With Regards

With regards and respect to those still involved in the Myst Movie project, and combined with the factors of: the MPAA’s involvement in SOPA and PIPA and other censorship projects; and the extradition of a so called ‘criminal’ in a country that doesn’t even follow US copyright laws…

I’m swearing off movies entirely. I don’t care if the Myst Movie (if ever made) is the best movie of all time…The events that lead into it’s creation would just sit wrong with me.

Don’t get me wrong, movies are cool and all, but the way Hollywood goes about MAKING them is all wrong. If you read Adrian’s post on the Myst Movie blog, the whole process of Hollywood’s movie making will no doubt strike you as wrong as well.

And Cyan? I’m especially disappointed in your actions as well. Here you had two people willing to make a GREAT Movie and…What? You just turned your backs on them? Is that the message you want to send to your fans, who have stuck by you YEAR AFTER YEAR without reward??

I’m sorry, but I’ve invested my LIFE into your games. I’ve grown up on them. To see this kind of turn…even if it was almost a year ago…come to light just strikes me as Wrong. It’s as if you’ve turned on the very principles you’ve taught us to live by.

In a way, this is like telling a child that he’s adopted, then telling that same child that Santa Claus wasn’t real after they’ve spent years believing and writing letters, and even THEN telling that child that his whole life was just a BIG EXPERIMENT in a Truman Show Plot and that his show Just. Got. CANCELED.

It’s like ripping the moral foundation for that child’s whole reason to exist out from underneath him. But you don’t care do you? Right now all you guys are interested in is your ‘retirement.’ :/ Bravo Cyan. Bra. Vo.

You know, I’ve briefly entertained the thought of leaving URU cause of this. But unlike the other people who you’ve turned on, and scorned so badly that they’ve LEFT the community entirely, I’m not going to do that. I’m going to keep on trucking along.

‘Cause you know something? The cavern would be empty with out people like me. People who stay in the game every single DAY. People who come on and play around in a static world.

That’s why I’m posting this on the HN site instead of my OOC blog. Because it affects everyone if I decided to leave. This project would vanish into inactivity and you’d never see it come back again because there’s NO-ONE who helps me with this.

But it’s not going to do that because I’m not a quitter. I am NOT a quitter.



One response to “With Regards

  1. We do appreciate what you do Cal!

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