Uru Obsession Closing Down.

With This sad Announcement,(quoted below the “Read More” for when the site actually closes down) I’d just like to say that all URU Obsession links on the Heritage Night site will remain in place, as a fond memory of my favorite forum.

That said, For Sure, when the next round of Heritage Nights begin again, We will be holding them in the Uru Obsession Neighborhood, in honor of this fine Website.

Keep your eyes peeled for future Heritage Night details.

We have an announcement to make – we’re going to keep it brief:

It’s been a great honor for us to run this site for all of you, but as all things must eventually end, so the time has come for UO to end as well. After 10 years of being online in various forms, starting with Mudpie Obsession, the forum will officially shut down on New Year’s Eve. All of us at URU Obsession’s Staff would like to thank you all for being part of this project – without you UO would have never been such a big part of the Myst community.

Perhaps someday we will meet again, someplace else.
-The Staff


5 responses to “Uru Obsession Closing Down.

  1. It’s not fair….! *sobbing* Now I’ll grow up just like Gehn, having only remember URU in my childhood and teenage years….

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