Heritage Night 18

“Well here we are again.
It’s always such a pleasure.”

The Second Exodus.

(06/07 17:58:11) Chat.log started…
(06/07 18:00:16) Heritage Night: Okay everyone
(06/07 18:00:26) Heritage Night: *deep breath*
(06/07 18:00:41) Heritage Night: Tonight’s not going to be as good as I’d planned
(06/07 18:00:57) Heritage Night: mainly because I can’t access my main avvie
(06/07 18:01:17) Heritage Night: So, you’ll just have to deal with my sub avvie, “Cal” over there
(06/07 18:01:19) Cal waves hello
(06/07 18:01:30) Heritage Night: For tonight’s log
(06/07 18:01:33) Heritage Night: Atleast
(06/07 18:01:59) Heritage Night: usually, the Host of HN wears a Yeesha T Shirt for tonight’s recap
(06/07 18:02:17) Heritage Night: But since this avvie hasn’t finished the journey, we’ll just have to forgo that for tonight
(06/07 18:02:34) S’ni Day thinks cal will do just fine
(06/07 18:02:36) Heritage Night: So, i’m going to go set this guy down over for chatlogging,
(06/07 18:02:41) LAHI: You look like twins
(06/07 18:03:08) Cal: Okay then
(06/07 18:03:14) Cal: /deep breath
(06/07 18:03:22) Thumbs up from Myst’r E
(06/07 18:03:34) Cal: Carl has said on the previous rounds at their conclusion
(06/07 18:03:42) Cal: That no great restoration happens for a reason
(06/07 18:04:07) Cal: There has always been a cause for our journeys down here
(06/07 18:04:20) Cal: In 2004, it was the first time we were called here to the Cavern
(06/07 18:04:23) Cal: In 2007, It was the pull of the cavern drawing us back
(06/07 18:04:41) Cal: For 2010 and beyond?
(06/07 18:04:46) Cal: we don’t know
(06/07 18:04:55) Cal: This Restoration, the third, hasn’t been majorly funded,
(06/07 18:05:05) Cal: And the DRC, for the most part,
(06/07 18:05:11) Cal: Haven’t been down here
(06/07 18:05:22) Cal: Besides a few explorer submited KI and Nexus fixes,
(06/07 18:05:36) Cal: The DRC haven’t changed much to the cavern since they were last seen
(06/07 18:05:40) Cal: Why?
(06/07 18:05:43) Cal: No funding.
(06/07 18:05:44) Cal: At all.
(06/07 18:05:47) Cal: Why was this?
(06/07 18:06:01) Cal: The cause is simple enough
(06/07 18:06:23) Cal: And it’s the motivation behind the reason we all left at the close of the second restoration effort
(06/07 18:06:32) Cal: November first, 2007
(06/07 18:06:43) Cal: Cate Alexander, the DRC’s source of funding,
(06/07 18:06:45) Cal: Was leaving
(06/07 18:07:00) Cal: She didn’t take pleasure in making the announcement,
(06/07 18:07:09) Cal: And she got right to the point,
(06/07 18:07:38) Cal: SHe was leaving, for no apparent reason, many thought
(06/07 18:07:42) Cal: But we knew, deep down
(06/07 18:07:47) Cal: That this was the beginning of the end,
(06/07 18:08:15) Svetlana-KT88: What end
(06/07 18:08:34) Cal: The end of the second restoration, Svetlana
(06/07 18:08:52) Svetlana-KT88: Oh
(06/07 18:09:17) Cal: Nick White, Former DRC translator, Info Leaker, and now fellow Explorer appeared in a Bevin,
(06/07 18:09:36) Cal: Which, I’ll note, was a naming error caused by the great scream, only recently fixed
(06/07 18:09:48) Cal: There’s only one “Bevin”
(06/07 18:09:54) Cal: */meander*
(06/07 18:10:12) Cal: In any case, Explorers asked Nick for his opinion on Cate leaving
(06/07 18:10:22) Cal: Were the DRC surprised?
(06/07 18:10:31) Cal: “A little…I think” he said
(06/07 18:10:48) Cal: “Business reasons seems a little absurd for cate” Another explorer remarked. “Why did she actually leave?”
(06/07 18:11:02) Cal: Nick said the one thing we all were thinking:
(06/07 18:11:07) Cal: “Money.”
(06/07 18:11:20) Cal: from his perspective, she was always in it for the money.
(06/07 18:11:46) Cal: moving on from that depressing track, some explorers changed the subject
(06/07 18:11:58) Cal: Asking about any news on the Bahro, and if he’d heard from sharper.
(06/07 18:12:15) Cal: “Didn’t you see the Bahro Press conference?” Nick joked
(06/07 18:12:27) Cal: “The two Bahro generals were having a debate”
(06/07 18:12:34) Cal chuckles
(06/07 18:12:53) Cal: on Sharper, Nick said that nobody had heard from him
(06/07 18:13:15) Cal: Simply saying “Rumor has it he became a Bahro”
(06/07 18:13:22) Cal: of course, that would just be silly!
(06/07 18:13:28) Cal: no one could turn into a Bahro.
(06/07 18:13:39) NitramX: what is going on in here?
(06/07 18:13:42) Cal: but, even with this injection of humor into the cavern,
(06/07 18:13:48) Cal: things were still grim and dark,
(06/07 18:13:55) Cal: it’s a Historical event, Nitram :)
(06/07 18:14:16) Cal: The next day, Ahnonay was released in Watchers Pub
(06/07 18:14:59) Cal: As mentioned before
(06/07 18:15:12) Cal: Guild Master Kadish came up with two ages to prove himself “The Grower”
(06/07 18:15:29) Cal: A being fortold by the Watcher as someone who could, among other things, travel through time.
(06/07 18:15:54) Cal: of course, I’m sure you’ve heard the stories of that
(06/07 18:16:06) Cal: So, I won’t touch too much on it.
(06/07 18:16:25) Cal: Ahnonay was Kadish’s attempt to prove the time travel powers
(06/07 18:16:59) Cal: Many of us who had sneaked into the Watchers Pub in the between years of 2005 and 2006 found ahnonay a familiar sight
(06/07 18:17:15) Cal: The only major changes being the journey cloths around the age,
(06/07 18:17:24) Cal: And that was a color change from blue to green,
(06/07 18:17:25) Cal: Heh
(06/07 18:17:39) Cal: We still don’t know why Yeesha did that, but, Meh. *Shrug*
(06/07 18:17:54) Cal: who ever knows what goes through her mind?
(06/07 18:18:05) Cal: regardless
(06/07 18:18:19) Cal: Ahnonay was released and explorers flooded the Watcher’s Pub
(06/07 18:18:27) Cal: The pop cap was at 100 at the time,
(06/07 18:18:47) Cal: So if you think the current one is a bit much, trust me when I say
(06/07 18:18:57) Cal: It wasn’t enough.
(06/07 18:19:14) Cal: The place was crowded to the brim
(06/07 18:19:24) Cal: You had to wait for one explorer to link out inorder to just link in
(06/07 18:19:38) DaVinci remembers that well
(06/07 18:19:43) Cal: And, after the mad rush to be the “first” ended,
(06/07 18:19:58) Cal: many of us waited for the next day to even attempt to step foot into the Pub
(06/07 18:20:27) Cal: Those of us who had solved ahnonay before in the past made quick work of the age,
(06/07 18:20:50) Cal: And we quickly discovered that there were other changes to the end puzzle,
(06/07 18:20:59) Cal: A puzzle which, although changed,
(06/07 18:21:08) Cal: Was similar enough to the original one that we still figured it out
(06/07 18:21:28) Cal: In fact, what’s in place now is a lot simpler than what was there
(06/07 18:21:39) Cal: A lot of standing in place, and legs getting sore is what that was.
(06/07 18:21:41) Cal: xDD
(06/07 18:21:56) Cal: Around this time,
(06/07 18:22:02) Cal: Bahro began swarming the arch in The city
(06/07 18:22:07) Cal: But not just the main city instance
(06/07 18:22:12) Cal: but every city instance
(06/07 18:22:27) Cal: Every ‘Hood you would visit would have those screams echoing about
(06/07 18:22:42) Cal: Bahro fighting around the arch,
(06/07 18:23:00) Cal: That’s why I was so insistant on trying to use my other KI,
(06/07 18:23:08) Cal: Everyone who had one wore their yeesha shirts
(06/07 18:23:13) Cal: Even me
(06/07 18:23:34) Cal: some hoped it would say “Stop fighting! What would Yeesha do?”
(06/07 18:23:45) Cal: Others saying “I side with Yeesha, and with the bahro.”
(06/07 18:24:05) Cal: Some wore it in hopes of it acting like a shield
(06/07 18:24:09) Cal: Me?
(06/07 18:24:19) Cal: I wore it because it was what seemed right.
(06/07 18:24:37) LAHI: Here,here
(06/07 18:24:49) DaVinci still seems right :)
(06/07 18:24:49) Cal: Phil Henderson appeared in A Beginner’s Bevin briefly,
(06/07 18:25:05) Cal: Moaning and complaining about “They were comming”
(06/07 18:25:28) Cal: He didn’t respond to questions, and seemed to be ignoring them entirely,
(06/07 18:25:43) Cal: Just delivering a quick lament about current events
(06/07 18:25:57) Cal: He ended it with “I don’t know what we will do”
(06/07 18:26:17) Cal: Later in the day, Ikuro Kodama appeared in the City,
(06/07 18:26:23) Cal: Saying that he was heading up to the surface
(06/07 18:26:29) Cal: To search for funding
(06/07 18:26:39) Cal: Some explorers asked if he would stay, due tothe Bahro swarming the arch
(06/07 18:26:52) Cal: And he remarked something along the lines of
(06/07 18:27:06) Cal: “I doubt my presence can do anything to affect the bahro”
(06/07 18:27:28) Cal: I mentioned an eding puzzle earliar
(06/07 18:27:36) Cal: In regards to Ahnonay
(06/07 18:27:48) Cal: The reward was a link to the Island of K’veer
(06/07 18:28:22) Cal: Many of us were surprised that we were outside of the very chamber that Atrus had been held in
(06/07 18:28:39) Cal: Which then looked almost identical to how it looked in the game.
(06/07 18:28:46) Cal: Good ol’ Myst,
(06/07 18:28:53) Cal: Good ol’ Cyan,
(06/07 18:29:03) Cal: Always making sure their games looked accurate to a T.
(06/07 18:29:12) Cal smiles slightly
(06/07 18:29:23) Cal: Well, we found our Public Instance of K’veer
(06/07 18:29:32) Cal: And we held it as a haven
(06/07 18:29:32) DaVinci chuckles
(06/07 18:29:42) Cal: A place that no bahro could be heard or seen from
(06/07 18:29:54) Cal: because, despite our view of Ae’gura
(06/07 18:29:58) Cal: No fighting could be seen
(06/07 18:30:06) Cal: We took it as a sign
(06/07 18:30:13) Cal: And many of us took refuge there,
(06/07 18:30:23) Cal: Waiting for the war on our doorstep to end
(06/07 18:30:35) Cal: November fifth, 2007
(06/07 18:30:40) Cal: A Bahro appeared in K’veer,
(06/07 18:30:46) Cal: Shattering all hopes that it was a safe haven
(06/07 18:30:53) Cal: Many panicked, I’m sure
(06/07 18:31:05) Cal: But we didn’t need to
(06/07 18:31:11) Cal: It was simply there to deliver a gift
(06/07 18:31:30) Cal: a massive pedastil from the city was linked over, into the center of the chamber
(06/07 18:31:41) Cal: And ontop of it a book was placed
(06/07 18:31:50) Cal: A Book to a familiar Library-
(06/07 18:31:55) Cal: Myst Island
(06/07 18:32:44) Jadeuru a place dear to my heart
(06/07 18:32:50) Cal: we visited the locked room with awe at being in the place many of us saw oncomputer screens for the first time nearly half a decade earlier
(06/07 18:33:04) Cal: If I’m doing my math right
(06/07 18:33:05) Cal: -_-;
(06/07 18:33:20) Cal: Someone correct me if I’m wrong on that year, okay?
(06/07 18:33:34) DaVinci was thinking a decade and a half :)
(06/07 18:33:40) Cal shrugs
(06/07 18:33:44) Cal: Anyways,
(06/07 18:33:46) Myst’r E agrees with davinci
(06/07 18:33:51) Cal: We waited a while,
(06/07 18:33:57) Cal: Wondering if more bahro would appear
(06/07 18:34:07) Cal: Those seeking to kill us? some feared
(06/07 18:34:21) Cal: We needed not to worry still
(06/07 18:34:27) Cal: For, when the next time a Bahro appeared
(06/07 18:34:31) Cal: They were not alone
(06/07 18:34:36) Cal: A woman was with them
(06/07 18:34:38) Cal: Red hair,
(06/07 18:34:43) Cal: Blue eyes,
(06/07 18:34:51) Cal: Dressed in familiar D’ni clothes,
(06/07 18:34:55) Cal: Yeesha.
(06/07 18:35:05) Cal: And for the first time in almost a year,
(06/07 18:35:11) Cal: We heard her speak something new
(06/07 18:35:27) Cal: But it was not quite the motivational speech many werelooking for.
(06/07 18:35:39) Cal: “Destruction is almost upon us.” She started
(06/07 18:36:11) Cal: “They are here. Fighting in war. Freed from their prison, the Bahro choose their way now,
(06/07 18:36:20) Cal: “Good and evil stand before them”
(06/07 18:36:37) Cal: No longer were they slaves to the tablet we’d heard about from Dr. Watson,
(06/07 18:36:48) Cal: No longer was their destiny locked to the wills of others
(06/07 18:36:58) Cal: No longer was their freedom captive.
(06/07 18:37:13) Cal: “They are powerful, and with freedom, some are dangerous.
(06/07 18:37:32) Cal: “Most of the Bahro are friends, They stand with us,
(06/07 18:37:54) Cal: “Protecting us from the evil that surrounds you almost constantly
(06/07 18:38:27) Cal: “They sacrifice for you, they battle and die for the Cavern.
(06/07 18:38:43) Cal: “They fight for the ages,” she said
(06/07 18:39:16) Cal: They fight for our comfort. For the D’ni. They watch over us all.
(06/07 18:39:39) Cal: “But there are those who have not chosen to side with you.” She warned
(06/07 18:39:46) Cal: “With the D’ni or with good.
(06/07 18:40:02) Cal: “They seek revenge for the evil done to them.
(06/07 18:40:11) Cal: “They seek to impart that harm on others.”
(06/07 18:40:30) Cal: She simplified: “Revenge is their excuse, but freedom is their cause.”
(06/07 18:40:56) Cal: “They are able to make the choice and they bask in such opportunity to do as they please.
(06/07 18:41:21) Cal: “They are free to choose evil and they do so.”
(06/07 18:41:58) Cal: She pointed to her shoulder. “Their leader can be seen clearly.” A Large patch of skin was missing from his shoulder
(06/07 18:42:09) Cal: “Taken in the tortous lab of Esher.”
(06/07 18:42:15) Cal: “Because of that,” she said.
(06/07 18:42:20) Cal: “I wil draw them away.”
(06/07 18:42:36) Cal: She didn’t know how long the bahro would chase her
(06/07 18:42:42) Cal: Or seek what she carried.
(06/07 18:43:00) Cal: It could have been days, it could have been months
(06/07 18:43:28) Cal: “Destruction is Comming.” She said. “It is almost here and I will delay it as long as I can,
(06/07 18:43:40) Cal: “But in the mean time, you must find a way.
(06/07 18:43:46) Cal: “You must make a home.”
(06/07 18:43:58) Jadeuru: yes
(06/07 18:44:03) Cal: “If things go well.” She said. “I will offer you may aid.”
(06/07 18:44:10) Cal: If not…?
(06/07 18:44:15) Miranna: we were so sad
(06/07 18:44:20) Cal: We would have to find a way on our own.
(06/07 18:44:36) Cal: Regardless, We must be ready.
(06/07 18:44:45) Cal: Destruction will come, one way or another, and when it does, we must be ready.
(06/07 18:45:11) Cal: She said she would do all she could in the mean time, and then left.
(06/07 18:45:19) Cal: Simultaneously, neigh, almost instantly,
(06/07 18:45:28) Cal: The bahro fighting around the arch vanished across all city instances
(06/07 18:45:47) Cal: Things began to calm down,
(06/07 18:46:02) Cal: And Laxman said he and Marie were joining Kodama to search for funding
(06/07 18:46:36) Cal: We were to take Yeesha’s appearance as a sign, and carry on with the task Yeesha had given us.
(06/07 18:46:49) Cal: In a bemusing fit of luck,
(06/07 18:46:57) Cal: Sharper appeared sometime the next day
(06/07 18:47:13) Cal: Wandering around the city, wondering where the DRC went off to
(06/07 18:47:25) Cal: Those there told him of what had happened,
(06/07 18:47:36) Cal: And Sharper decided to return to the surface
(06/07 18:47:38) Cal: Why?
(06/07 18:48:00) Cal: “Patriots are undefeated. Wouldn’t mind catching some games.”
(06/07 18:48:11) Cal: He went into his sports mode. Heh.
(06/07 18:48:13) Jadeuru: LOL
(06/07 18:48:20) Miranna: i remember that
(06/07 18:48:28) Cal: He said he’d wait for the Bahro to return. and then he would as well.
(06/07 18:48:43) Cal: He headed to the surface with a simple “Take care,”
(06/07 18:48:46) Cal: And then we were alone.
(06/07 18:49:04) Cal: Many of us felt staying in the Cavern was a risk to the Good Bahro
(06/07 18:49:12) Cal: the ones who were risking their lives to protect us
(06/07 18:49:29) Jadeuru shakes her head in disbelief
(06/07 18:49:35) Cal: And so, after a few antagonizing months of debate
(06/07 18:49:40) Cal: We decided to leave
(06/07 18:49:53) Cal: Holding one final farewell party before we left, en mass,to the surface
(06/07 18:49:58) Cal: A few of us stayed behind, yes
(06/07 18:50:14) Cal: Some only venturing down occasionally to check in on things,
(06/07 18:50:25) Cal: Most waited for the moment when we would be called down yet again
(06/07 18:50:31) Cal: And so, nearly two years later,
(06/07 18:50:34) Cal: It happened
(06/07 18:50:42) Cal: All at once, it seemed,
(06/07 18:50:55) Cal: There was a flourish of activity by the DRC on their forums
(06/07 18:51:13) Cal: Someone had tripped a sensor, and Laxman was wanting to send someone in to check it out
(06/07 18:51:27) Cal: Marie Sutherland and Ikuro Kodama returned to investigate,
(06/07 18:51:34) Cal: Finding a few Explorers prowling around,
(06/07 18:51:45) Cal: But finding the sensors in that area intact.
(06/07 18:51:48) Cal: In fact
(06/07 18:52:00) Cal: The sensors that had been tripped were in an area only the DRC knew
(06/07 18:52:07) Cal: And the area was still secure
(06/07 18:52:17) Cal: Dr. Watson posted on the forums shortly there after,
(06/07 18:52:28) Cal: And took it as a sign to return when he said
(06/07 18:52:34) Cal: that he’d tripped the sensor all because of a simple dream.
(06/07 18:52:49) Cal: the rest
(06/07 18:52:52) Cal: as it is said
(06/07 18:52:55) Cal: is history
(06/07 18:53:01) Jamie Marchant claps his hands
(06/07 18:53:03) Cal: So, in conclusion,
(06/07 18:53:09) Jadeuru claps her hands
(06/07 18:53:13) Cal: No restoration happens for a reason
(06/07 18:53:15) Miranna claps her hands
(06/07 18:53:15) Tvfan17 claps his hands
(06/07 18:53:21) Cal: Why we are here has yet to be uncovered
(06/07 18:53:23) Nicoleleigh claps her hands
(06/07 18:53:28) Tvfan17 claps his hands
(06/07 18:53:31) Cal: but we will soon find out, I suspect,
(06/07 18:53:35) rapacious one claps his hands
(06/07 18:53:38) Cal: TO close,
(06/07 18:53:38) Jeannette Isadora claps her hands
(06/07 18:53:38) rapacious one claps his hands
(06/07 18:53:42) Myst’r E cheers
(06/07 18:53:43) BigBadWolf claps his hands
(06/07 18:53:43) Tvfan17 claps his hands
(06/07 18:53:45) LAHI claps his hands
(06/07 18:53:46) Cal: I’ll end with these familiar words
(06/07 18:53:50) Tvfan17 cheers
(06/07 18:53:52) Olrick140 claps his hands
(06/07 18:53:57) S’ni Day claps her hands loudly
(06/07 18:53:57) Tvfan17 claps his hands
(06/07 18:54:03) Jamie Marchant claps his hands
(06/07 18:54:03) Cal bows
(06/07 18:54:03) Cal: The Ending Has Not Yet Been Written…
(06/07 18:54:07) Jeannette Isadora cheers
(06/07 18:54:09) Tvfan17 cheers
(06/07 18:54:09) AlexandraLara claps her hands
(06/07 18:54:10) Cal: thank you, and good night everyone :)
(06/07 18:54:11) LAHI claps his hands
(06/07 18:54:11) Nicoleleigh: Very true
(06/07 18:54:13) S’ni Day cheers
(06/07 18:54:14) Nicoleleigh claps her hands
(06/07 18:54:15) Jamie Marchant: good words!
(06/07 18:54:16) Musica cheers
(06/07 18:54:17) …Chat.log stopped.

Written By Calum, Edited by Calum


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  1. Shame I couldn’t make it to tonight’s HN, which reading the chatlog seems to be the last HN, how bummed I am…

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