Strike Over

I’ve reverted HN back to normal…ISH…

I’ve pulled off a few Site adjustments during the Blackout, which, thanks to the simplified color scheme (BLAPK), I was able to adjust the sidebar without any interference from the Background. Also: I changed the banner to a different version as well, one I made around the same time as the last one.

ANYWAYS: SOPA and PIPA now have enough opposition to them that, if they pass law and the President VETOs them, they won’t be able to be over-ridden.

So, If you think Obama should VETO the bills if they come to his desk, please use this elegant and finely crafted Link right there.

Honestly? I haven’t been much of a fan of Obama his whole term, but if he VETOs SOPA and PIPA should they pass?

He’d be my choice President of the year, right there.

Hell, Know what? It’d make up for all of the rest of his term too.

Better make that President of the Millennium…



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