NOTE: The rules have changed since I have taken over the event. I’ve preserved the old changes but crossed them out, that way “old timers” can see what’s changed and if the old admins want things back The way it was. they can easly do so.


  • This Roll is of medium importance in the grand scheme of things, as it’s become a major part of the event over the years.
  • The Usher simply tells explorers linking into the hood when the show starts (1 Hour Before up to show time) and where it will be (The Community Room just up the stairs from the fountain.)
  • This roll is covered on the Sunday Heritage Nights by either H.N. Usher or DTC himself. But the roll may open up suddenly if either is not available.
  • I’m the only person running the event, so they can’t really be an usher. The timeing for when doors open and when the events start will be different and I go into more details about that at the end of this page.


  • The Speaker (Split from Host) of the evening is the person who tells the story of the evening. It is BY FAR the most important part in the grand scheme of things. It’s what everyone comes to hear, isn’t it?
  • The Speaker will tell a particular part of the history of URU LIVE, condensed originally by the MOUL1 “Episodes” into a more manageable weekly format 2010 – now MOULa. I will be the primary speaker for most of the events but they may be a seconder speaker.
  • The Speaker is free to tell the events of the given week in their own words, and is encouraged to do their own research into the events! There will be no journal, at the moment, I haven’t thought that far ahead. However, a vital piece of documentation is the Heritage Document Journal, which shows the standard week breaks of a standard Heritage Night round. 
  • People looking to Speak at a Heritage Night are encouraged to write their night out before hand, as to give themselves a rough guideline to use when Speaking to the crowd.
  • Be sure to use /autoshout and /startlog before you begin Speaking!
  • We don’t care if you were present for the original events that you’re telling or not! Just be sure that you are VERY Familiar with the material that you are about to cover!


  • EACH event should appear in the MOUla events forums, so that they can be found by new players, not just reacurring ones.


  • Heritage Night Rounds are the groupings of sessions, now typically 8 Heritage Night’s to a Round, with occasional breaks between Rounds.
  • Rounds are currently marked off by beginning with Prologue half A, and ending with MOUL1 Episode: Exodus. However, once events in Cavern begin picking up again, this may change to include events that have occurred in MOULa.


There is a NEW FORMAT!!!

1. Doors open before the events starts. The event will start with the speaker(me) speaking.

2. The speaker will tell a story. They might be more then one speaker, in that case either the speakers will cowardanate how they tell the story togeather. Or one primary speaker will “talk” and the other will PM him, when he has something too add.(I will drop this if it’s more annoying then useful).

3. They will be a Q & A section, at this point, people can ask the speaker about the story they told. Wait for me to answer a question before asking a new one.

Instructions will be given on the MOULa forums if an event will use a different format.

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