Heritage Night at Mysterium?

I’m planing on going to Mysterium this year, so, the thought hit me over the weekend to maybe sign up and do a Live HN there at the convention at some point, like the Special one I did for the anniversary week a few weeks back.

Anyone got any thoughts on it?  Should I go through with it? Should I do a regular HN or should I do a Memory HN like the Anniversary week special?

Seriously! I want to know! Everyone I’ve brought this up with so far has had one thing to say:


Quite literally, I have not heard anything about it back from them, almost like everyone went AFK at the exact same time!  :(

So Please! Do Let me know what you think of the idea! Just leave a comment, YAY or NAY.

Simple as that.



2 responses to “Heritage Night at Mysterium?

  1. I think having a Memory HN from Mysterium would be a great idea! Where is Mysterium this year? ,,,is it decided yet?

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