SOPA and PIPA may be dead in the US, but a global threat still exists: ACTA.

All of the things that you and I enjoy about using the Internet, like the ability to speak freely and widespread access to information, is under threat with a dangerous new international treaty, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. This intellectual property agreement, which has already been signed by eight countries, will force ISPs and websites to track our every move, turn over our personal information, and report our activity to the government, all in the name of copyright protection.

ACTA will soon make its way to the European Parliament for a full consent vote. If approved, people around the world will have their fundamental rights decimated. Without EU approval, ACTA will have go back to the drawing board and force countries to renegotiate the treaty. The parliament MUST vote “No” on ACTA!

I’ve already signed Access’ petition about this issue and I think you should too. The world is watching, and we need to demand that members of the European Parliament show true global leadership and oppose this outrageous measure.

Say NO to ACTA, tell the European Union to NOT pass this act.

Cause, really, what good does it do us to kill one bill set when something even worse is lurking around the horizon, quite literally.



2 responses to “STOP ACTA!

  1. According to this article: the Parliament is against the act.

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