Heritage Night 34

Heritage Night 24 – Written by Rapacious one, Edited by Calum.

(02/12 11:52:50) Chat.log started…
(02/12 11:55:46) Heritage Night: HN begins in 5 minutes
(02/12 11:55:52) Heritage Night: In the community room up the stairs
(02/12 11:56:57) Heritage Night: Music can be found via the ki card i’ve sent
(02/12 11:57:04) Heritage Night: :)
(02/12 11:57:53) Heritage Night: Hello everyone
(02/12 11:57:57) Heritage Night: HN begins in 3 minutes
(02/12 11:58:15) DimensionTravelerCalum: shorah everyone
(02/12 11:58:22) DimensionTravelerCalum: If you don’t have the music card yet
(02/12 11:58:26) DimensionTravelerCalum: Please let me know
(02/12 11:58:31) DimensionTravelerCalum: I’ll send it right on over!
(02/12 11:58:43) rapacious one: Its really beautiful music to do
(02/12 11:58:49) rapacious one: I did it for wheely’s Vigel
(02/12 11:59:04) rapacious one: It’s been up sense i believe.. Cal?
(02/12 11:59:25) DimensionTravelerCalum: Music is provided by a coincidental stream by Marten :)
(02/12 11:59:37) DimensionTravelerCalum: The card I’m handing out is the info for it
(02/12 11:59:38) DimensionTravelerCalum: :)
(02/12 11:59:50) DimensionTravelerCalum: if it doesn’t work by web browser
(02/12 12:00:02) DimensionTravelerCalum: Enter it into a media player like Winamp or Windows Media Player
(02/12 12:00:09) DimensionTravelerCalum: Shorah
(02/12 12:00:29) DimensionTravelerCalum: Everyone, please head into the community room
(02/12 12:00:30) DimensionTravelerCalum: :)
(02/12 12:00:43) DimensionTravelerCalum: Up the stairs and in through any of those three doors
(02/12 12:00:59) Heritage Night: Please filter in through the doors
(02/12 12:01:20) Heritage Night: Come up the stairs and into the community room, please
(02/12 12:01:25) Heritage Night: We’re about to begin
(02/12 12:01:36) rapacious one: :)
(02/12 12:01:38) Heritage Night: Alright so!
(02/12 12:01:43) Heritage Night: Welcome to heritage Night everyone
(02/12 12:01:59) Heritage Night: If you have Marten’s music stream running, great! :)
(02/12 12:02:02) Heritage Night: as DTC was saying
(02/12 12:02:13) Heritage Night: you should plug it into a Media player, like Winamp
(02/12 12:02:20) Heritage Night: so!
(02/12 12:02:23) Heritage Night: welcome to HN!
(02/12 12:02:32) Heritage Night: tonight we’re picking off where we left off last Sunday
(02/12 12:02:40) Heritage Night: but in the interm, we had a special HN event on wednesday
(02/12 12:02:50) Heritage Night: as part of the Anniversary week special
(02/12 12:02:50) Heritage Night: :)
(02/12 12:02:58) Heritage Night: the log is up on our website, as always
(02/12 12:03:02) Heritage Night: heritagenight.wordpress.com
(02/12 12:03:25) Heritage Night: you can also find a compilation of our logs put together:
(02/12 12:03:29) Heritage Night: rel.to/historydoc
(02/12 12:03:32) Heritage Night: done by Ainia, :)
(02/12 12:03:42) Heritage Night: so, yeah! :)
(02/12 12:03:47) Heritage Night: snacks in the classroom
(02/12 12:03:50) Heritage Night: drinks in the fountain
(02/12 12:04:00) Heritage Night: i don’t think we have any emergencies in the parking lot,
(02/12 12:04:04) Heritage Night: for once :P
(02/12 12:04:10) ladie pingo: Do they have skittles
(02/12 12:04:14) Heritage Night spots a bahro hiding under a sheet
(02/12 12:04:16) rapacious one shrugs
(02/12 12:04:16) rapacious one: hehehe
(02/12 12:04:21) Heritage Night: oi, hand it over little one!
(02/12 12:04:24) NoorMax: I took the Bus!
(02/12 12:04:31) Heritage Night snags the sheet and goes to return it to the table it came from
(02/12 12:04:32) Heritage Night: so!
(02/12 12:04:39) ladie pingo: Lol
(02/12 12:04:40) Heritage Night: let’s get started
(02/12 12:04:47) Heritage Night: i turn you over to Rapacious one
(02/12 12:04:52) ladie pingo claps her hands
(02/12 12:04:53) NoorMax: Let’s Rap ….
(02/12 12:04:53) rapacious one: thank you guys!
(02/12 12:04:59) Musica claps her hands
(02/12 12:05:02) ladie pingo claps her hands
(02/12 12:05:11) rapacious one: yes, thank you for the encouragement
(02/12 12:05:13) rapacious one: :)
(02/12 12:05:26) rapacious one: Thanks to Cal for managing this, doing the ushering, and the into..
(02/12 12:05:28) rapacious one: Ok…
(02/12 12:05:36) rapacious one: As I say, without further adue,
(02/12 12:06:05) rapacious one: welcome to Familiar Voices, and this week was known as that for a reason.
(02/12 12:06:34) rapacious one: One the first day, Victor laxman made a trip to Ae’gura to remove “Bob the Dalek”
(02/12 12:06:57) rapacious one: Bob was a dock meter used for measuring and monitoring the lake’s light levels, in short.
(02/12 12:07:21) rapacious one: Instead of working,
(02/12 12:07:45) rapacious one: it flickered “1”‘s and “o”‘s so although it was a dissappointment to let go, it was understood why.
(02/12 12:08:06) rapacious one: After, Nick White came to the cavern.
(02/12 12:08:22) rapacious one: He came to Watcher’s Pub.
(02/12 12:08:48) rapacious one: He had 2 messages: He got himself a new girlfriend, and Sharper was back from Noloben and acting strange.
(02/12 12:09:05) rapacious one: What Sharper did was shoot a Bahro.
(02/12 12:09:31) rapacious one: People thought about retaliation. They would find out.
(02/12 12:09:58) rapacious one: Cate Alexander was looking for him now and she came to Guild of Greeters.
(02/12 12:10:31) rapacious one: WHich you may expect as word got out.
(02/12 12:10:44) rapacious one: He then showed up in Watcher’s Sanctuary later that day.
(02/12 12:11:26) rapacious one: He was telling the explorers that there were at the least 2 sides, good and bad bahro.
(02/12 12:11:40) rapacious one: However, Sharper in a sense was in a fog.
(02/12 12:12:09) rapacious one: The fog, a “blindness”, was his anger for what had happened to Wheely, along with the Bahro faction involved.
(02/12 12:12:30) rapacious one: He made a comment that would stick with explorers.
(02/12 12:12:39) rapacious one: “It’s not like they have red and blue eyes.”
(02/12 12:13:13) rapacious one: In any event, he claimed he killed a bad bahro, and this brought terror on the explorers.
(02/12 12:14:06) rapacious one: Later that night, Victor Laxman announced from a neighborhood that all pellet scores were displays on the neighborhood imagers.
(02/12 12:14:32) rapacious one: Would that be enough though, to ease the burden?
(02/12 12:14:55) rapacious one: On day 2…
(02/12 12:15:33) rapacious one: Sharper and Nick, were in the Watcher’s Pub, talking about Sharper’s trip to Noloben, when….
(02/12 12:15:41) rapacious one: “GET BACK!!” Sharper yelled.
(02/12 12:16:15) rapacious one: On top of the imager, in front of everyone’s eyes..
(02/12 12:16:23) rapacious one: were two Bahro linking in.
(02/12 12:16:41) rapacious one: They were holding a dead Bahro.
(02/12 12:16:56) rapacious one: The corpse of the Bahro that Sharper had killed.
(02/12 12:17:29) rapacious one: This led to only one word that I can use to describe what happened: panic.
(02/12 12:18:02) rapacious one: Some explorers (being explorers) were in wonder, but “It has blue eyes!” someone said.
(02/12 12:18:32) rapacious one: Had Sharper killed a good Bahro?
(02/12 12:18:34) rapacious one: Yes.
(02/12 12:18:38) rapacious one: Based on what was known, no.
(02/12 12:19:04) rapacious one: No one knew that. It was from speculation about Sharper’s comment about eyes.
(02/12 12:19:25) rapacious one: Sharper couldn’t take it anymore, and the thought of what happened made him and Nick link out.
(02/12 12:19:38) rapacious one: “Don’t touch it,” being his last order.
(02/12 12:20:08) rapacious one: No one would ever get that close to a Bahro, anywhere else.
(02/12 12:20:16) rapacious one: Was this a sign? You bet.
(02/12 12:20:55) rapacious one: The Bahro cried on the imager top, and someone tried to touch one despite Sharper’s warning.
(02/12 12:21:10) rapacious one: It made a shriek followed by them linking out.
(02/12 12:21:16) rapacious one: After that,
(02/12 12:21:57) rapacious one: In every instance, private and public, (including: neighborhoods, the city, and Relto), were now being swarmed by Bahro appearances.
(02/12 12:22:49) rapacious one: 2 ki-mails were put out by the DRC warning explorers not to go near those Bahro and the other ki-mail was a release ki-mail…
(02/12 12:23:00) rapacious one: Kirel was about to be released.
(02/12 12:23:24) rapacious one: Cate Alexander wanted to revive the guilds.
(02/12 12:24:25) rapacious one: Alexander was there with Kodama announcing it in person too.
(02/12 12:23:50) rapacious one: You could get the shirts to show your support.
(02/12 12:25:03) rapacious one: Day 3: In Reltos, Public places, Er’cana City Silos, Private ages…
(02/12 12:25:28) rapacious one: Bahro were still appearing everywhere.
(02/12 12:25:45) rapacious one: Something funny happened in Kirel too.
(02/12 12:26:04) rapacious one: Ok explorers, we get to take a field trip.
(02/12 12:26:10) rapacious one: So I want to bring you to Kirel.
(02/12 12:29:02) Heritage Night: Let’s give it a moment
(02/12 12:29:54) rapacious one: Ok…
(02/12 12:29:59) rapacious one: How many are here? 0.0
(02/12 12:30:00) Heritage Night: Okay, we should be good
(02/12 12:30:27) rapacious one: here in Kirel
(02/12 12:30:46) Heritage Night: Welcome to Heritage Night, we’re resuming now!
(02/12 12:31:19) rapacious one: Right here, there was a little bahro that was almost playing “tag” as a child, not anything negative.
(02/12 12:31:34) rapacious one: he would vanish before your eyes and appear somewhere else like magic.
(02/12 12:32:10) rapacious one: people were running around and the max population limit had been reached. It was crowded.
(02/12 12:33:11) rapacious one: But when everyone got organised, sitting in a semi-circle,
(02/12 12:33:29) rapacious one: he left.
(02/12 12:33:54) rapacious one: so this was where Cate Alexander was, it wasn’t just a ki-mail.
(02/12 12:34:26) rapacious one: the following day came the release of Jalak Dador.
(02/12 12:35:05) rapacious one: when Jalak was released the outter shield was much different then it is today meaning, that you could lower pillars and levitate.
(02/12 12:35:30) rapacious one: the DRC fixed it.
(02/12 12:35:40) rapacious one: Saying “it was callibrated wrong.”
(02/12 12:37:44) rapacious one: on the final day, Aug. 3rd, 2007,
(02/12 12:38:06) rapacious one: Something happened, well, two things happened.
(02/12 12:38:45) rapacious one: the first being Reteltee being called by name, which the DRC doesn’t call out your name much, so he was bewildered.
(02/12 12:39:13) rapacious one: he was summoned and declared as the “Official Guild Adviser.”
(02/12 12:39:49) rapacious one: it was in a meeting with Marie Sutherland in the official DRC Bevin…
(02/12 12:40:55) rapacious one: Phend (Phil Henderson) was a ResEng.
(02/12 12:41:22) rapacious one: ResEng’, or, Restoration Engineer, for short, means what it is.
(02/12 12:41:34) rapacious one: he would check barriers or support beams and be all around helpful.
(02/12 12:42:45) rapacious one: If you look up the deffinition, thats whtat they are, help for the community.
(02/12 12:43:25) rapacious one: According to explorers “hippie” was a tame way to describe him.
(02/12 12:44:00) rapacious one: If ResEng’s even had those cool blue safety hats, Phil was that one guy who didn’t wear one, let’s put it that way.
(02/12 12:44:31) rapacious one: During and up untill a collapse that changed Phil, he was still “normal.”
(02/12 12:45:12) rapacious one: One minute, he was inspecting a wall on the guild hall, up top, and the next: a smashed KI. It was assumed that Phil was dead.
(02/12 12:45:58) rapacious one: So it was weird that on the final day of Familiar Voices that his KI-signal popped up.
(02/12 12:46:27) rapacious one: The name was phend appeared on the KI.
(02/12 12:46:54) rapacious one: At the same time, the silloutte of a man was seen on the Tokotah Building.
(02/12 12:47:35) rapacious one: right after that, more Bahro appeared in the plaza.
(02/12 12:47:59) rapacious one: phend himself was back,
(02/12 12:48:20) rapacious one: In the Yeesha jersey he dissapeared in.
(02/12 12:48:58) rapacious one: Phil talked random nonsense for a while, then Sharper appeared, now apologizing and having a reunion with Phil. They Discussed the Bahro he shot. A Good one that had jumped in the path of the bad one that he had lined up.
(02/12 12:49:36) rapacious one: Sharper said he was sorry for taking the relto book when Phil was pronounced dead.
(02/12 12:50:24) rapacious one: The Apology was accepted, however, Phil was being his very cryptic self, and through those ramblings, we now knew that Bahro were fighting across all the ages.
(02/12 12:50:54) rapacious one: Sharper decided to cancel his return trip to Noloben.
(02/12 12:51:25) rapacious one: As Phil put it: “The skys were dark with their wings.”
(02/12 12:51:51) rapacious one: This is why it’s important we understand what happened when Sharper shot the Bahro.
(02/12 12:52:51) rapacious one: The Bahro that Sharper, clouded by hate, had wanted to shoot was Wheely’s killer, yes, but by now we can see what kind of mayhem that would have caused…
(02/12 12:53:10) rapacious one: Even the thought of Sharper’s strike did this.
(02/12 12:53:47) rapacious one: and that’s how the week came to and end, with Phil’s Cryptic messages.
(02/12 12:54:36) rapacious one: thanks for listening!
(02/12 12:54:52) rapacious one bows
(02/12 12:54:56) k_i_t_t_e_n claps her hands
(02/12 12:54:59) Tom(Samoth) claps his hands
(02/12 12:54:59) DimensionTravelerCalum: thank you for coming everyone,
(02/12 12:55:00) Wild Iris claps her hands
(02/12 12:55:01) Ti’ahna claps her hands
(02/12 12:55:01) Dr.Whoover claps his hands
(02/12 12:55:02) Christian Walther claps his hands
(02/12 12:55:05) K’hibu claps his hands
(02/12 12:55:06) NoorMax claps his hands
(02/12 12:55:06) Archery bows
(02/12 12:55:08) DimensionTravelerCalum: Please do check out our website after the show
(02/12 12:55:11) k_i_t_t_e_n claps her hands
(02/12 12:55:11) Ti’ahna cheers
(02/12 12:55:11) Mai Ye claps her hands
(02/12 12:55:14) DimensionTravelerCalum: Heritagenight.wordpress.com
(02/12 12:55:17) rapacious one: thanx to everyone on this list
(02/12 12:55:19) rapacious one: For making it
(02/12 12:55:21) rapacious one: :)
(02/12 12:55:25) NoorMax: Well done, Rap!
(02/12 12:55:25) rapacious one: I soooo appreciate it guys
(02/12 12:55:26) DimensionTravelerCalum: And give ainia’s Heritage Document journal a look at!
(02/12 12:55:26) Musica claps her hands
(02/12 12:55:27) Thumbs up from KaajaLaroo
(02/12 12:55:28) Wild Iris: thank you very much
(02/12 12:55:31) DimensionTravelerCalum: Rel.to/historydoc :)
(02/12 12:55:31) ladie pingo claps her hands
(02/12 12:56:18) …Chat.log stopped.


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