Heritage Night Night/Time Poll

After a LOT of struggling, I’ve finally just figured out how to make this poll thing accessible.

Click here to help Decide Heritage Night’s new Day and time! 

Direct linking. Embedding is just too Honking hard. >_<;



7 responses to “Heritage Night Night/Time Poll

  1. no vote to leave it in the evening?
    I voted for sunday afternoon but evenings are best.
    we have been having alot of people come recently at the time you have it.
    The audience has grown/changed ? Perhaps more from the states?

    • The reason for it being earlier in the day is due to international folk not being able to make the nights.

      Quite literally, I think the only complaint I’ve gotten with little deviation is “It’s too late for me.” 0_0;

      So, I’m moving it back quite a bit so everyone can join in. I don’t want to leave people out of it any more.


  2. I would like it to be Tuesdays at 12:00 ki time (2pm Eastern Standard Time) because I’m working then, and it’s quiet during the summer hours…

  3. I’m among the complaining people :-P and 11 or 12 KI time would be perfect for me. But that leaves other people out. So I think what’s best is to work for a second timeslot so that everyone will be able to attend. Unfortunately I can’t help in hosting because I wasn’t there when the episodes took place, but I have another idea. Would you be interested in discussing it?? ^_^/

    • Hmm, Good point. I’ll have to come up with something else, I think. Got any suggestions?

      Well, HN has had two hosts that I can recall offhand who were not in the original MOUL or Proluge, so that’s really not a requirement. Sure, it helps to have been there, but it’s not required.

      And sure, I’d love to discuss any new idea. :)


      • Well this idea involves two sides. I just asked the other one and now waiting for feedback. (here )
        It’s nice that presence in the original MOUL is not required, but what if people has questions, who will answer them?

        • Well, even though it’s not in the log for the last HN (Edited it all out), I had to answer lots of questions about the story plot as the night went on. So, someone who is familiar with the story would probably answer those questions should they arise.


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