Grimhilde Strikes Back

I’m sorry to bring up a personal rant on this site, but It needs to be said, on public record, for the good of all.

Dear ‘Grimhilde’,

I’ve recently learned that you made a video of ‘world records’ that involves me, twice.

I’m Honored, really, by the second one. Hell, I KNOW I Ramble on some times more than I probably should, and I TRY to correct that when I can. Call me boring? That’s fine. Say I can make people Insane, however,  is by far a long shot. But I laughed when I read that one.

But this isn’t the main reason for this.

Besides the fact that you continue to dis other explorers, many of whom I consider to be friends, the fact that you made me your FIRST Target in this video is…

Shocking, and also, not something I can easily let slide.

No, not the fact that you chose me to be the first ‘record holder’ in your little book. No, not the fact that it’s basically a re-statement of the SECOND complaint about me. No, it’s the simple fact that you had the NERV to talk bad about Heritage Night.
Have you even CHECKED the history of this– Wait. No. I already know the answer to that.

You don’t care about facts at all. If you did, you wouldn’t have put a big fat “WHO THE *CENSORED* CARES” as a “Record” for a Door Run.

You don’t care about the facts, Grim. As a historian, That is something I Can NOT let pass by without note.

Grim, I thought you used to be a nice person. Then I found out about your videos.

To slam multiple people like this? I can let it slide with a simmering boil of anger. But to slam an Event of which I INHERITED off of the shoulders of someone else?


I can’t allow it.

Not on my life.

Grim, I don’t care WHAT you do with your life, so long as it’s something productive.

THESE VIDEOS, however, are NOT productive in the least.

I make myself useful in the Cavern. Heritage Night is an event that betters the community, and brings people in. I have personal issues against myself that I never share with anyone. I live with them, however, and work through them internally. Hell, managing Heritage Night has probably helped me work through more things then I could count.

All I have to say here is some friendly advice:

You lose more support by being a liar than you gain.

You may like being alone, instead of together, but that is no excuse for acting out and slandering people.

But you know what?

I don’t see someone who hates for the sake of hating.

I see someone who’s calling out for help.

I see that, and I forgive you for it.

Shall we drop all of this nonsense, Grim?


Calum Traveler.


One response to “Grimhilde Strikes Back

  1. love you cal

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