Heritage Documents Volume One: Memoirs

Thanks go to Ainia for compiling all of the Heritage Documents (edited by Malfhok) Into a single file! The direct link is here, and it’s rather long, hence the sublink. :P

However, if you want to link to it directly, use: http://rel.to/historydoc

This is well worth the read, and is prepared in a Journal format, which, while I have no clue if it’s the format URU supports, will potentially allow it to be added into the Cavern at some future date! And this is one thing I really hope happens one day!

So, Yeah. Thanks go out to everyone who had some part in this, even if it was taking a photo some odd number of years ago. ;) It wouldn’t be possible without your help!! :)

ALSO! Happy Anniversary Week!


One response to “Heritage Documents Volume One: Memoirs

  1. Fantastic Job!! Thanks to all who worked on this!

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