“Got-Tiger” Syndrome

Since I posted the previous post, lots of people have emerged in that thread to complain that “the Greeters Aren’t dead.”

It seems to me that this is another facet of the same plague that’s been hitting us for a while now, now given a name:

Got-Tiger Syndrome

Now, before you go into this massive monster of a beast, let me just say that when I first saw the GONG thread, I felt energized and renewed to begin work on Prologue Nights once more.

Now? I’ve wasted three hours writing this thing, and I’ve got a bitter feeling in my stomach…
Or maybe that’s me getting hungry for dinner?

Regardless, Proceed on at your own risk. I really recommend the TLDR over the main body of text. But if you really want to keep reading… Let it be said that I warned you.

TL;DR: (Seriously, only click the ‘Continue reading’ unless you have lots of time to kill!) The “Strife” Tiger visits forum threads in order to prevent things from changing. People chase the tiger to prove their superiority over the others- that “Their theory” is the best- in order to cry “GOT TIGER!” as the winner, and get their ideas the ones that things change to.

Unfortunately, that tiger is too fast to catch, and, in the process of the hunt, Explorers find themselves arguing between themselves and hurting their own causes in the process.  The tiger always escapes. Things change towards the tiger’s interests or not at all.

Shall we stop trying to catch the Elusive, Got Tiger?

You Really Wanna read this wall of text?

All right. Let’s get into this.

The Problem is that the Community at large is REFUSING to change. I believe that the source of these latent problems began with the Guild of old Greeters. My reasoning of this is simply based on what I can gather going on around the forums, and the facts that are immediately visible.

From what I’ve gathered generally, the Old Greeter management, at the start of MOULa or soon there-after, decided that they would not allow new Membership. I’ve seen various sayings along the lines of “We have too many members” to “We  ourselves within management are tired of waiting around for nothing.”

Whatever the true reasoning may be, the action is the same: People interested in joining the Guild of Greeters have been unable to do so, and the existing Greeters, for the most part, have vanished off of the face of D’ni. Furthermore: Greeter Management has practically dropped off of the board as well.

There have been calls for Management reform, and none have been heard. There have been cries for new members to join to inflate the ranks of GOG by those who are actually WILLING to spend their time in Cavern despite there being nothing new.

For months now, perhaps for even the last year, the only Greeters I know of are those who log in of their own free will, despite this “Greeter Hiatus” that has been called up, both “Official” Members and “Unofficial” members alike.

The simple fact of the matter is, the Guild of Greeters -as it stands now- Is, as an institution of Government, dead. The only Greeter action that has occurred in the past months has been unofficial, despite the “Official” Members that still come around.

This point has been argued to death, and yet people are STILL beating the dead horse by claiming that the Old GOG Guild Structure is still Alive.  

What Trekluver has began is- essentially- a Reboot of the structure. The DRC themselves have shown us first hand that PHYSICALLY restoring an existing structure will only lead to disaster.  The position he’s presenting is NOT one of “Hostile Take over” or “Bluh Bluh! I’m a huge jerk who want’s to step on other people’s toes!”

The Position being presented is: “Let’s Make A Home For new Players.”

The Word “NEW”  being un-capitalized, un-bolded and italicized for emphasis here. He’s specifically calling it “The Guild of New Greeters”, “New” here meaning a “Reboot.”

Furthermore, to counter one particular argument, he is NOT “Firing” the “Old” Greeters and “Giving” them their Jobs back. I think Doobes says it best here:

…they’re not “firing” the current Greeters; the New Greeters are giving all of them plenty of opportunity to join in on the transition to make their Guild great again…or not, if they so choose.

Cyan has given approval, and former Greeters have given approval. The only ones who seem to protest this are those who wish things to remain the way they are.

Change is a fact of life. And this “Greeter Syndrome” that has been prevalent throughout the past few years is a clear ignorance of this fact.

As I mentioned in the Past, Explorers have rejected the idea of Change (Advertisement in the Cavern; The whole “Open Source” Idea; Explorers actually writing new ages; The List goes on) and it has lead to more disaster than we were willing to admit.

“Hindsight is 20/20.” as a wise person once said.

Going through the Announcement thread: It isn’t immediately obvious WHY people are objecting to it. I was going to make this whole long thing dissecting the thread, but I think you should just read it yourself Here.

The GONG as it is presented is not stepping on any toes- It is only those who refuse to allow the change that begin the bitterness.

I believe, exactly, the real down turn was this post here, soon followed by This here. Furthermore, the Original Author, Trekluver, requested that people  “try to keep this conversation civil.”  Infact, in response to TommyAP’s post, he wrote:

Tommyap; I’ve asked before but I’ll put this in bold letters (not to be mean, so others will see it highlighted) this time, Please be civil in this discussion. Bashing of how the old Guild of Greeters handled things is not needed unless it is in a constructive manner that furthers this conversation.

The exact post, along with other answers, is found here. A Point which seems to be ignored in this post here.

Trekluver wrote in the next post:

I’ll clarify. I want people to understand we are the New Greeters, the New Guild of Greeters. All I have said about the old GoG was I did not approve of their structure and I did not like them disapproving of new membership. I am not beating a dead horse. And again, quit saying baseless stuff. I gave you my basis for this, a basis (if you read the forum topic) that was started by a greeter. And once more, the community did not kill the GoG; fudyduddies killed it off, fuddyduddies that were behind the times and had forgotten the community at large. A community they were suppose to help lead. If you have a beef against me in any way take it to PM’s.

I Bolded certain parts for emphasis. The first is his stance on the old GOG. This has ALWAYS been what he’s said. Those “Bashing the old GOG” Were explicitly NOT HIM and were TOLD OFF to not do it. Furthermore, he only stated such as common fact- I’ve know about the GOG not accepting members for a long time now, but have not said anything about it. It’s common fact.

Second: The Greeters not in membership have complained as well.

Third: a point that is refuted with the following:

Wrong. This was never a role for the GoG.
Please, start your Guild and have fun. I do really wish you well and success. Just leave the GoG alone. They worked diligently to help the players from 2003 all the way through the shutdown of MOUL. At least give them that.

It was not the original intent of the GOG, no, and I’ll agree that the roll was not to “Lead by government.” Even if it was not the official “Roll” Of GOG, the old GOG  however DID LEAD by Example. Many a new explorer wandered into the GOG hood and were impressed by the kindness, and they, in turn, would be kind to others. The moment the GOG was revealed to be one of the “FIVE” Guilds by the DRC, however, a certain responsibility to do MORE than this also arose. It wasn’t said aloud. Nor was it even written in text.

But that was there.

The simple fact of the matter is, this one explorer’s complaints about “GOG BASHING” from the GONG founder Would NOT have arisen if it weren’t for those who- NOT REPRESENTING THE G.O.N.G.–  Had not said what they said, forcing Trekluver to continually repeat a single fact over and over and getting more aggressive over it each time.

No-one doubts that the Old GOG did good. I’m certainly NOT.

But what I question here is This:

The GONG announcement is a positive one- the thread itself is positive on the FIRST PAGE.

Once it turns, however, things go wrong. The same old tiger that we see time and time again returns and stirs up Strife and Grief. In futility, they try to catch this tiger, to Prove “Their” Point the dominant one- To “Catch a Tiger by the toe” as it were.

The elusiveness of the “I Got the Tiger!” cry is one that doesn’t go away.

And, in this case of the GONG, this Tiger is trying to prevent the rise of something GOOD by dragging it through the mud during this tiring, and aggravating Tiger Hunt.

Let’s give up chasing this tiger, okay?



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  1. Oh it was bad in the City (Public Ae-gura) last night… Grizwalter was speaking in tounge bout dousing a female in BBQ Sauce…

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