Re: Stress

You might have noticed a bit of…stress/anger/negativity/frustration in that last post. And yeah, I was. I lived, up until this summer, with a lot of stress from school. Even with that main source removed, I still find my life under more pressure from people expecting me to go to college (*flat*Woot.*/flat* Big surprise there.) and the stress left over from other misc. things.

Another thing: Since I put out the call for potential HN days, I’ve only gotten one volunteer… This morning in fact.  So look at the timeline for this, if you have the courage to do such. [EDIT: 4 days? Ok. That’s better than I thought it was.] We’ll see about what comes up. The idea suggested so far seems to be a good one to me. So if we go through with it, you’ll be seeing a post sometime soon.

Putting this aside however, There’s n0 need to worry about me leaving cause I’m angered with things. If anything, the only thing that’ll keep me from D’ni is a power outage and/or lack of internet, and I’ll be SURE to let you all know if the latter is going to be predictable. So yeah. That’s about that with this update. Oh- Wait. I almost forgot.

DUTCH Translations of the Heritage Document Journal are ALMOST Done! You’ll be seeing both full text and PDF versions something in the near future. :) So keep your eyes open. Finally, going off of THIS curious little thing, I might put out a request soon to find Ukrainian explorers who would be willing to translate the journal for their country. ‘Cause having a version in every major language is going to make this a whole lot easier for folks to understand.

Also, since Russian Translations are only 3/8ths done, I’m going to see if I can get someone to finish up the remaining 5/8ths of the Russian plain text document in the future.

Ok I think I’ve rambled on for enough now, so…





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