Mysterium 2012!

It’s official, I”M going to Mysterium this year! Now the question remains: Will Heritage Night?

Since my initial request for stories and memories I’ve received exactly:


Since then. Now I’m not complaining, I’ve been considering doing a different type of HN since then, and I’m officially ‘closing’ the request for memories/stories.  Poof! Gone! Almost like it was never there!

(But it was.)

Now putting that aside. I have YET to hear from the Mysterium Committee as to whether or not there’s an opening in the schedule for a HN event. If I don’t hear anything before I have to leave, I’m going to assume I don’t have any obligations to perform and that’s that.

If I do hear from them, well, you’ll know soon enough. Anyways, I have some theories as to what I can do for a Mysterium HN, if I get my hands on some particular files soon enough, You’ll be hearing me do a recap of events that I haven’t done before.  If I don’t I’ll probably JUST be doing the HN that’s supposed to be scheduled normally for that week.

So yeah. Wheee! Mysterium!

OH Also! I’m auditioning for a voice acting roll in a forum project! Wish me Luck! :)



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