SO, to give a bit of an  explanation…

For some bizarre reason, last night when I had to hurriedly turn my computer off, it didn’t shut down right.

So, all night long, this laptop of mine was running on battery power sitting alone for who knows how long. When I turn it on this morning, on battery with now power plugged in, the power icon flashes and it refuses to turn on.

That was the start of the last… 12% charging time’s worth of restoring Webbrowsing pages and running a virus scan. I don’t know what happened or why. But i’m annoyed. :/

Also, I’ve lost about 70% of my normal web-browsing reference cluster. I’ve got MOST of the links saved to a word-document from before this, but there was some more recent stuff that I haven’t gotten added to it that’s pretty much lost to the history folder. I’m trying to search through that now to find what I lost but…

I’m annoyed.


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