Heritage Night 32

“Scars” Week — Written By Rapacious One, edited by Calum

(01/29 11:53:20) Chat.log started…
(01/29 11:55:24) Heritage Night: :)
(01/29 11:55:30) From DimensionTravelerCalum in Heritage Night’s Hood: hN BEGINS IN 5~!!
(01/29 11:57:06) Heritage Night: We;ll be begining as soon as we reach the start time
(01/29 11:58:11) Heritage Night: Please head into the community room
(01/29 11:58:15) Heritage Night: The show begins in 2 minutes!!!
(01/29 11:58:53) Heritage Night: Okay, I think we’re about good to go
(01/29 11:58:56) Heritage Night: Shorah everyone
(01/29 11:59:00) Heritage Night: Welcome to Heritage Night
(01/29 11:59:06) Heritage Night: I’ll open us off with the announcements
(01/29 11:59:16) Heritage Night: And then i’ll turn you over to our host for the evening
(01/29 11:59:23) Heritage Night: Rapacious One
(01/29 11:59:28) rapacious one: -.-
(01/29 11:59:30) Heritage Night: Give him a round of applause everyone!
(01/29 11:59:36) rapacious one bows
(01/29 11:59:36) Zyxia claps her hands
(01/29 11:59:37) Qwiksilver claps his hands
(01/29 11:59:37) ladie pingo claps her hands
(01/29 11:59:40) Wascally Wabbit claps his hands
(01/29 11:59:47) rapacious one bows
(01/29 11:59:48) k_i_t_t_e_n: /clap
(01/29 11:59:53) Heritage Night: rightyo then
(01/29 11:59:55) Heritage Night: First off
(01/29 11:59:56) moose also claps her hands
(01/29 11:59:59) rapacious one: :)
(01/29 12:00:03) Heritage Night: Pizza, snacks and other food stuffs are in the classroom
(01/29 12:00:05) Heritage Night: And the eggroom
(01/29 12:00:10) Heritage Night: On display for your enjoyment
(01/29 12:00:24) Heritage Night: There are drinks chilled to a crisp freeze in the fountain,
(01/29 12:00:49) Heritage Night: We have your regular Phepshi, Kola, and Sparkly brand soda
(01/29 12:00:54) Heritage Night: :)
(01/29 12:00:55) moose also: i love fountain drinks
(01/29 12:01:00) Heritage Night: Hehe, don’t we all?
(01/29 12:01:02) rapacious one: i go with pepsi
(01/29 12:01:07) Heritage Night: Cookies are on the ayoheek table as well :)
(01/29 12:01:14) Zyxia: sparkly sounds good
(01/29 12:01:17) Heritage Night: Secondly,
(01/29 12:01:18) Wascally Wabbit: is there 3 coins in it?
(01/29 12:01:28) ladie pingo: Idk
(01/29 12:01:29) Heritage Night: Would the owner of one: Blue and white Caravan
(01/29 12:01:33) Zyxia: are they choc chip cookies?
(01/29 12:01:35) Heritage Night: Please report to Bridge security?
(01/29 12:01:41) Heritage Night: Your taillight was just stolen.
(01/29 12:01:46) rapacious one: 0.0
(01/29 12:01:52) ladie pingo: Omg
(01/29 12:01:57) Heritage Night: Yes, we know,
(01/29 12:02:10) Heritage Night: But it’s in the process of being recovvered as we speak
(01/29 12:02:28) Heritage Night: After all, it got thrown into the lake by the purp as soon as he was caught by security.
(01/29 12:02:34) Heritage Night: :)
(01/29 12:02:34) moose also: maybe a bahro borrowed it
(01/29 12:02:38) rapacious one starts to laugh
(01/29 12:02:42) Heritage Night: Heh,
(01/29 12:02:45) Heritage Night: and finally
(01/29 12:02:54) Heritage Night: Our website, http://www.heritagenight.wordpress.com
(01/29 12:03:00) ladie pingo: Man u guys are funny
(01/29 12:03:01) Heritage Night: Has all of the chatlogs available on it,
(01/29 12:03:01) cjunior (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(01/29 12:03:05) ladie pingo laughs
(01/29 12:03:12) Heritage Night: As well as having tonight’s log on it as soon as it’s finished!
(01/29 12:03:20) Heritage Night: So give it a check out!
(01/29 12:03:21) Heritage Night: :)
(01/29 12:03:27) Heritage Night: Also: Translators
(01/29 12:03:47) Heritage Night: We are looking for translators willing to translate the existing logs into other languages
(01/29 12:03:48) Heritage Night: And so,
(01/29 12:03:51) Heritage Night: With this done.
(01/29 12:03:58) Heritage Night: I turn you over to your host, Rapacious one! :)
(01/29 12:04:04) Heritage Night: Give him some applause everyone!
(01/29 12:04:05) ladie pingo claps her hands
(01/29 12:04:08) Chronos claps his hands
(01/29 12:04:08) Zyxia claps her hands
(01/29 12:04:11) rapacious one: Thank you for your support.
(01/29 12:04:11) Samuel Dickens claps his hands
(01/29 12:04:12) moose also claps her hands
(01/29 12:04:13) Wascally Wabbit claps
(01/29 12:04:27) rapacious one: Thank you guys..
(01/29 12:04:38) rapacious one: Without further adue, the week of scars.
(01/29 12:04:49) k_i_t_t_e_n: lol
(01/29 12:04:57) rapacious one: This was a week of Scars, not only emotional, but physical.
(01/29 12:05:17) rapacious one: The first scar would be a crack in the Kahlo Pub Wall.
(01/29 12:05:17) From DimensionTravelerCalum in Heritage Night’s Hood: HN starting NOWW!!
(01/29 12:05:49) rapacious one: Victor Laxman, who had been making his ussual rounds in the Neighborhoods came to a Beginner’s Bevin.
(01/29 12:06:00) rapacious one: He began answering questions…
(01/29 12:06:25) rapacious one: He announced that there had been some seismic activity that had caused this.. crack.
(01/29 12:06:43) rapacious one: This would be the first scar.
(01/29 12:07:06) rapacious one: Also, before receiving his update on the crack, Laxman reported that the Bahro had been acting strange.
(01/29 12:07:16) rapacious one: Different.
(01/29 12:07:43) rapacious one: At the same time, Dougles Sharper visited the Uru’s Obsession Neighborhood.
(01/29 12:08:00) rapacious one: He told explorers that he would be embarking on a trip to Negilahn.
(01/29 12:08:21) rapacious one: He was going to be catching a predator that seemed…
(01/29 12:08:26) rapacious one: to be destroying all wildlife.
(01/29 12:08:58) rapacious one: Nick White, somewhat of a ladies man around the cavern,
(01/29 12:09:02) rapacious one: some would say,
(01/29 12:09:09) rapacious one: would be accompanying him on his journey.
(01/29 12:09:27) rapacious one: These announcements wouldn’t be all.
(01/29 12:09:54) rapacious one: The DRC announced the release of Minkata later on in the week, which in itself means “heavily Scarred.”
(01/29 12:10:13) rapacious one: As you can see, the Pods were also released.
(01/29 12:10:41) rapacious one: Micheal Engberg sent out ki-mails on that day, as a warning to explorers not to go near the Kahlo Pub.
(01/29 12:11:12) rapacious one: The crack in the pub that he was warning us about would be that first physical Scar.
(01/29 12:11:40) rapacious one: The next day, there were more announcements to keep explorer’s minds going,
(01/29 12:11:46) rapacious one: but something was still not right.
(01/29 12:12:11) rapacious one: The ki lights were fixed by the DRC, yes .
(01/29 12:12:20) rapacious one: But; only for a short period of time.
(01/29 12:12:32) rapacious one: Also,
(01/29 12:12:56) rapacious one: no one knew on what scale how bad the crack’s damage was in the Kahlo Pub, but everyone knew it was bad to some degree.
(01/29 12:13:10) rapacious one: They would find out later to what scale.
(01/29 12:13:27) rapacious one: That day:
(01/29 12:13:59) rapacious one: Micheal Engberg’s daughter Willow “Wheely” Engberg had brought a new friend with her to the cavern… to show her around D’ni.
(01/29 12:14:21) rapacious one: That friend’s name was Rosette Taylor.
(01/29 12:14:35) rapacious one: They were young and wanted to explore.
(01/29 12:14:47) rapacious one: But they were not the only ones in D’ni. It was full.
(01/29 12:15:12) rapacious one: Explorers gathered around and crowded the crack in the pub wall.
(01/29 12:16:00) rapacious one: The crowded the entrance, as the crack had been gaurded off by Micheal Engberg for the safety of others.
(01/29 12:16:32) rapacious one: You see, Wheely and Rosette had already accomplished some marker runs.
(01/29 12:16:42) rapacious one: If you’ve played Marker Quests by now,
(01/29 12:16:56) rapacious one: you already know that there are markers in the main Kahlo Pub Instance.
(01/29 12:17:11) rapacious one: However, there are also markers in the private Neighborhood instances, which explorers insisted they use.
(01/29 12:17:49) rapacious one: Despite the dangers, Wheely wanted to explore the main instance of Ae’gura, specifically, the Kahlo Pub’s crack.
(01/29 12:18:17) rapacious one: (Explorers that did manage to get a peek reported that the crack was actually growing in size.)
(01/29 12:18:45) rapacious one: Originally, it was just a thin line.
(01/29 12:19:32) rapacious one: Despite all this, Wheely announced a fake crack in the library wall, and when the entire cavern went to it, that was her access to the crack entrance.
(01/29 12:20:12) rapacious one: Explorers get excited to find new things! And, Wheely knew that.
(01/29 12:20:51) rapacious one: As Wheely and Rosette disappeared into the pub crack, their Ki’s went out.
(01/29 12:21:09) rapacious one: At that moment, it happened.
(01/29 12:21:34) rapacious one: Another earthquake caused a cave in, and with that the crack sealed up.
(01/29 12:21:57) rapacious one: Yes, the ki went out, due to the collapse, and the earthquake.
(01/29 12:22:14) rapacious one: Right before the earthquake, inside that chamber in the crack, something else occured.
(01/29 12:23:06) rapacious one: Before i go any further, I would like to go to the Kahlo Pub in the main instance of Ae’gura, by the great Stairs.
(01/29 12:23:22) rapacious one: This will be our field trip, as we may have one on Heritage Night.
(01/29 12:23:25) rapacious one: :)
(01/29 12:23:44) rapacious one: So, we have great ushers, including me, i will help anyone who can’t get there, get there :)
(01/29 12:23:56) Heritage Night: allright, you heard the guy, to ae’gura… XD
[mass linking ensues]
(01/29 12:30:32) rapacious one: Can everyone pack in a little tighter ?
(01/29 12:30:32) From DimensionTravelerCalum in Heritage Night’s Hood: hN has moved to the kahlo pub
(01/29 12:30:34) From DimensionTravelerCalum in Heritage Night’s Hood: :)
(01/29 12:30:44) From DimensionTravelerCalum in Heritage Night’s Hood: Head there now if you’re interested in joining in :)
(01/29 12:30:47) rapacious one: Ok :)
(01/29 12:30:48) From DimensionTravelerCalum in Heritage Night’s Hood: In the main city! XD
(01/29 12:30:53) rapacious one: can you guys sees it ok?
(01/29 12:31:35) rapacious one: the memorial.. for Wheely… it’s right behind me
(01/29 12:31:47) rapacious one: Ok, are we ready to go here, Cal?
(01/29 12:31:56) Heritage Night: few stragglers
(01/29 12:31:57) Heritage Night: still
(01/29 12:31:59) rapacious one: :)
(01/29 12:32:04) Heritage Night: for those wishing to join us,
(01/29 12:32:17) Fil: stable so far
(01/29 12:32:21) Heritage Night: please go to the middle landing of the great stairs, and enter the side of the building with the hole in it!
(01/29 12:33:15) Heritage Night: meh, I think we’re good.
(01/29 12:33:18) TrapperDave waves hello
(01/29 12:33:23) rapacious one: Ok guys, I’m going to continue here…
(01/29 12:33:25) rapacious one: Ready?
(01/29 12:33:33) rapacious one: ok then here we go..
(01/29 12:33:56) rapacious one: To be found on upon the DRC’s rescue attempt’s:
(01/29 12:34:16) rapacious one: The cave inside the crack was a Bahro cave…
(01/29 12:34:22) rapacious one: with a glyph on the wall.
(01/29 12:34:44) rapacious one: The Glyph touched by wheely, or Rosette, or maybe even a Bahro began glowing the dark cave.
(01/29 12:34:58) rapacious one: All of a sudeen, a Bahro reached out…
(01/29 12:35:10) rapacious one: it reached out to touch or take their Relto books.
(01/29 12:35:28) rapacious one: Despite what may have happened, the wall then immediately collapsed.
(01/29 12:35:41) rapacious one: That was the cause of Rosette’s immediate death.
(01/29 12:35:49) rapacious one: Her name in on the memorial here, behind me.
(01/29 12:36:27) rapacious one: Micheal Engberg and Victor Laxman, upon the news, arrive in Ae’gura to find screaming Bahro on several instances, and aftershock rubble.
(01/29 12:36:44) rapacious one: The DRC shortly thereafter; evacuated the city.
(01/29 12:37:39) rapacious one: After explorers were evacced, an announcement had been made (over ki-mails) that Laxman had been able to pick up a signal, remotely, to wheely’s Ki.
(01/29 12:38:25) rapacious one: It was not untill the third day of the Scars week that the DRC was contacted by Wheely, and it was indeed coming from within the cave in.
(01/29 12:38:48) rapacious one: Construction barriers were put up.
(01/29 12:38:55) rapacious one: The DRC then began a rescue attempt.
(01/29 12:39:17) rapacious one: Over the Ki, Wheely admitted that she’d faked the library crack.
(01/29 12:39:41) rapacious one: When she did, it worked, and she managed to get inside the crack
(01/29 12:39:52) rapacious one: and when it caved in, she fell into the chamber below.
(01/29 12:40:17) rapacious one: Of course, now it was public that Rosette had been killed upon impact of the collapse.
(01/29 12:40:41) rapacious one: How horrible, to be injured in a dark cave like that.
(01/29 12:41:15) rapacious one: Wheely told us that the symbols on the cave walls looked like Bahro Glyphs
(01/29 12:41:34) rapacious one: After that… she knew she was not alone.
(01/29 12:41:53) rapacious one: Watching her, in the dark chamber, was a Bahro.
(01/29 12:42:16) rapacious one: At first, she didn’t respond to her father.
(01/29 12:42:34) rapacious one: After a couple hours went by she contacted him and reported that she was famished.
(01/29 12:42:40) rapacious one: Thirsty.
(01/29 12:42:50) rapacious one: Then… silence again.
(01/29 12:43:09) rapacious one: The next day, Wheely awakes in the dark and contacts her father.
(01/29 12:43:28) rapacious one: She tells him that she slept, and that she is no longer thirsty.
(01/29 12:43:47) rapacious one: She told him that the Bahro was watching her still.
(01/29 12:44:10) rapacious one: At first Engberg didn’t think they’d harm his daughter (and by “they” i mean, there may have been two.)
(01/29 12:44:52) rapacious one: But, all of a sudden; Wheely’s Ki appears to be in Various Ages, first Gahreesen, then Kadish, then even her Relto.
(01/29 12:45:06) rapacious one: Then, it disseappered.
(01/29 12:45:27) rapacious one: At the same time, Nick White was just getting back from Negilahn/.
(01/29 12:45:42) rapacious one: He wanted to help with the Rescue Attempts.
(01/29 12:46:06) rapacious one: Nick reported that Sharper would remain in Negilahn, and that at this time, the predator had not been caught.
(01/29 12:46:32) rapacious one: According to Nick, they saw a strange symbol, in the forrest, on a tree.
(01/29 12:46:49) rapacious one: That same symbol, was at the rescue sight of Wheely, in a upper chamber.
(01/29 12:47:18) rapacious one: As the day went on, the explorers and reseng’s gave help and encouragement for the safe return of Wheely.
(01/29 12:47:36) rapacious one: But the bahro keeping her company was not as ethusiastic about her return.
(01/29 12:47:41) rapacious one: It was growing aggitated.
(01/29 12:48:00) rapacious one: It was jumping around the walls scrambling on the ceiling.
(01/29 12:48:18) rapacious one: It was making angry sounds, and it wouldn’t even let her express her thirst.
(01/29 12:48:40) rapacious one: It was chanting the word “Noloben”.
(01/29 12:48:42) |XaviorFolf|: …
(01/29 12:48:55) rapacious one: Noloben is the place where many Bahro were held as slaves by a D’ni man.
(01/29 12:49:23) rapacious one: After the Bahro let out the word Noloben, there was a scream.
(01/29 12:49:37) DimensionTravelerCalum closes his eyes…
(01/29 12:49:41) rapacious one: It was Wheely, shrieking as if she was dying, and then… silence.
(01/29 12:49:56) Wascally Wabbit cringes
(01/29 12:50:00) DimensionTravelerCalum sniffs…
(01/29 12:50:19) rapacious one: The DRC reached her, or; what was left of her.
(01/29 12:50:25) SkydiverAngel is sad
(01/29 12:50:28) ladie pingo is sad
(01/29 12:50:35) moose also: the horror
(01/29 12:50:45) rapacious one: DRC members Sutherland and Sharper reported that her body was manged, and torn to pieces.
(01/29 12:51:09) rapacious one: Everyone was wearing black the next day.
(01/29 12:51:30) rapacious one: The news wasn’t getting any better from Negilahn either.
(01/29 12:52:10) rapacious one: The Bahro were at some sort of war with eachother, which Sharper describes as a civil war.
(01/29 12:52:37) moose also: does sound civil
(01/29 12:52:46) rapacious one: When he returned, it was only because he was saved but, this means that there could have been two Bahro in the cave.
(01/29 12:52:50) rapacious one: No one knows for sure.
(01/29 12:53:14) rapacious one: Some explorers, even such as myself believe that the bad bahro was toying with Wheely.
(01/29 12:53:39) DimensionTravelerCalum shudders…
(01/29 12:53:46) rapacious one: Or like i said, one gave her water, and one killed her.
(01/29 12:54:08) rapacious one: This memorial was placed here for this that’s why we’re here
(01/29 12:54:16) rapacious one: It was decorated with boutiques
(01/29 12:54:20) rapacious one: and adjurning flowers.
(01/29 12:54:26) Qwiksilver salutes
(01/29 12:54:38) rapacious one: Engberg, he sat around for the rest of the day sulking at the memorial site.
(01/29 12:54:47) k_i_t_t_e_n: *bows head*
(01/29 12:55:22) rapacious one: The last thing he muttered before leaving late in the afternoon was “Watson….” before he linked to the last place Watson was seen
(01/29 12:55:27) rapacious one: that was.. the descent.
(01/29 12:55:44) rapacious one: So we’ll end there, not knowing how long it will be untill Engberg returns
(01/29 12:56:05) rapacious one: Also, I’d like to add.
(01/29 12:56:16) rapacious one: That on the last day of Scars week, Minkata was officially added.
(01/29 12:56:37) rapacious one: Two relto pages were given to us this week as well.
(01/29 12:57:03) rapacious one: As i mentioned earlier minkata means “heavily scarred”
(01/29 12:57:20) rapacious one: so now that we’ve recognized the scars i hope you guys look forward to next weekend!!
(01/29 12:57:26) Fil: Be careful what you hear from Sharper….
(01/29 12:57:32) To rapacious one: dont forget to bow
(01/29 12:57:33) To rapacious one: :)
(01/29 12:57:35) rapacious one bows
(01/29 12:57:42) Gwyn H claps her hands
(01/29 12:57:43) ladie pingo claps her hands
(01/29 12:57:43) Qwiksilver claps his hands
(01/29 12:57:47) rapacious one: thank you guys for showing your support soo much!!
(01/29 12:57:48) k_i_t_t_e_n claps her hands
(01/29 12:57:49) Zyxia claps her hands
(01/29 12:57:49) Gwyn H claps her hands
(01/29 12:57:50) Tshook claps his hands
(01/29 12:57:52) Heritage Night: thank you for comming everyone,
(01/29 12:57:53) Wascally Wabbit claps his hands
(01/29 12:57:54) moose also: and remember crack kills
(01/29 12:57:57) rapacious one: odviously lets keep this memorial and HN alive
(01/29 12:57:58) rapacious one: :)
(01/29 12:58:01) moose also claps her hands
(01/29 12:58:04) Qwiksilver: very moving lecture
(01/29 12:58:05) rapacious one: Thanks guys…
(01/29 12:58:05) Zyxia: thank you rapacious one – that was really great
(01/29 12:58:06) ladie pingo: can i have ur autograph dude
(01/29 12:58:07) Heritage Night: the log will be up on the website after I finish editing it. :)
(01/29 12:58:08) Fil: read the journals in his office
(01/29 12:58:11) Gwyn H: Thank you!
(01/29 12:58:12) rapacious one: hehe no prob;lem
(01/29 12:58:23) …Chat.log stopped.


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