Heritage Night 22

Familiar Voices.

(07/24 12:58:32) Chat.log started…
(07/24 12:58:53) Heritage Night: Shorah everyone
(07/24 12:58:56) Heritage Night: Welcome to Heritage Night
(07/24 12:58:57) Myst Reader: Shorah
(07/24 12:59:01) Jadeuru: shorah
(07/24 12:59:01) Heritage Night: As usual
(07/24 12:59:04) Boywhith: shorah
(07/24 12:59:09) Heritage Night: Refreshments are chilled in the fountain
(07/24 12:59:18) LAHI cheers
(07/24 12:59:24) Heritage Night: And pizza and other such items are in the classroom and eggroom
(07/24 12:59:25) Heritage Night: :)
(07/24 12:59:30) Thumbs up from Jadeuru
(07/24 13:00:40) Heritage Night: Got nothing much to say here
(07/24 13:00:42) Heritage Night: Except:
(07/24 13:01:02) Heritage Night: the Maintainer Brand Dni Imaging devices are not to be used to issue Personal Threats
(07/24 13:01:10) rapacious one claps his hands
(07/24 13:01:21) Alien agrees
(07/24 13:01:22) Heritage Night: They are to be used for pictures, announcements, and schedules only
(07/24 13:01:30) LAHI claps his hands
(07/24 13:01:33) rapacious one: lol
(07/24 13:01:40) Heritage Night: So, I give you your host,
(07/24 13:01:43) Heritage Night: rapacious one!
(07/24 13:01:46) rapacious one claps his hands
(07/24 13:01:53) Boywhith claps his hands
(07/24 13:01:55) adi claps her hands
(07/24 13:01:55) Jadeuru claps her hands
(07/24 13:01:58) LAHI claps his hands
(07/24 13:02:00) Alien claps her hands
(07/24 13:02:05) Myst Reader claps too
(07/24 13:02:34) Cpt. Jericho opens a beer
(07/24 13:02:48) rapacious one: So, without further ado: Familiar Voices
(07/24 13:03:16) rapacious one: Day One: The time was around lunch.
(07/24 13:03:58) rapacious one: The lake measuring device, or: dock meter named “Bob the Dalek” by some,
(07/24 13:04:19) rapacious one: had been malfunctioning throughout it’s month long period of use.
(07/24 13:04:48) rapacious one: Cavern members knew of this device: it had flickering 0’s and 1’s.
(07/24 13:05:37) rapacious one: Victor Laxman arrives on this day and removes the device from the water for technical reasons.
(07/24 13:05:58) rapacious one: Also,
(07/24 13:06:32) rapacious one: On this day, a little later: Nick White arrived at the Watcher’s Pub … with news of a new romance.
(07/24 13:06:40) rapacious one: And
(07/24 13:07:03) rapacious one: he said that Sharper was back from his trip to Noloben.
(07/24 13:07:41) rapacious one: He also said that upon his return (Sharper), he was acting “strange.”
(07/24 13:07:54) rapacious one: …
(07/24 13:08:02) rapacious one: Sharper had killed a bahro!
(07/24 13:08:20) rapacious one: (many questions went through peoples’ minds as they found out.)
(07/24 13:09:05) rapacious one: Next: Of course, people were looking for Sharper,
(07/24 13:09:14) rapacious one: such as: Cate Alexander.
(07/24 13:09:38) rapacious one: Which, of course, he showed up, in the Watcher’s Sanctuary.
(07/24 13:10:12) rapacious one: There were two sides to the Bahros’ wars
(07/24 13:10:33) rapacious one: Sharper said that he was sure that he killed a bad one.
(07/24 13:11:02) rapacious one: Again, this brought questions…. and sheer panic.
(07/24 13:11:19) rapacious one: Like would the Bahro kill everyone?
(07/24 13:11:41) rapacious one: Even that night,
(07/24 13:12:06) rapacious one: a little pellet score competition brought on by Laxman showing up in a hood somewhere couldn’t ease the worry.
(07/24 13:13:01) rapacious one: So… the next day (day 2), by lunch time, Sharper and Nick were back in the Watcher’s Sanctuary.
(07/24 13:13:55) rapacious one: Sharper was discussing his Noloben trip… when all of a sudden…
(07/24 13:14:09) rapacious one: “GET BACK!” was yelled.
(07/24 13:14:21) rapacious one: Two Bahro linked in right on top of the imager!
(07/24 13:15:04) rapacious one: What’s even more astounding is: they were holding the dead corpse of the Bahro Sharper had killed. (Panic enveloped)
(07/24 13:15:41) rapacious one: A previous comment that Sharper made about the bahro not having blue eyes turned out to be wrong, because this bahro
(07/24 13:15:44) rapacious one: Had blue eyes.
(07/24 13:16:05) rapacious one: Now, this doesn’t mean it’s a good bahro… but this one was!
(07/24 13:17:02) rapacious one: So, when sharper and Nick linked out,
(07/24 13:17:06) rapacious one: in shock,
(07/24 13:17:50) rapacious one: the Bahro stayed right behind, right there on the imager, crying for their loss.
(07/24 13:18:27) rapacious one: Of course, we’ve all seen Bahro images, maybe in the imagers or on the volcano
(07/24 13:18:58) rapacious one: But these Bahro were right there on top of the imager, holding the corpse that XSharper had killed.
(07/24 13:19:22) rapacious one: The shot he took, at the time wasn’t known, but a good bahro jumped in the way of the bad Bahro.
(07/24 13:19:57) rapacious one: And then…
(07/24 13:20:03) rapacious one: they left. and IT began.
(07/24 13:20:09) rapacious one: Bahro were everywhere!
(07/24 13:20:44) rapacious one: They were in the city, the neighborhoods, and the reltos!
(07/24 13:21:01) rapacious one: Nothing can be safe from something that can link in and out at will like that.
(07/24 13:21:45) rapacious one: You see, on this day, 2 specific ki-mails were sent out.
(07/24 13:21:52) rapacious one: One being: “Dont touch the bahro!”
(07/24 13:22:04) rapacious one: and the other being “Kirel”.
(07/24 13:22:31) rapacious one: Kirel,
(07/24 13:22:39) rapacious one: Kirel is a guild neighborhood
(07/24 13:23:12) rapacious one: guild being that of Greeters, Cartographers,
(07/24 13:23:41) rapacious one: Maintainers, Messengers, and Age of Writers. (T-Shirts were made available.)
(07/24 13:24:14) rapacious one: Cate Alexander & Dr. Kodama were there…
(07/24 13:24:38) rapacious one: when new linkers started coming in.
(07/24 13:25:21) rapacious one: Day 3: In the words of Cal, “Bahro were everywhere.” So indeed they were in neighborhoods, again: Public and Private.
(07/24 13:25:43) rapacious one: And, in one special place that I’d like to take you to :)
(07/24 13:25:50) rapacious one: We have a field trip. :)
(07/24 13:26:04) rapacious one: To Kirel!!
[Mass Linking]
(07/24 13:30:46) rapacious one: im ready
(07/24 13:30:47) rapacious one: ok.
(07/24 13:30:49) Thumbs up from rapacious one
(07/24 13:31:17) rapacious one: Kirel: a guild bevin.
(07/24 13:31:46) rapacious one: It is here that we spoke of, here where Cate Alexander was where she announced her first steps in “reviving the guilds.”
(07/24 13:32:20) rapacious one: And it is here that a crazy little Bahro decided to play “tag” with it’s spectators. (The crowds had good numbers those days.)
(07/24 13:32:40) rapacious one: This little Bahro kept linking around the room and playing “tag”, or hide n’ seek”.
(07/24 13:33:27) rapacious one: It left not long later, after the crowd organized itself, which was disappointing because that was fun.
(07/24 13:33:49) rapacious one: Oh, and by the way, Sharper mentions another trip to Noloben on this day.
(07/24 13:33:58) rapacious one: Something else happened altogether though…….
(07/24 13:34:13) rapacious one: even a sparklie disappeared from existance not to be found!
(07/24 13:34:46) rapacious one: It was that months version, at the time it was monthly.
(07/24 13:35:01) rapacious one: Day 4:
(07/24 13:35:14) rapacious one: The name for Jalak long is Jalak Dador.
(07/24 13:35:28) rapacious one: and on this day it was released.
(07/24 13:35:42) rapacious one: Jalak is unlike other ages in many ways.
(07/24 13:36:23) rapacious one: However,
(07/24 13:36:44) rapacious one: the day was acctually topped by the guild advisor being announced.
(07/24 13:37:33) rapacious one: Releltee was to be the guild advisor, as announced by Cate Alexander.
(07/24 13:38:13) rapacious one: after this discision, comes the events of the next day, Day 5.
(07/24 13:38:34) rapacious one: And the title has been tying into this the whole time and will even more so now.
(07/24 13:38:41) rapacious one: And here’s why,
(07/24 13:38:57) rapacious one: Remember the imager next to the Kahlo Pub?
(07/24 13:39:12) rapacious one: Phil, on that imager, wasn’t acctually “dead”.
(07/24 13:39:29) rapacious one: He had been saved by a Bahro during a wall collapse in the city, and was alive!
(07/24 13:40:09) rapacious one: He had been with them for awhile so his mindstate changed.
(07/24 13:40:34) rapacious one: He spoke in riddles, and when asked about Bahro, “here too>” is all he replied.
(07/24 13:40:52) rapacious one: “here too?” meaning that they were with him the whole time he was gone.
(07/24 13:41:29) rapacious one: “This is only the beginning”
(07/24 13:42:01) rapacious one: “I was afraid of that.” said Sharper.
(07/24 13:42:25) rapacious one: Phil said “They protected us all from you making a mistaker” to Sharper.
(07/24 13:42:38) rapacious one: mistake* sorry
(07/24 13:42:56) rapacious one: Phil also left us strangley with more questions then answers this episode.
(07/24 13:43:29) rapacious one: Excuse me, such as: “who was HE?” reffering to Phil’s cryptic sentence: “He is coming, HE WILL RETURN.”
(07/24 13:44:08) rapacious one: what this phrase means
(07/24 13:44:31) rapacious one: wasn’t known exactly by anybodyl.
(07/24 13:45:05) rapacious one: So I end on that note, and next week questions will be answered. But before I am acctually finsihed…
(07/24 13:45:51) rapacious one: i want to say next week more questions will be answered
(07/24 13:45:55) rapacious one: also,
(07/24 13:46:26) rapacious one: Sharper had again, cancelled his trip to Noloben.
(07/24 13:46:29) rapacious one: His 2nd trip.
(07/24 13:46:38) rapacious one: After all was said and done
(07/24 13:46:55) rapacious one: So we’re almost at our mark here not quite but i will end on that note.
(07/24 13:47:05) rapacious one: and thank you guys for coming along to the field trip :)
(07/24 13:47:08) Kassandra Firebird claps her hands
(07/24 13:47:10) Alien claps her hands
(07/24 13:47:11) LAHI claps his hands
(07/24 13:47:12) Myst Reader claps his hands
(07/24 13:47:13) Boywhith claps his hands
(07/24 13:47:14) AlexandraLara claps her hands
(07/24 13:47:18) Seryn W. claps her hands
(07/24 13:47:18) rapacious one bows
(07/24 13:47:19) Olrick140 claps his hands
(07/24 13:47:22) LAHI claps his hands
(07/24 13:47:24) Seryn W. claps her hands
(07/24 13:47:24) adi claps her hands
(07/24 13:47:26) tommyap claps his hands
(07/24 13:47:37) Heritage Night: Thanks for comming everyone :)
(07/24 13:47:37) rapacious one: Thank you guys i had planned on making link times an extra 5 minutes but thank you all for coming!!
(07/24 13:47:40) LAHI cheers
(07/24 13:47:44) Cpt. Jericho: Good show, rap
(07/24 13:47:47) Boywhith cheers
(07/24 13:47:51) …Chat.log stopped.

Written by Rapacious, Edited by Calum


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