Re: Advertisement

In the same vein as the Ret-Coned  CavCom Numbers, the idea of Advertisement has come up in the thread, from Chogon himself. Now, I’ve broached this subject before in previous Heritage Nights, and I’ll say now what I said then.

We’d all be utterly Moronic if we rejected the “Advertisement Route” entirely again, especially in this time frame.

The Cavern is in a delicate state right now, and, honestly, If it came to it, I, Calum, here at HN would not mind at all if there were select ads on the MOUL forums, or even on the KI during Linking (replacing the Book Hologram, for example).

We’ve had this choice in the past, and it got rejected. If we make the same choice now that we made then, we’d be dooming ourselves.

Just thought I should make my thoughts clear on the matter.



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