To Whomever Dreams Concern

To: Cyan Worlds, Whomever it may concern, be they Executives, Historians, or Programmers.
From: (Calum Traveler)
Subject: Dear Cyan – A dream to whomever it may concern.
I write to you today simply to just get my words off of my chest. My only request is that you share this with whomever may still be involved with the URU project, and if you feel that more should hear this, spread it along.
As one who has had to study the history of the in-game Cavern for a while now, I’ve had to re-tell the same events over and over again and at one point things just start to click into place.  I’m a simple person, I’ve lived a simple, happy life, relatively free of Strife, part of which I credit to the Myst Series, which I’ve grown up with.
I’ve come to see URU as more than just a game- It’s my home. I’ve grown up with this Cavern, and the ages, and everything that is a part of the Myst franchise. And I’ve grown to see the in-story history for what it is and what it can be. And at the moment, I’m seeing nothing but history repeating.
At the moment, many explorers feel that we aren’t retaining crowds like we should, they feel that we aren’t getting the changes necessary to keep the Cavern Alive. At the time of writing, the CavCon meter is at level 3, having come down from 4.
I’m not one of those people who nay-say doom and claim that URU is dying- On the contrary. I see that the cavern still lives and breaths, gaining new life every day. When I see the Cavern- When I see D’ni- I see not a digital world, I see life, waiting to bloom. I see a bird, waiting to spread its wings.
To be fair, I can see where you, at Cyan, are coming from when you’ve done some of your more recent things. You, at your very base, are a company just trying to make even. I can let some things slide with this in mind…But currently there’s one thing- just a suggestion, nothing more- that I would like to address.
I recently saw the movie Footloose, and one of it’s central themes was letting go of what was important- to have the trust that the teens of the town would do what they knew was right. The other theme was Change, and accepting it. As we’ve no doubt seen many times in the past, both of these have shown up in URU’s history.
What I’ve come to talk to you today is something simple, plain, and honest. I don’t mean to be degrading, I don’t mean to be demeaning, I don’t even mean to be cruel. This is just how I feel about things at the moment, and I think you should at least hear what someone whose very life has been tied up to this game at the seams has to say.
I feel like- at the moment- Cyan Worlds is treating the fans of URU like children who do not have the trust they deserve. I feel, like as in the movie I mentioned before, that Cyan Worlds has been trying to keep us from Dancing freely, to have the choices to do what we want to do naturally.
In story, I feel like the DRC have seen this point, having taken Yeesha’s Journey, and having seen even more things than we have seen. In story, you’ve set up the DRC as simply Explorers now, just like the rest of us, only with slightly better access and understanding of things. In story, the DRC have left us on our own, unsupervised beyond a few watchful eyes.
In reality, I feel like we are being kept back- and I know many others feel the same way. Over the years since MOUL1’s closure, we’ve lost fans. Plenty of brilliantly minded, charming, and innovative people have left this community feeling scorned, wronged, and personally attacked by those they looked up to and respected. (I don’t need to mention their names, you know who they are.) It sickens me to see all the others who have remained despite these losses, and have become bitter over it. It saddens me to see those who still cling on to the past, hoping to see things become as they once were, even though that doing such is hurting the community and the desert bird longing to fly that I now see URU as being.
Many feel this way- and the damage, sadly, has already been done. We may never see those who have been wronged return to the game at large, and it makes my gut feel as if a knife has been twisted inside of it at knowing that the games I’ve grown up with have caused such pain and misery.  So Cyan, think of me what you will for writing this letter- be it a vengeful traitor, a solemn hypocrite, a crazy inventor, a dreaming child, an insane ranter- but let it be said that I don’t rightly care what anyone thinks of me.
I am writing this letter because I want you to know how I stand on things. Whether my thoughts be wrong or not. This is just how I feel on things. So, I’m just going to get on with it.
Cyan, I dreamed a dream. A dream of a cavern that had no restrictions, a cavern that had an ever changing environment- new ages, new discoveries, constant explorations of things that were thought impossible. And all of it started by a bird being released from its cage by its caring parents.
Metaphor or not, I see these parents holding onto their child for a lifetime too long, and not realizing how much pain it caused their child to be held back by the back of their shirt collar. Make of my ramblings what you will…But I hold onto this dream. A dream of a Christmas Kahlo, a dream of Bahro and explorers dancing together on the rooftops of some unknown part of D’ni, a dream of a life not spent wondering of ‘what-if’s and ‘could-have-been’s.
I dream of a desert bird, flying freely through the air, ignoring even a raging storm’s wind and weather, simply enjoying the feeling of just flying.
I dream that on the day that the cage is truly opened… That the bird can fly free with out harm.
To end this, I think I should quote an old adage…
If you love something, release it, and if it returns, you know it will love you back.
Peace to you, Movers of great things. May good tailwinds follow you in your endeavors.
_DimensionTravlerCalum (KI#203751)
——–Life Long Explorer, Self-taught Historian, and Patient Dreamer.

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