Alright everyone, I’m gonna give one last post directing everyone to the Heritage Night website. :)


A Useful little forum signature :)

Why am I directing to HN now? Well, I’m finally going to get to work on the Prologue Nights as soon as I finish writing this thing up! XD

Anyways, yeah… :) We’ll be starting Prologue Nights as early as January, but no later than that. Please do promote HN as much as you can in URU and on other forums. :)

Anyways, since UO’s closing down, please contact me via the HN site if you want to help host HN. Bounce me an email, even. Anything, really.

Bottom line is: I can’t do this alone once we start up. I need ushers and hosts for any of the MOUL-Nights.

Let’s make this next round of HN the best ever. :)



2 responses to “PROLOGUE NIGHTS

  1. did you get all of UO’s website?

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