Heritage Night is HERE. We are on the following schedule:


UO-01.08.12.Prologue Night A {DTC}
UO-01.15.12.Prologue Night B {DTC}
HN-01.22.12.The Scream Night {DTC}
HN-01.29.12.The Scars Night {Rap1}
HN-02.05.12.A New Light Night (TBC)
HN-02.08.12.”Reopening” Special @ 14:00 KI TIME!  {Various}
HN-02.12.12.Familiar Voices Night {Rap1}
HN-02.19.12.A Deception Night (TBC)
HN-02.26.12.An Exodus Night (TBC)

This bolded and Reddened HN is a Special event HN!

Where and when: On February 8th, 14:00 KI time, in the Heritage Night’s Hood.

Heritage Nights will be holding a Reopening Special event for the Return to the Cavern anniversary week.

We are seeking guest hosts who are willing to step up on stage and tell one of their favorite memories of the cavern, be it from Prologue, MO:UL1, or MO:ULa. The main event will be led by Calum, recapping the return to the cavern back in early 2010. Step up to the microphone and tell your best stories!

To sign up for the Reopening Special, please contact DimensionTravelerCalum via KI #203751 or by our web site,

Thanks for the memories!


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