New Greeters!

See This Elegantly and Finely Crafted Link.

The Guild of New Greeters is a reboot of the Old Guild of Greeters.

Here at Heritage Night, I’d like to say that I support this endeavor, and I can see nothing but good in the next year coming from this announcement.

As for HN itself: I’m going to officially say it’s not coming until AFTER New Years.  School is a emotional drain, and I’ve barely found time to write for the things burning around inside my head as it is.

At the absolute Latest, I’m going to give a rough estimate and say no later than February. I’m not hoping to let it go THAT long, however.

This is just rough estimating, based upon a mental schedule i’ve built up inside my thinkpan. (Oh gog, where’s the Sopor?? I think my the grub-top’s processors are overheating with all this stuff! @_@; )

I think I’m slowly going crazy with all this school stuff?



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