It has been something I’ve wished to ignore, and I really don’t want to write this post, but this is just going too far.

Recently, I’ve heard that an explorer by the name of “Ladydi2” has been going around posting a KI Mail on the Guild Pub imagers, regarding the program FRAPS and those who have allegedly filmed her without her permission.

The KI mail cites a part of the Cavern’s EULA license, regarding the part about taking photos and film of people without their permission. She opens the KI Mail with “To those who have no LIFE:”

Ladydi, as you may or may not know, has been as of recent times, accusing several people of harassment, and has refused any logical, and calm arguments presented to her, instead opting to fight back in a hysterical manner. She has been known to even accuse random Explorers who were not even doing anything in particular of being someone else who has allegedly ‘wronged’ her.

Now, all this is inconsequential and easily ignore-able if it weren’t for the fact that she is posting this KI Mail on Public, Guild Property imagers.

D’ni Viewing Imagers are designed for: posting messages, pictures, announcements, and schedules. They are NOT intended to be public THREATS of LEGAL ACTION.

If you have a problem with someone, especially if, as in my previous PSA, someone is slandering your name by saying things about you that are NOT true: follow this advice:

Take It Up On the Forums.

Tell Cyan. Tell SOMEONE. But, for the courtesy of others who do not wish nor care to see this kind of messages on their public imagers, please do NOT use the In-Cavern systems of Imagers to post Threat Messages.

By Posting these things on the imagers, you are NOT giving yourself credit. You are simply acting out for attention. Attention you are simply NOT going to get by acting out in this manner.

Thank you, and good day.



One response to “RE: NO LIFE

  1. This is ridiculous how people resort to this intolerable behavior. I’m glad you decided to post it. This is uru live how is she to know whews taking pictures of her and its not even her real face or photo thats being used unless she modeled herself for the model.

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