls saw the crack and they headed to it.
(05/10 18:16:12) rapacious one: When they got there, they discovered it wouldn’t be easy to see. Wheely’s father had warned others to keep children off the grounds.
(05/10 18:16:21) rapacious one: especially his own young.
(05/10 18:17:04) rapacious one: Well, Wheely was still curious
(05/10 18:17:13) rapacious one: And, so was Rosette.
(05/10 18:17:40) rapacious one: So Wheely actually proceded to say that she spotted a second crack in the Library.
(05/10 18:18:18) rapacious one: Therefore, the people in the cavern would run to the spot, and they could sneak into the Kahlo Pub to get a closer look.
(05/10 18:18:55) rapacious one: This scar is not just the story’s second scar but a symbolic scar.
(05/10 18:19:26) rapacious one: Because, when the people got there, they discovered that there was no second crack!
(05/10 18:20:03) rapacious one: And, at the same time:
(05/10 18:20:40) rapacious one: Wheely and Rosette’s Ki’s went offline.
(05/10 18:20:48) rapacious one: At that exact same time.
(05/10 18:21:33) rapacious one: So, their Ki’s went offline and
(05/10 18:22:31) rapacious one: Engberg linked to Ae’gura from his Bevin rounds with Laxman.
(05/10 18:23:04) rapacious one: They began to call Wheely’s name, shouting it along with Rosette’s/
(05/10 18:23:33) rapacious one: It wasn’t before long that all the explorers in the city were aware that something was very wrong, and that these girls had gone missing.
(05/10 18:23:44) Ehvihn is sad
(05/10 18:24:06) rapacious one: a search party of DRC members and engineers grew.
(05/10 18:24:27) rapacious one: But, actually, it was quite horrible, and people became quite hysterical at the time.
(05/10 18:25:01) rapacious one: You see, Bahro’s screamed from rooftops, linking in and out
(05/10 18:25:08) rapacious one: across the sky too.
(05/10 18:25:23) Mireena: it was pandimonium
(05/10 18:25:37) Gimm remembers that night well
(05/10 18:25:50) Miranna remembers too
(05/10 18:25:54) Walker remembers
(05/10 18:25:58) rapacious one: Finally, members became ordered out of the city. And the nexus link was blocked I believe.
(05/10 18:26:04) altemeyer members
(05/10 18:26:20) Heritage Night: The pop limit was set to zero,
(05/10 18:26:26) Mireena: relayers were left in the loop, but with limits
(05/10 18:26:33) rapacious one: A ki-mail was sent out declaring that Willow Engberg and Rosette taylor were missing.
(05/10 18:27:29) Gimm: Wheeley and Rose used to come into the GoG to play heek
(05/10 18:28:11) rapacious one: So as the engineers and DRC members searched for the girls, NIck white returned.
(05/10 18:28:21) rapacious one: From Negilahn.
(05/10 18:28:51) rapacious one: He reported that Sharper was still in Negilahn, watching and waiting for his predator.
(05/10 18:29:09) rapacious one: he was allowed in the city.
(05/10 18:29:12) rapacious one: At the time.
(05/10 18:29:21) Heritage Night: That Will be revealed
(05/10 18:30:06) rapacious one: So Nick White had been allowed into the city to give this report at the time, so he did. He also may have still had his old ki from before he got fired.
(05/10 18:30:50) rapacious one: And just as this was happening, a signal came in…
(05/10 18:30:57) rapacious one: From Wheely’s ki.
(05/10 18:32:04) rapacious one: At the same exact time that Wheely had called everyone to the fake crack, the ground around her crumbled.
(05/10 18:32:33) rapacious one: and when they were all at the library, she had fell into the chambers below the crumbeling Kahlo Pub.
(05/10 18:33:30) rapacious one: I’d like to go now, to see the Pub.
(05/10 18:33:34) rapacious one: and to tell you the rest there.
(05/10 18:34:14) DaVinci: ok c-ya there at da pub
(05/10 18:36:36) Heritage Night: Shorah everyone
(05/10 18:36:54) Jim1138 does a dance
(05/10 18:37:22) Heritage Night bows
(05/10 18:37:23) rapacious one: okay
(05/10 18:37:30) Heritage Night kneels down…
(05/10 18:37:42) Heritage Night: the crack was on this wall
(05/10 18:37:47) Heritage Night: this corner
(05/10 18:37:49) Walker: No flowers anymore
(05/10 18:38:05) Ehren: you know, the crack was actually really really small…
(05/10 18:38:20) Mireena: it was larger back then
(05/10 18:38:40) rapacious one: thank you everybody for coming i just want to be sure we have everybody
(05/10 18:38:44) rapacious one: Just a moment :) ty guys
(05/10 18:38:57) rapacious one: It looks like we have most people.
(05/10 18:39:07) Heritage Night: yup :)
(05/10 18:39:34) Miranna: can you see everyone’s chat now?
(05/10 18:39:39) rapacious one: Yes
(05/10 18:39:48) rapacious one: So can everyone hear me?
(05/10 18:39:54) Walker: yep
(05/10 18:39:54) Ehvihn: Yup
(05/10 18:39:56) rapacious one: has everyone been able to hear me so far so good?
(05/10 18:39:59) rapacious one: Thank you
(05/10 18:39:59) Mireena: yes
(05/10 18:40:00) LAHI: Si
(05/10 18:40:15) rapacious one: Ok thank you guys, again , for your support, knowing that this is my first time.
(05/10 18:40:20) rapacious one: :)
(05/10 18:40:21) Heritage Night: :)
(05/10 18:40:29) Heritage Night: you’re doing great
(05/10 18:40:32) rapacious one: Ok , then, here we are, in the actually Pub.
(05/10 18:40:37) rapacious one: Thank you, sir
(05/10 18:40:51) rapacious one: The actual Pub
(05/10 18:41:30) rapacious one: So this is where Wheely fell through into the inner chambers.
(05/10 18:41:35) rapacious one: With Rosette.
(05/10 18:41:58) rapacious one: So it’s day number 3 of the week and Wheely has full contact with her dad.
(05/10 18:42:07) rapacious one: but bad things have happened too.
(05/10 18:42:18) rapacious one: apparantly, Rosette died on impact.
(05/10 18:42:25) Ehvihn is sad
(05/10 18:42:29) rapacious one: Which is the message we get from Wheely at the time.
(05/10 18:43:07) rapacious one: Things we’re going any better on that note.
(05/10 18:43:17) rapacious one: wheely’s Relto Link wouldn’t activate.
(05/10 18:43:42) rapacious one: down in that cave, her relto link was de-activated.
(05/10 18:44:16) rapacious one: However,
(05/10 18:44:38) rapacious one: The DRC had pin-pointed her location and were digging through rock and debree to get her out safely.
(05/10 18:45:10) rapacious one: Wheely stayed in contact with them and spoke of Bahro glyphs that were on the walls.
(05/10 18:45:32) rapacious one: And, soon: Wheely became aware of something very frightening.
(05/10 18:45:36) rapacious one: 0.0
(05/10 18:46:35) rapacious one: She was not alone, a Bahro was in the chamber.
(05/10 18:46:41) rapacious one: starring at her.
(05/10 18:46:48) Samuel Dickens gasps
(05/10 18:46:58) Ehvihn: ZOMG
(05/10 18:47:10) rapacious one: at least…. a bahro.
(05/10 18:47:21) rapacious one: That she could see.
(05/10 18:48:40) rapacious one: Also,
(05/10 18:48:54) rapacious one: Wheely’s Ki had acted up that day too, strange, it reported her to be in various ages.
(05/10 18:49:33) rapacious one: So,
(05/10 18:49:50) rapacious one: As the DRC members and engineers grew closer and closer to Wheely, the Bahro became agitated.
(05/10 18:50:41) rapacious one: Simultaniously
(05/10 18:51:11) rapacious one: nick had received a ki-mail from Sharper
(05/10 18:51:22) rapacious one: And in that ki mail were details of the hunt, and that
(05/10 18:51:46) rapacious one: An Urwin nicknamed PeggySue was torn to shreds by the predator, which was
(05/10 18:51:49) rapacious one: Indeed a Bahro.
(05/10 18:52:06) Ehvihn: O_O
(05/10 18:52:14) Heritage Night: we didn’t find it out until sharper’s later return, however
(05/10 18:52:21) Heritage Night: that it was a bahro,
(05/10 18:52:26) Mireena: Proof that some Bahro were not friendly
(05/10 18:52:35) Heritage Night: nick’s report only had that Sharper was on the hunt,
(05/10 18:52:49) Heritage Night: but, still, we had some suspicions, If I recall…
(05/10 18:53:03) rapacious one: With this happening, the excavation crew was almost through the hole to Wheely.
(05/10 18:53:22) rapacious one: They were so close to rescuing her, too.
(05/10 18:53:33) rapacious one: And with each inch they took forward, the Barho
(05/10 18:54:12) rapacious one: Grew angrier and chanted the word “Noloben!”
(05/10 18:54:53) rapacious one: noloben was a Bahro Age
(05/10 18:55:07) Heritage Night: one suspected of being their home world, actually,
(05/10 18:55:09) ahlisendar cringes
(05/10 18:55:42) rapacious one: it was chanting the name of its homeworld, where it was tortured by a disfortunate D’ni man
(05/10 18:55:49) Heritage Night: explorers shouted ideas,
(05/10 18:56:00) rapacious one: and it was growing angrier with each passing breath.
(05/10 18:56:22) rapacious one: and right when the diggers almost got to her, the Bahro lept up violently!
(05/10 18:56:44) rapacious one: Shrieked, tossed and turned, and then….
(05/10 18:57:03) Samuel Dickens is sad
(05/10 18:57:13) rapacious one: A scream was heard from Wheely’s ki
(05/10 18:57:30) Samuel Dickens cries
(05/10 18:57:44) Heritage Night forces himself not to do anything more than grimace
(05/10 18:57:53) rapacious one: And unluckily, her dad was one of the first people to poke his head into the cave.
(05/10 18:57:57) rapacious one: To see the remains.
(05/10 18:58:16) Gimm: Michael Engberg
(05/10 18:58:23) Heritage Night: the poor guy…
(05/10 18:58:25) Ehvihn tries to think of fluffy little kittehs instead
(05/10 18:58:33) Heritage Night: the poor ResEng who saw it too…
(05/10 18:58:35) Mireena: how trribly sad
(05/10 18:58:46) Heritage Night: the man did not deserve to see that… nobody does..
(05/10 18:58:46) Gimm: fResEng 233 IIRC
(05/10 18:58:47) rapacious one: people knew at that moment, that the predator was a bahro, the one being hunted in Negilahn too.
(05/10 18:58:54) Heritage Night: yeah 233 I think…
(05/10 18:58:58) DaVinci: so sad
(05/10 18:59:03) Ehvihn: . . Stupid Bahro
(05/10 18:59:11) Heritage Night: now, it wasn’t stupid,
(05/10 18:59:24) Heritage Night: it was … how do I put it lightly?
(05/10 18:59:31) Ehren: unintelligent?
(05/10 18:59:31) Ehvihn: Foolish
(05/10 18:59:34) Heritage Night: …A terrorist. I suppose is the word.
(05/10 18:59:34) rapacious one: All this happened within seconds,
(05/10 18:59:50) rapacious one: And shortly after, Cate Alexander ordered DRC ki’s to be set on private mode.
(05/10 19:00:05) Heritage Night: the whole Group it was a part of, Terrorists, the lot of ’em…
(05/10 19:00:05) rapacious one: explorers were in utter shock i believe.
(05/10 19:01:15) rapacious one: but the week was still not over.
(05/10 19:01:36) Ehvihn: *DUN DUN*
(05/10 19:01:43) rapacious one: more bad news, Douglas Sharper came back with a tale of his own.
(05/10 19:01:54) rapacious one: his predator was a bahro
(05/10 19:02:10) Samuel Dickens gasps
(05/10 19:02:13) rapacious one: And there were tons of them, in trees jumping and flying about.
(05/10 19:02:22) rapacious one: To trap him!
(05/10 19:02:38) rapacious one: Sharper didnt have much reaction time, and they lunged at him
(05/10 19:03:09) rapacious one: While they lunged at him, suddenly, a group of good Bahros began fighting them off.
(05/10 19:03:30) rapacious one: This was a Bahro war.
(05/10 19:03:33) Heritage Night: Civil War, is what it was.
(05/10 19:03:43) Heritage Night: still is.
(05/10 19:03:47) rapacious one: So here’s how it goes:
(05/10 19:04:04) rapacious one: Sharper reached for his relto book, but a bad Bahro lunged at him.
(05/10 19:04:31) rapacious one: Two good bahros quickly jumped in front of him and within another second he was back at his relto.
(05/10 19:04:56) rapacious one: Leaving many questions
(05/10 19:05:34) rapacious one: Engberg was now in mourning in front of the crack too.
(05/10 19:05:49) rapacious one: It was covered in wreaths, flowers, and decor.
(05/10 19:05:51) Samuel Dickens: makes me wonder about myst 5 with the bahro around you invisible
(05/10 19:06:09) Heritage Night: Myst V is loosely based on actuall events in Cavern
(05/10 19:06:16) Heritage Night: although we don’t know how accurate they are.
(05/10 19:06:30) Ehvihn: Accurate? It a video game!
(05/10 19:06:43) rapacious one: so thew way that the day ended
(05/10 19:06:44) Heritage Night: (mm) it’s still based on the actions of someone very important
(05/10 19:06:45) Aeo (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(05/10 19:07:08) rapacious one: Was with the Structural Engineer of the DRC leaves for the descent, and mutters “Doctor Watson” as he goes….
(05/10 19:07:16) Ehren: I don’t think you should consider anything accurate unless you find a reason to
(05/10 19:07:38) Heritage Night: most accurate facts FOR SURE: There was a tablet, and the Bahro were freed.
(05/10 19:07:45) Heritage Night: that’s all that’s needed to be known
(05/10 19:07:47) rapacious one: The week ends with Cate Alexander dropping Minkata off, in the library :)
(05/10 19:07:57) rapacious one: thank you guys for listening.
(05/10 19:08:07) rapacious one bows
(05/10 19:08:07) Ehvihn claps his hands
(05/10 19:08:08) DaVinci claps his hands
(05/10 19:08:11) Heritage Night claps his hands
(05/10 19:08:14) Myst’r E cheers
(05/10 19:08:14) Mireena: you have done a wonderful job, rapacious!!!!
(05/10 19:08:15) Markringo claps his hands
(05/10 19:08:17) Ehvihn: w00t!
(05/10 19:08:17) Waimanalo Wahini claps her hands
(05/10 19:08:17) Snow Leopard claps her hands
(05/10 19:08:17) LAHI: Good Job
(05/10 19:08:18) ahlisendar claps his hands
(05/10 19:08:23) Wall-E claps his hands
(05/10 19:08:26) Heritage Night: right then! before everyone heads off
(05/10 19:08:27) ahlisendar cheers
(05/10 19:08:30) Gimm notes Wheeley’s and Rose’s names on the memorial
(05/10 19:08:30) Jim1138 claps his hands
(05/10 19:08:31) rapacious one: thank you so much guys
(05/10 19:08:32) DaVinci: yes very good
(05/10 19:08:35) Heritage Night: the chatlog of thisevening will be on the Heritage Night site
(05/10 19:08:40) Heritage Night: HeritageNight.Wordpress.com
(05/10 19:08:40) rapacious one: For being here for my first time, and i want to stick with your tradition
(05/10 19:08:48) Niysiechka: Thank you very mach!!!
(05/10 19:08:52) Heritage Night: please check it out :)
(05/10 19:08:53) Mireena: thanks, HN
(05/10 19:08:54) …Chat.log stopped.

Written by rapacious one, edited by Calum


8 responses to “Heritage Night 14

  1. Samuel Dickens

    When will the next story meeting be?

  2. Wow! Chatlog it is great! Thanks!
    Haha, I see my awwie in the photo! :)))

    PS. I finished the translation of the first HN to Russian language. ;)

    • Great! :) EDIT: Found the post containing part of it, but not all of it.

      If you could email me the full script, or let me know when that forum post has all of the translation up, that’d be much appreciated. :)


  3. You can find it here: http://urulive.ucoz.ru/forum/16-29-1 (I called this story “part 1”)
    And I sent you email with full script. ;)

  4. You are welcome! :)

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