The Delay Reason – One of Those Days

Today was just one of those days that just didn’t want to behave with me. Several times throughout, something odd would happen which wouldn’t have on normal days, even after I decided to not do HN today.

Because I haven’t gotten any responses to my call for hosting (Maybe I should change the job names around a bit?), today I would have HAD to host, and after the events leading into my decision (Hoods not working, door runs not cooperating, a random person I don’t know {Possibly} yelling at me to “shut up” {In not so nice words} after I’ve only said two or three lines of text, on an avvie I don’t even properly USE half the time, nonetheless, as if they knew me), I was just put in a bad mood that, even right now, still kind of lingers.

So I’m giving a call out RIGHT NOW for future Heritage Nights:


I’m planning on doing the next one on my own, so don’t worry, but I need people who are willing to host HN on the future weeks of this round! I’m not up for it this time.

I’m putting it out here right now, Send me an email, leave a comment on this post, just PLEASE Message me if you’re interested in hosting a HN! I’ll explain the revised details of it a bit clearer in a later post (A bit too late at night right now for me to get my thoughts together right now), but If You’ve hosted a HN Before, or are interested in doing one in future, PLEASE.

I’m not one to beg, but I am. I can’t do this job on my own. Not any more.



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