Heritage Night 25

The Return to D’ni

(08/21 11:59:51) Chat.log started…
(08/21 12:00:33) Heritage Night: shorah everyone
(08/21 12:00:42) Heritage Night: And welcome to Heritage Night
(08/21 12:00:58) Heritage Night: Tonight’s host is Rapacious one,
(08/21 12:01:06) rapacious one: thank you
(08/21 12:01:07) Kyle11 claps his hands
(08/21 12:01:09) Jadeuru claps her hands
(08/21 12:01:13) Narameh cheers
(08/21 12:01:17) Kyle11 bows
(08/21 12:01:17) Heritage Night: and we’ll be covering the subject of the Return to D’ni,
(08/21 12:01:27) Heritage Night: Following the opening of the second restoration attempt
(08/21 12:01:34) Heritage Night: But first, the standard announcements
(08/21 12:01:41) Heritage Night: refreshments are cooled in the fountain
(08/21 12:01:55) Heritage Night: there are snacks in the classroom
(08/21 12:02:13) Heritage Night: And… Right, would the owner of the 67 Ford Pick up please head to the Parking lot?
(08/21 12:02:17) Ehren: there is plenty of fountain water…
(08/21 12:02:18) rapacious one: hehe
(08/21 12:02:30) Narameh laughs
(08/21 12:02:33) Heritage Night: Your tractor trailer is trying to unhitch itself and run away with a spoon and a dish.
(08/21 12:02:39) rapacious one: o.o
(08/21 12:02:51) Heritage Night: So, I will now hand you over to your host for tonight,
(08/21 12:02:53) J’mee: I was wondering about that. How on earth did they get that beast down here?
(08/21 12:03:00) Heritage Night: Give him a big round of applause
(08/21 12:03:05) Narameh claps her hands
(08/21 12:03:06) Alien claps her hands
(08/21 12:03:06) J’mee claps his hands
(08/21 12:03:09) Ehren: car linking books?
(08/21 12:03:10) B’ni Rabbit claps her hands
(08/21 12:03:14) Chronos claps his hands
(08/21 12:03:14) Kyle11 cheers
(08/21 12:03:14) trainwreck claps his hands
(08/21 12:03:17) Jadeuru claps her hands
(08/21 12:03:20) rapacious one: Thank you guys for the support. :)
(08/21 12:03:30) Narameh cheers
(08/21 12:03:59) rapacious one: The purpose of Heritage Night is to bring us back to where it all began.
(08/21 12:04:17) rapacious one: So tonite, without further adue, I will be hosting “The Return to D’ni.”
(08/21 12:04:40) rapacious one: We will focus on a year of that history during Heritage Night.
(08/21 12:05:01) rapacious one: We will begin with an important date: December 19th, 2006.
(08/21 12:05:15) rapacious one: On that day..
(08/21 12:05:36) rapacious one: A Great Scream was heard throughout all Ages,
(08/21 12:05:50) rapacious one: to people on the surface, too.
(08/21 12:06:03) rapacious one: In a room like this, during a DRC meeting, none the less.
(08/21 12:06:15) rapacious one: At the time there were 4.
(08/21 12:06:40) rapacious one: The Scream errupted throughout the Cavern and Bevins.
(08/21 12:06:59) rapacious one: Earthquakes caused extensive structural deffects.
(08/21 12:07:27) rapacious one: DRC members would block off all of the hazardous sites.
(08/21 12:07:49) rapacious one: And a cautious approach would taken to do that.
(08/21 12:08:21) rapacious one: In any event, it was the scream of a Bahro, and no one knew why.
(08/21 12:08:54) rapacious one: Before anything else could happen, everyone was linked to their private Relto.
(08/21 12:09:45) rapacious one: it was there, in Relto, that a vision from Yeesha was seen, or, more so, a dream.
(08/21 12:10:09) rapacious one: It was a warning of destruction.
(08/21 12:10:21) rapacious one: and we needed Unity.
(08/21 12:10:51) rapacious one:Sso when explorers went for their linking books in their private Relto Age…
(08/21 12:10:55) rapacious one: They were Reset, and they were as if they had never been used before.
(08/21 12:11:49) rapacious one: Aside from the Ages being reset, KI devices were tampered with.
(08/21 12:12:29) rapacious one: the Kadish Gallery doors, Michael Engberg, of the DRC, found out were fixed.
(08/21 12:12:43) rapacious one: Which was strange too.
(08/21 12:13:07) rapacious one: to give one further example of needing unity…
(08/21 12:13:32) rapacious one: I will say that 5 elected leaders at the times as “go-betweens” known as Liasons were elected
(08/21 12:13:42) rapacious one: And all 5 resigned.
(08/21 12:14:07) rapacious one: Cate Alexander, The lead funder of the DRC announced, just days later, that their new funding would go to the Restoration.
(08/21 12:15:03) rapacious one: They wanted to restore, and expand.
(08/21 12:15:20) rapacious one: But…
(08/21 12:15:48) rapacious one: times of anticipation Would later grow into a time of division.
(08/21 12:16:09) rapacious one: The funding was slow
(08/21 12:16:15) rapacious one: The restoration of the damage
(08/21 12:16:40) rapacious one: There also weren’t as many Ages then as there are now.
(08/21 12:16:57) rapacious one: The slow restoration lead to boredom.
(08/21 12:17:32) rapacious one: To some, Cate Alexander was in a position of power, and was resented.
(08/21 12:17:49) rapacious one: Along with power, came the resentment, but others thought Micheal Engberg’s (of the DRC’s Surveying division) cautious approach as slow too.
(08/21 12:18:34) rapacious one: However, the bickering topic was the bahro.
(08/21 12:18:59) rapacious one: Again, we see more divide in unity.
(08/21 12:19:31) rapacious one: So if you want an idea of how it was, think of what i said about there being fewer ages.
(08/21 12:20:00) rapacious one: A garden Age was released, It’s name is Eder Delin.
(08/21 12:20:58) rapacious one: Eder Tsogal was released shortly after, and, at the time, the DRC had no idea that they would become full of bahro items and cloths and a new type of journey door.
(08/21 12:21:39) rapacious one: For that matter, that one would appear in some ages, and the other: in others.
(08/21 12:22:03) rapacious one: so let’s take our field trip to the garden Age.
(08/21 12:22:12) rapacious one: :)
(08/21 12:25:07) rapacious one salutes
(08/21 12:25:13) Heritage Night salutes
(08/21 12:25:49) rapacious one: ok guys ill be at the door mechanism
(08/21 12:25:52) rapacious one: to continue
(08/21 12:26:28) rapacious one: If you want to come in here you can see the door mechanism clearly
(08/21 12:26:34) rapacious one: If everyone crowds around the door mechanism
(08/21 12:26:43) rapacious one: Ill stand out of its way.
(08/21 12:26:45) rapacious one: A bit
(08/21 12:27:03) rapacious one: Ok guys over there can you see it?
(08/21 12:27:09) Narameh: This feels like an elementary school outing a bit ;)
(08/21 12:27:11) rapacious one: We all want to see its symbol
(08/21 12:27:19) rapacious one: ok
(08/21 12:27:22) rapacious one: Here we go.
(08/21 12:27:48) rapacious one: so this Age has journey cloths, and contains the Journey symbol on the door, which are all very symbolic.
(08/21 12:28:17) rapacious one: this is a message of unity, from Yeesha.
(08/21 12:28:57) rapacious one: it even brings up more questions, such as; were that bahro involved in this if they were involved in the garden Age linking books?
(08/21 12:29:27) rapacious one: this Age requires teamwork.
(08/21 12:29:48) rapacious one: the message was clear, if Yeesha’s destructive vision was true, there needed to be Unity.
(08/21 12:30:30) rapacious one: the explorers weren’t expecting it.
(08/21 12:30:56) Ehren: well teamwork is certainly pretty useful for here heh
(08/21 12:31:10) rapacious one: Still,
(08/21 12:31:29) rapacious one: what you are standing in is the second Age of the second restoration.
(08/21 12:31:45) rapacious one: with journey symbols all around you.
(08/21 12:31:57) rapacious one: but still, between undates, explorers would bicker and fight.
(08/21 12:32:12) rapacious one: this shows that the community was broken.
(08/21 12:32:30) rapacious one: Just take a further look into the Liasons… all Five resigned.
(08/21 12:32:45) rapacious one: but these Eder gardens were a chance to start fresh.
(08/21 12:33:06) rapacious one: who ever set that door, was clearly sending the message: “get along”!”
(08/21 12:33:11) J’mee nods his head
(08/21 12:33:22) Jadeuru: interesting
(08/21 12:33:38) rapacious one: At the time period, an anti DRC movement sprung up too.
(08/21 12:33:53) J’mee: <sigh> the more things change …
(08/21 12:34:06) rapacious one: Yes.
(08/21 12:34:37) rapacious one: Yet again
(08/21 12:34:48) rapacious one: Another Age was to be released.
(08/21 12:35:03) rapacious one: this time, it was a Pod Age. The particular Pod, the first of four, was Negilahn.
(08/21 12:35:15) rapacious one: something was wrong though.
(08/21 12:35:44) rapacious one: With Negilahn, explorers suspected, and DRC members were sent to investigate.
(08/21 12:36:05) rapacious one: this place was to be a wildlife enriched place, teaming with beautiful animals.
(08/21 12:36:13) rapacious one: where were they?
(08/21 12:36:48) rapacious one: there was an Urwin, or a monkey sometimes, but the proud animals that roam the lands were gone.
(08/21 12:37:32) rapacious one: with the Pod Negilahn should have been alot of wildlife but something, some Predator was killing them off.
(08/21 12:38:13) rapacious one: they sent a reseng to explore the age, and his results were horrifying
(08/21 12:38:29) rapacious one: the animals were killed for no apparant reason.
(08/21 12:38:53) rapacious one: These were dozens of massive animals that were hacked up.
(08/21 12:39:14) rapacious one: Of course, their was now a predator on the loose.
(08/21 12:39:47) rapacious one: The DRC called upon Douglas Sharper to go on a journey to Negilahn and discover what would be killing the animals, Nick White, a flirtatious popular DRC worker.
(08/21 12:41:08) rapacious one: (Nick White was later to be swayed towards anti DRC but all around was a popular guy.
(08/21 12:41:26) rapacious one: But besides fighting this caused panic.)
(08/21 12:41:47) rapacious one: There also was an explorer on their team, named Rils.
(08/21 12:42:14) rapacious one: but was anyone safe?
(08/21 12:42:24) rapacious one: there was some hope…
(08/21 12:43:04) rapacious one: in Negilahn, the first shimmering portal opened, and cavern members approached them to find themselves in another cave.
(08/21 12:43:32) rapacious one: there was no speach from Yeesha this time, much like the cave in the Gardens.
(08/21 12:44:11) rapacious one: With the slow progress, and the bickering, the lead topic was the Predator.
(08/21 12:44:29) rapacious one: those months were tense.
(08/21 12:44:46) rapacious one: the anti DRC were protesting safety issues.
(08/21 12:45:13) rapacious one: and more Pods continued to open.
(08/21 12:45:40) rapacious one: There were four in total, and when the DRC investigated the second Pod named Dereno, the creatures were also found to be dead.
(08/21 12:46:04) rapacious one: The third Pod, Payiferen
(08/21 12:46:32) rapacious one: Was opened weeks after Dereno, and it was a hot and dry desert Age.
(08/21 12:46:58) rapacious one: the last Pod, however, was different.
(08/21 12:47:26) rapacious one: Tetsonot was opened and explorers found it to be wet.
(08/21 12:47:48) rapacious one: not the outside, but on the inside, it was full of water and it creaked from water pressure.
(08/21 12:48:24) rapacious one: also, The lights weren’t working.
(08/21 12:48:59) rapacious one: The Pod Age itself contains 25 of them in different locations
(08/21 12:49:34) rapacious one: and there were 13 time zones on the map explorers received of this world.
(08/21 12:50:06) rapacious one: so no one knew what to expect until they were all released, in terms of time zones.
(08/21 12:50:42) rapacious one: so with these strange tiems came fighting, and Nick swaying towards the anti DRC.
(08/21 12:50:54) rapacious one: as well as talk of Billboards on rooftops.
(08/21 12:51:12) rapacious one: Cate Alexander was the source of funding, and the source of this ‘advertising’ chat too.
(08/21 12:51:41) rapacious one: in any circumstance, we wont learn about the predator untill next week.
(08/21 12:52:04) rapacious one: So please, come back to find out what was killing all of the wildlife.
(08/21 12:52:09) rapacious one: :)
(08/21 12:52:22) rapacious one: In our next episode: “The Scars of D’ni”
(08/21 12:52:29) Alien claps her hands
(08/21 12:52:31) To rapacious one: don’t forget to bow :)
(08/21 12:52:34) rapacious one: thank you guys
(08/21 12:52:35) Scarchu_BG claps his hands
(08/21 12:52:36) Heritage Night claps his hands
(08/21 12:52:51) rapacious one: Thank you alot and veterans and newcomers thanks for all sharing in this with me
(08/21 12:52:57) rapacious one: And letting me remind you
(08/21 12:52:59) rapacious one: Or help you
(08/21 12:53:02) rapacious one: :)
(08/21 12:53:02) Narameh: a cliffhanger, mumble
(08/21 12:53:05) rapacious one: Hehe
(08/21 12:53:12) Heritage Night: the log, as per always, will be up on the Heritage Night website, (HeritageNight.wordpress.com) later today
(08/21 12:53:19) rapacious one: Yes
(08/21 12:53:20) Narameh: Thanks Rap ;)
(08/21 12:53:21) Samoth: thank you Rap, sorry i was late.
(08/21 12:53:21) rapacious one: :)
(08/21 12:53:29) rapacious one: No problem thanks for still showing up!
(08/21 12:53:37) …Chat.log stopped.

Written by Rapacious, Edited By Calum (Pod Age clarifications and sentence flow/structure alterations.)


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  1. Oh crap I’m so sorry I missed HN today with rap as the host! I apologize I was doing errands today as its a good yet rainy day to do laundry…

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