OOC: Wheels of Tomorrow

I recently Posted something on my OOC Blog: HERE.

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I suggest the same thing there that I do here;

Find and Watch the Anime GURREN LAGANN and compare it To URU’s current Political situations  on the forums.

I’m sure you’ll find that there are more than a few similarities (Excluding the Plot Setting involving Giant robots) that compare wonderfully to URU.

Another few Anime you should compare are: .HACK/SIGN (dot hack Sign) and .HACK/TWILIGHT BRACELET (dot hack Legend of the Twilight Bracelet).

These more closely resemble URU in it’s setting. As well, you should read the Manga adaptation of .HACK/Twilight , as it has a more evolved plot, and was only half way completed at the time of the Anime’s production.

.HACK is the universe URU should NOT become: A digital realm governed by those who think they know better, but in reality, do not.

Gurren Lagann, while also something we don’t want URU becoming exactly (especially at it’s mid-way point), it is most likely the one that URU’s community will evolve into, someday, at it’s current rate of progression.

Now then. Study hard. There will be a test later!



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