So… I was looking at the hits for this site, and I noticed one of the referred to links was from Wikipedia.

Just read this:

Uru Live Again

On February 8, 2010, Cyan Worlds announced the return of Myst Online under the new title “Myst Online: URU Live Again”. The game is now running a live server and is being advertised as entirely free to play.[18] Until MO:RE is released, MOULAgain won’t be hosting any new content.

Fans are, however, attempting to revitalize the community through existing means. One notable example is the inclusion of an experimental Artificial Intelligence called OHBot [2], named after his creator’s avatar OHB, or in-game events such as heritage night [3]. Also, attempts are being made to revitalize the community through generous donations from those that wish to contribute, which are measured using Cyan’s CAVCON meter.

…Heritage Night is on Wikipedia. It’s one line, Sure.. But…


This one tiny line has caught me completely off guard!  0_0

…I just have to ask…


EDIT: Okay: letting this sink in a bit…

How did I manage to get on Wikipedia? I’m sure there are a LOT more interesting events in URU that should be more upfront on the page… Maybe it’s just ’cause I have a website people can link to? But even so, I’m sure there are other sites with other ongoing events…


This is making my head spin. >_<;


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