OOC: Clashing Cannons with regards to Groups Vs. Individuals

I try to stay out of forum chatter, but I’d just like to use this post as an example here for better behavior for all, both IC and OOC.

I tried to keep this brief, but it kinda got away from me again. Just skip to the TL:DR at the end in friendly green font for the main point.


In my line of work as a self-trained historian, I’ve found that no one person is EVER 100% correct on anything. In the linked to post, we have a member of the D’ni Research Association, the “DRA” for short, giving a comment on Larry’s musings on the aspects of Teledahn.

While I’m fine with groups and administrations pointing out errors within the minute details, the things which often get misinterpreted anyways, I don’t think that dismissing the fact that Teledahn’s sun ACTUALLY passes in front of a ridge (Which is documented in picture from a Different angle from which the representative protesting it being “lens flare” posted) is something that should be let pass, especially considering that it CAN be seen from the Power Telescope.

Yes, I GET that it’s a game limitation of the way the sun is made in Teledahn, but that doesn’t give you the right to say it’s just “Lens Flare” When you can SEE that “radiant part of the disk” from the power-scope and, to boot, that is done FROM the perspective of the Age itself without using external Hover-cams or airplanes.

Just because your Head cannon ideas about ages clash does NOT give you the right to publicly bully them into recanting their ideas, especially when you come off as a  representative of an organization.

I’m open t0 all ideas and all theories and all head-cannons as a representative of the Heritage Night event. I won’t go bashing someone else’s ideas because it argues with my group’s ideas, but because it clashes personally, and I try to MAKE that distinction when it comes up.  The thing is, claiming that you “Know better” just because your group’s been around longer than this one person doesn’t give you the right to heckle other’s ideas.

If you have a problem with someone’s ideas, claim it to be clashing with YOUR OWN ideas, and not backing it behind your group. You’re just going to come off as being rude otherwise and give your WHOLE group a bad name.

That said, don’t hide behind organizations to argue with people. That’s being cowardly and being prideful, and, In my opinion, that is what is wrong with the world today: Too Much Big Business Bulling Little People.

As I said at the beginning, correcting the LITTLE ideas is fine- and I don’t have much of a problem with that post in general- But dismissing a MAJOR fact, with documented pictures, ESPECIALLY in public view is just being rude and hurtful.

Finally, I think I’ll close this with this one final thing:

I know the thread in question is an IC thread, but Please, for the love of D’ni, please DO NOT place these rebuttals in PUBLIC VIEW.  I don’t care if it’s IC or not. You simply DO NOT put this sort of thing in public. If you have a problem with something someone’s said, take it out over PM, not in the person’s thread. 

They’re more likely to respond well over a polite PM conversation over a public rebuttal, and, as I said before, you’re just sullying your group’s reputation by doing it as a ‘representative’ on a PUBLIC Forum thread.

Please, that’s all I ask.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.



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