Half Way Through The Dark

I didn’t get a chance to say it earlier, and it completely slipped my mind until just now, but MERRY CHRISTMAS Everyone! :)

“This is a time where everyone gathers around to say’Well Done Everyone! We’re half way out of the dark!'” – From Last Years Doctor Who Christmas Special. (Pretty sure I got it all right there.)

Anyways, I got through half the available prologue material yesterday, and I think I can probably get away safely with saying that the Prologue Nights will be Two Nights Long.  

Because of the Historical significance that comes with Prologue itself, I’m deciding to hold the Prologue Nights in the Uru Obsession Hood, with the remaining MOUL1 Nights in Heritage Night’s Hood as per usual, in honor of the website that I’ve mentioned before.




I’m probably going to run through both Prologue Nights as the Host, but if I do that, I need an Usher for both nights. If anyone’s willing to usher for HN on the Prologue nights, please contact me.


I’m willing to do MOUL1 nights as well, but with the added weight of the Prologue Nights, there’s NO WAY I can do ALL of them.

So, at the LEAST, I Need four nights of MOUL1  covered with guest hosts. I’m willing to do it 50/50, with 3 nights covered by me and 3 by someone else, but honestly, that’s about it when you add in the Prologue nights. Five nights people. FIVE NIGHTS out of EIGHT. I don’t want to be hogging the stage here. 0_0

As always, I will usher on any nights we have a guest host. That part is something I don’t mind doing. But again, on the nights  that I am Hosting, I need an Usher to cover for me.

So. Yeah. That’s about it for this post.

Happy Holidays. :)



2 responses to “Half Way Through The Dark

  1. Happy New Year!

    If you need me, I will try to be there. What are the current days and times again?


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