Articles page updated.

Finally decided to do something with the URU ARTICLES page I’ve been letting sit around. Organized the Edited-From-Log Chatlogs of the first round into a neat little time table, where I’ll ALSO be putting up the Edited-From-Log Logs for the Prologue nights up when those are done, instead of the regular chatlogs, which will be added to the Archive page instead of the nicer versions.

Of course, this is all still hypothetical as I haven’t even HOSTED The Prologue Nights yet! XD

But yeah.

ALSO: I’m still looking for Log translations, NOW MORE THAN EVER!

SO if you’re able to translate between two languages fluently, please contact me and we’ll translate HN even further! :)

Righty-0 then.

Chip Chip Cheerio, Happy New Year’s Eve, Early.




4 responses to “Articles page updated.

  1. what about verbal translation? I know of a great piece of software called Speakonia that can read copied text aloud… Google Speakonia

    • Verbal Translation? I’m not sure how that would work for the site. What I’m looking for is physical Text to Text translations, like with the Russian versions. I’m not sure how audio translations would work when I’m looking to keep HN in a text based format for the site.

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