To answer some concerns: After this round of Heritage Night (meaning the next three nights) we will be moving to an earliar time for international folk. This time will be 11:00 KI Time.

The reason this change is delayed to past this round is because of the fact that I applied to the GoMe Calendar at this time, 18:00. I can’t edit the entry on the Calendar, so We’re sticking to it.



EDIT: Note: For U.S. residents, this is 11 A.M. Mountain Time Zone. The KI’s Use Military time instead of resetting, so if I say 11:00 I mean 11:00 A.M. Mountain. If I say 13:00 I mean 1:00 P.M. Mountain. When I say 18:00 for the current time, I mean 6:00 P.M. Mountain time.

The KI’s don’t change per user, and will always say the same time. It’s fairly uniform, and, while a bit confusing, it’s easier to say something in KI time which WON’T Change rather than making the confusing Time calculations that come with Time Zones.



6 responses to “RE: HN TIME

  1. Oh! 11 KI – is 9 PM for me. It’s good, but I have to drive my mother from the computer! lol

  2. So 11 Ki time is 11pm Mountain time (Cleft and Dni Caverns both are in NM) and that would make it 1 am. Why is the ki time in regular time, how do I know if its PM or AM?

    • The KI’s Run via Military time, so it would be 11 A.M. Mountain Time, not PM. 11 A.M. is 11:00 KI time, 12 P.M. is 12:00 Ki time, 1 P.M. Is 13:00 Ki time. :) The KI’s don’t change Time Zone with user, so it’s fairly uniform and I just assumed that it would be understandable… -_-;

      Sorry, I’ll edit the post to reflect this.

      EDIT: And Post updated.


      • I went into URU last night and they told me 1 am, they said Heritage Nights run a ridiculously late hours. 11pm is what they told me but I knew 11pm is 23:00 Ki time not 11:00

        • You were probably talking to a person who lives in Europe. For them, 18:00 is around 1 A.M. This is why I’m planning on changing the time, so that they can join in at a decent time.

          ^_^; Time zones are confusing.


  3. You Said it!

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