Seeking Prologue Hosts!

The Next round of Heritage Nights will feature the Prologue Era of URU Live.

I am looking for Hosts who are able to work Tuesdays at 11:00 KI time, and were a part of Prologue itself.

Please contact me via the info on the Contact Us page, or leave a comment in this post if you want to help out with HN in future! :)



6 responses to “Seeking Prologue Hosts!

  1. Can someone – whoever controls this blog – tell “rapacious one” that I’m going to be a little late tonight to Heritage Night, My name is “Samuel Dickens”.!

  2. its okay I made it in time

  3. I could do a Prologue session.


  4. I got an explorer who was here during prologue
    Name: X’Anne
    Time: at least 2004 she’s been here
    KI #: 04414805
    Email: Unknown (Met here in URU Live)

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