Sched. Update

The following is the tentative Schedule for Heritage Night, Sundays, 12:00.

HOSTS WANTED! (Contact KI# 203751 for info!)

HN-07.01.12.Prologue Night A {???}
HN-07.08.12.Prologue Night B {???}
HN-07.15.12.The Scream Night {???}
HN-07.22.12.The Scars Night {???}
HN-07.29.12.A New Light Night {???}
HN-08.05/12.12.Familiar Voices Night {???}
HN-08.12/19.12.A Deception Night {???}
HN-08.19/26.12.An Exodus Night {???}

The dates on the /’d weeks are UNSURE DATES. Because I have no clue what’s going on with Mysterium.


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