Regarding Future Nights


Well here we are again, It’s always such a pleasure. Do you remember when we started this last year?

I’m not sure how to proceed from here, but I’m sure we can pull it off. So here’s the deal: I need to know the new time.

{The results are in: Tuesday at 12:00 is the winner. Funny. I was hoping for the weekend to be more favorable.}

While it seems to be the general consensus, I’m not ready to commit to that date. So I’m asking here:

When would you have it?

All you have to say is Day and Time.

While we research for Prologue, and work out the kinks for the next batch, I want to hear your opinion.

So in the comments {That little box below this}, Please state what time and day you would be most likely to Attend Heritage Night.

We will count the results, and mix them into a bowl. {Maybe we’ll come out with some Chocolate Cake?}  Then we’ll move the day to the average.

{I’m Personally Aiming for Sunday 13:00 KI time.}

I think I’ll end this here. I think I’ve rambled enough.

So let’s see what comes out as the net result.



5 responses to “Regarding Future Nights

  1. Sunday 13:00 KI time because that moves it in the day where I can do most of my chores in the morning and stuff… nothings pretty much open and its getting more difficult to try and join in at night since I forget, so for the most part I will read the chat-logs. I like Sunday at 13:00

  2. Sunday 13:00 – which I believe is 3pm eastern. the time it was (tuesdays 8-9pm) was perfect-heck the place was getting full there the last few times. But I will make an effort whenever it is,forgive me if I forget or cannot make it in future.

    • Well, the existing time may have been perfect for US Residents, but it was very late for European Explorers. And I really don’t like much of the idea of keeping people out of the loop. And it’s okay if you have to miss a night or two, heek, even at it’s current time, some people weren’t able to make it due to other obligations on the Surface. So, missing out is fine. That’s one reason why I made the site in the first place. :)


  3. Cal,

    13:00 KI time is 11:00 a.m. CST, on Sunday… a lot of us are in church at that time. How about later, after noon?


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