4NN1V3RS4RY W33K SCH8DUL3!!!!!!!! (AKA: you can tell I’m —EXCIT—ED! *glub*)

AHHEM. As seen HERE, Officially now you can see what I’ve been going on about the past few days with the whole “Heritage Night Special” thing.

Here’s the schedule as it pertains to Heritage Night:

The schedule so far:
All times are cavern KI (mountain) time. Cavern time is GMT minus 7 hours and you can find your time relative to that here.

Saturday, Feb 4th:
* 12:00 Dedication/Opening Ceremony – The Guild of Healers (watch for ghaelen’s thread about this).
* 13:00 All Guilds Meeting in Kirel

Sunday, Feb 5th:

Monday, Feb 6th:

Tuesday, Feb 7th:

Wednesday, Feb 8th:
* 14:00 Heritage Night: Reopening

Thursday, Feb 9th:

Friday, Feb 10th:

Saturday, Feb 11th:
* (time tba) Closing Ceremony – The Guild of Healers

Nev’yn wrote:

It is asked all “event sponsors” begin and end their events with reminder about the Cavcon level and a request for donations to Cyan. Let us give thanks for the Cavern’s reopening and raise the meter back to Cavcon 4 and beyond!

But just so you don’t get confused, here’s the announcement I wrote up via KI Mail and handed to Larry for posting on the MO Forums.

Where and when: On February 8th, 14:00 KI time, in the Heritage Night’s Hood.

Heritage Nights will be holding a Reopening Special event for the Return to the Cavern anniversary week.

We are seeking guest hosts who are willing to step up on stage and tell one of their favorite memories of the cavern, be it from Prologue, MO:UL1, or MO:ULa. The main event will be led by Calum, recapping the return to the cavern back in early 2010. Step up to the microphone and tell your best stories!

To sign up for the Reopening Special, please contact DimensionTravelerCalum via KI #203751 or by our web site,www.heritagenight.wordpress.com

Thanks for the memories!

This is it folks, You’ll note that the HN Scheduled for that Sunday isn’t on the list. That’s because I asked for it not to be. The Special HN is out of sequence when compared to the MOUL Nights, and so I asked for it to not be there. However, I’m considering asking for it to be added back in, just because “why not?”


The Special HN is planned roughly for 30 Minutes, Short I know! But It’s a Special HN and isn’t part of the regular schedule. At most, the actual history I myself will be telling will take up to 5 minutes minimum, maybe slightly more. This is why I’m calling out here! I want your stories!

Let’s make this Special HN as Special as possible!

Anyways: A reminder on our current schedule: Heritage Night is in the Heritage Night Hood this Sunday, Continuing off of the fast paced drum beat of the Prologue Nights! I am looking for HOSTS for the remaining blank weeks on the schedule, seen via the link in the header at the top of this page, and Ushers for the remaining weeks I am hosting.

Although Ushering isn’t as much of a concern anymore since my Dad had the brilliant idea of making a dedicated avatar for ushering and thus now actually has a reason for coming to my weekly event here, He still can’t do it every week I ask him to. He has a life, ya know! So I’d like to have backup ushers in play just in-case he can’t help out. (Be sure to give ANY Usher for Heritage Night a /thanks whenever you see them! It’s a tough job, but it doesn’t have to be thankless!)

Yeah. I think that’s about it here.

Let’s keep the positive energy flowing, people! We’re on a roll!



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