Meet the New SOPA: CISPA

SO: They’re trying to push the newest and latest thing through backdoor policies. The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, or CISPA, would obliterate any semblance of online privacy in the United States; CISPA would provide a victory for content owners who were shell-shocked by the unprecedented outpouring of activism in opposition to SOPA and Internet censorship (That was us, by the way).

The House of Representatives is planning to take up CISPA later this month. Click here to ask your lawmakers to oppose it.

SOPA was pushed as a remedy to the supposed economic threat of online piracy — but economic fear-mongering didn’t quite do the trick, so those concerned about copyright are up to their old tricks again, appending their legislation to a bill that most Americans will assume is about keeping them safe from bad guys.

This so-called cyber security bill aims to prevent theft of “government information” and “intellectual property” and could let ISPs block your access to websites — or the whole Internet. CISPA also encourages companies to share information about you with the government and other corporations.

That data could then be used for just about anything — from prosecuting crimes to ad placements.

And perhaps worst of all, CISPA supercedes all other online privacy protections.

So, if you’re like me and don’t want to see the internet completely TROUNCED By some backdoor deal, click here and send a letter. Just incase you’re curious, here’s what I sent in:

CISPA would obliterate privacy protections online and let ISPs block Americans’ access to websites — much like SOPA. Please vote against it.

Furthermore, while SOAP could be considered TOLERABLE by some folk, this CISPA would completely violate any freedoms that I MAY still have felt should SOPA had passed.

That is to say: I’d not feel welcome as a US Citizen should CISPA Pass.

That’s right. I Actually Said that. I really WOULD NOT feel safe at all as a Citizen of the United States should ANY Form of Internet Censorship bill pass. In fact, I’d be willing to go so far as to move to another country, perhaps even to a deserted island with my own private internet connection that no ISP could block me from using. This is all just hypothetical at the moment, but this is really how I feel about it! And I hope you all feel the same way.

Let’s make sure, that even if the world DOES end this December, that we kept the internet free and open and uncensored for all to see and use!


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