Heritage Night 47

HN 47

(08/26 11:58:59) Chat.log started…
(08/26 11:59:21) Heritage Night: Hm,
(08/26 11:59:25) Heritage Night: Smaller crowd than usual
(08/26 11:59:39) Heritage Night: Ah, now they come in…
(08/26 12:00:15) Olrick140: hello
(08/26 12:00:22) Scarchu: Shorah
(08/26 12:00:24) H.N. Usher: Shorah! Welcome to Hertiage Night.
(08/26 12:02:04) Heritage Night: please come to the community room everyone
(08/26 12:02:27) Nykolai holds cone to ear
(08/26 12:02:31) Heritage Night: Right,
(08/26 12:02:39) Heritage Night: I guess i’ll do the intro and announcements
(08/26 12:02:47) Heritage Night: First up
(08/26 12:02:53) Heritage Night: If this is your first time here,
(08/26 12:02:56) Heritage Night: Check out our website,
(08/26 12:03:02) Heritage Night: HeritageNight.wordpress.com
(08/26 12:03:03) Nykolai says sorry scarchu
(08/26 12:03:30) Heritage Night: there’s also the heritage documents journal
(08/26 12:03:33) Heritage Night: At rel.to/historydoc
(08/26 12:03:51) Heritage Night: But the link can also be found on our website as well
(08/26 12:04:09) Heritage Night: Right…
(08/26 12:04:10) Heritage Night: So…
(08/26 12:04:18) Heritage Night: i was hoping to have my host avvie back in by now…
(08/26 12:04:25) Heritage Night: Right…so…
(08/26 12:04:29) Heritage Night: Guess we’ll start
(08/26 12:04:40) Heritage Night: in the weeks and months past,
(08/26 12:04:53) Heritage Night: We’d learned that there was a bahro civil war going on,
(08/26 12:05:07) Heritage Night: And had heard so from someone who had seen it with his own eyes.
(08/26 12:05:11) Heritage Night: Phil Henderson
(08/26 12:05:13) Heritage Night: He was a…
(08/26 12:05:17) Heritage Night: Wacky kind of person
(08/26 12:05:45) Heritage Night: how wacky?
(08/26 12:05:46) Heritage Night: Well..
(08/26 12:05:59) Heritage Night: this particular week began with him wandering around a hood,
(08/26 12:06:04) Heritage Night: Mumbling about “The colors”
(08/26 12:06:37) Heritage Night: Okay, DTC KI is working now,
(08/26 12:06:42) Heritage Night: Hopefully the KIboard will work
(08/26 12:06:43) Heritage Night: ^_^;
(08/26 12:06:54) Heritage Night: Heh…
(08/26 12:07:23) DimensionTravelerCalum: Now where was I?
(08/26 12:07:27) DimensionTravelerCalum: ^_^;
(08/26 12:07:33) PeterC: Phil
(08/26 12:07:36) DimensionTravelerCalum: right
(08/26 12:07:37) DimensionTravelerCalum: Phil.
(08/26 12:07:38) Nykolai colors
(08/26 12:07:51) DimensionTravelerCalum: He was going through the light gardens, playing with the controls
(08/26 12:07:55) DimensionTravelerCalum: All the while asking
(08/26 12:08:01) DimensionTravelerCalum: “Will he like the colors?”
(08/26 12:08:26) DimensionTravelerCalum: As he wandered from hood to hood
(08/26 12:08:29) DimensionTravelerCalum: This mystery grew
(08/26 12:08:33) DimensionTravelerCalum: “colors?”
(08/26 12:08:36) DimensionTravelerCalum: And again with all the
(08/26 12:08:38) DimensionTravelerCalum: “He”
(08/26 12:08:40) DimensionTravelerCalum: References.
(08/26 12:08:50) DimensionTravelerCalum: He, him, whoever
(08/26 12:08:58) DimensionTravelerCalum: Phil said that HE was coming back
(08/26 12:09:20) DimensionTravelerCalum: And that he liked certain colors the best
(08/26 12:09:29) DimensionTravelerCalum: Either phil was incredibly cryptic…
(08/26 12:09:39) DimensionTravelerCalum: Or he’d been on the teledahn shrooms one too many times.
(08/26 12:10:07) DimensionTravelerCalum: phil’s ‘march of colors’
(08/26 12:10:09) DimensionTravelerCalum: Ended in Kirel
(08/26 12:10:15) DimensionTravelerCalum: Where some explorers realized
(08/26 12:10:24) DimensionTravelerCalum: Phil was talking about the guilds!
(08/26 12:10:47) DimensionTravelerCalum: Soon after Phil left, Cate Alexander arrived in Kirel,
(08/26 12:10:56) DimensionTravelerCalum: She announced that the Guild Pubs were being opened,
(08/26 12:11:14) DimensionTravelerCalum: And that access to each pub would be defined by the colored shirts that could be chosen
(08/26 12:11:35) DimensionTravelerCalum: Explorers however tried to ask her about the bahro war
(08/26 12:11:49) DimensionTravelerCalum: Cate obviously had been hearing a lot about it and was getting tired of it,
(08/26 12:12:09) DimensionTravelerCalum: Especially considering her reveal of the pubs was being overshadowed by this ‘war’
(08/26 12:12:17) DimensionTravelerCalum: She claimed that she’d believe a war when she saw it.
(08/26 12:12:38) DimensionTravelerCalum: a stupid claim,
(08/26 12:12:42) DimensionTravelerCalum: But one that fit with her.
(08/26 12:12:53) DimensionTravelerCalum: So the day marched on,
(08/26 12:13:00) DimensionTravelerCalum: Phil made more ‘he likes color’ appearances
(08/26 12:13:10) DimensionTravelerCalum: And then Sharper himself claimed to have MET this “HE”
(08/26 12:13:23) DimensionTravelerCalum: In a meeting at Watcher’s, Sharper claimed that we’d like who “He” was,
(08/26 12:13:30) DimensionTravelerCalum: And that we should listen for when “He”arrived.
(08/26 12:13:39) DimensionTravelerCalum: Sharper was having fun at our being in the dark!
(08/26 12:13:49) DimensionTravelerCalum: But, all was not for jokes,
(08/26 12:14:26) DimensionTravelerCalum: Sharper said that he was releasing his old Spyroom as a ‘useful place’ incase the war came to D’ni.
(08/26 12:14:47) DimensionTravelerCalum: the spyroom was a place sharper had used during the first restoration,
(08/26 12:15:00) DimensionTravelerCalum: To spy on the DRC, when they were still based in Tokotah.
(08/26 12:15:18) DimensionTravelerCalum: Of course, the place was practically useless now…
(08/26 12:15:28) DimensionTravelerCalum: Other than the fact that it held Phil’s old relto book inside.
(08/26 12:15:50) DimensionTravelerCalum: The Spyroom was a place explorers had stumbled upon in the down time between restorations,
(08/26 12:16:03) DimensionTravelerCalum: sharper realized in an old, now missing journal,
(08/26 12:16:08) DimensionTravelerCalum: That the place wasn’t secure at all,
(08/26 12:16:18) DimensionTravelerCalum: But he also realized that we’d KNOW where it was,
(08/26 12:16:25) DimensionTravelerCalum: He didn’t tell us where or when
(08/26 12:16:37) DimensionTravelerCalum: But we knew that the spyroom was in the same old place.
(08/26 12:16:52) DimensionTravelerCalum: and it was.
(08/26 12:17:00) DimensionTravelerCalum: Phil’s old relto…
(08/26 12:17:03) DimensionTravelerCalum: Is a bit of a relic,
(08/26 12:17:16) DimensionTravelerCalum: When the Great Scream transformed the Relto instances,
(08/26 12:17:18) DimensionTravelerCalum: Reset them,
(08/26 12:17:23) DimensionTravelerCalum: Phil’s relto was left untouched.
(08/26 12:17:31) DimensionTravelerCalum: It held onto it’s form,
(08/26 12:17:43) DimensionTravelerCalum: Quite a gal, that relto.
(08/26 12:17:45) DimensionTravelerCalum: Heh…
(08/26 12:17:52) DimensionTravelerCalum: Of course,
(08/26 12:18:10) DimensionTravelerCalum: News of phil’s relto was quickly over shadowed by a familiar face appearing in the city.
(08/26 12:18:13) DimensionTravelerCalum: Michael Engberg,
(08/26 12:18:27) DimensionTravelerCalum: Last seen months prior, heading for Descent after the death of his daughter,
(08/26 12:18:34) DimensionTravelerCalum: Heard muttering the name “Watson”…
(08/26 12:18:36) DimensionTravelerCalum: Was back.
(08/26 12:18:56) DimensionTravelerCalum: Of course, he was in Ae’gura…
(08/26 12:19:05) DimensionTravelerCalum: Where everyone was glad to see him…
(08/26 12:19:13) DimensionTravelerCalum: Only to overwhelm him with questions.
(08/26 12:19:27) DimensionTravelerCalum: Engberg soon left,
(08/26 12:19:36) DimensionTravelerCalum: Just in time to miss Marie Sutherland linking in,
(08/26 12:19:41) DimensionTravelerCalum: Hoping to find him,
(08/26 12:19:52) DimensionTravelerCalum: But before he did leave,
(08/26 12:19:58) DimensionTravelerCalum: He told us that he wasn’t phil’s “HE”
(08/26 12:20:19) DimensionTravelerCalum: Late, late in the night of that same day.
(08/26 12:20:23) DimensionTravelerCalum: Someone else returned.
(08/26 12:20:28) DimensionTravelerCalum: dr. Richard Watson.
(08/26 12:20:38) DimensionTravelerCalum: The head of the DRC back in the olden days.
(08/26 12:20:45) DimensionTravelerCalum: The man was wandering the city,
(08/26 12:20:51) DimensionTravelerCalum: Collecting his Nexus links!
(08/26 12:21:02) DimensionTravelerCalum: He talked to explorers as he walked,
(08/26 12:21:16) DimensionTravelerCalum: Explaining that he was most likely the “He” Phil had mentioned
(08/26 12:21:37) DimensionTravelerCalum: Watson told us that the two had been spending time with the Bahro,
(08/26 12:21:55) DimensionTravelerCalum: Watson was not as good as communicating with the bahro as Phil was,
(08/26 12:22:05) DimensionTravelerCalum: But he could confirm that Phil’s claims of a war were real.
(08/26 12:22:13) DimensionTravelerCalum: A war which the good bahro were losing.
(08/26 12:22:32) DimensionTravelerCalum: Watson then excused himself to prepare a speech
(08/26 12:22:37) DimensionTravelerCalum: Which he would deliver later,
(08/26 12:22:41) DimensionTravelerCalum: And then left…
(08/26 12:22:53) DimensionTravelerCalum: He visited Watcher’s pub,
(08/26 12:22:56) DimensionTravelerCalum: The next day,
(08/26 12:23:06) DimensionTravelerCalum: And told us what we had already guessed
(08/26 12:23:21) DimensionTravelerCalum: That the bahro were free, and the events of the game Myst V were more or less true
(08/26 12:23:26) DimensionTravelerCalum: Watson had not played the game,
(08/26 12:23:40) DimensionTravelerCalum: But he assumed that it was as close to the truth as games can get,
(08/26 12:23:48) DimensionTravelerCalum: Considering that he himself had been the protagonist of the game,
(08/26 12:23:56) DimensionTravelerCalum: The very man who had given the bahro their tablet back.
(08/26 12:24:08) DimensionTravelerCalum: He told us…
(08/26 12:24:19) DimensionTravelerCalum: That he no longer believed in a physical restoration of D’ni.
(08/26 12:24:31) DimensionTravelerCalum: Meanwhile,
(08/26 12:24:36) DimensionTravelerCalum: Phil visited his old relto!
(08/26 12:24:47) DimensionTravelerCalum: A huge crowd was there on that day,
(08/26 12:24:59) DimensionTravelerCalum: And phil linked in to speak to them,
(08/26 12:25:06) DimensionTravelerCalum: His words were rambling and incoherent,
(08/26 12:25:16) DimensionTravelerCalum: But there were a few things that were picked out.
(08/26 12:25:38) DimensionTravelerCalum: “the answers are there, man.” he told us. “you just have to listen.”
(08/26 12:25:43) DimensionTravelerCalum: to who?
(08/26 12:25:44) DimensionTravelerCalum: “Her.”
(08/26 12:25:53) DimensionTravelerCalum: We can only assume he meant Yeesha,
(08/26 12:26:04) DimensionTravelerCalum: But what answers we could find in her words, we don’t know.
(08/26 12:26:07) DimensionTravelerCalum: Presumably,
(08/26 12:26:20) DimensionTravelerCalum: There are hidden grains of wisdom hidden in her speeches,
(08/26 12:26:47) DimensionTravelerCalum: But i don’t think we’ve listened to the words enough to really understand what’s being said between the lines.
(08/26 12:27:08) DimensionTravelerCalum: Phil then jumped off of his old relto, and returned to his new one,
(08/26 12:27:18) DimensionTravelerCalum: Most haven’t heard or seen him since,
(08/26 12:27:24) DimensionTravelerCalum: He’s probably okay,
(08/26 12:27:26) DimensionTravelerCalum: I mean,
(08/26 12:27:31) DimensionTravelerCalum: It’s phil.
(08/26 12:27:38) DimensionTravelerCalum: He survived being CRUSHED to death
(08/26 12:27:48) DimensionTravelerCalum: A little tumble won’t hurt him.
(08/26 12:28:02) DimensionTravelerCalum: The next day, after words had time to soak in,
(08/26 12:28:06) DimensionTravelerCalum: Watson returned,
(08/26 12:28:14) DimensionTravelerCalum: He visited a random neighbor hood
(08/26 12:28:20) DimensionTravelerCalum: And stood near this podium,
(08/26 12:28:26) DimensionTravelerCalum: On a stage mostly like this.
(08/26 12:28:33) DimensionTravelerCalum: And then he delivered a bombshell.
(08/26 12:28:49) DimensionTravelerCalum: But this bombshell was led into by something…softer.
(08/26 12:29:01) DimensionTravelerCalum: Watson encouraged us to join the guilds,
(08/26 12:29:08) DimensionTravelerCalum: And he told us to beware of pride and disunity,
(08/26 12:29:41) DimensionTravelerCalum: we had begin to fracture as a community, and watson told us that there were many of us that needed to unite again.
(08/26 12:29:54) DimensionTravelerCalum: he warned us not to fight amongst ourselves.
(08/26 12:30:35) DimensionTravelerCalum: Watson told us that while he no longer believed that the cavern should be inhabited as we do the surface,
(08/26 12:30:50) DimensionTravelerCalum: he still felt that there was much we could learn from D’ni,
(08/26 12:31:05) DimensionTravelerCalum: But those lessons, he said, should be applied to elsewhere in our lives,
(08/26 12:31:18) DimensionTravelerCalum: And then he started about the bahro,
(08/26 12:31:31) DimensionTravelerCalum: He told us that the hostile ones had no reason for their destruction
(08/26 12:31:39) DimensionTravelerCalum: It was destruction for destruction’s sake.
(08/26 12:32:00) DimensionTravelerCalum: I’ll now quote what Carl Palmner thought was the most important part of this speech
(08/26 12:32:23) DimensionTravelerCalum: “The ‘Good’ bahro protecting us have created a grand Deception for our peace of mind–
(08/26 12:32:35) DimensionTravelerCalum: An illusion that all is well here in the Cavern and the ages…
(08/26 12:32:47) DimensionTravelerCalum: “We have been told that Destruction is coming’.
(08/26 12:33:12) DimensionTravelerCalum: “I believe specifically that the destruction is coming to the cavern, but I could be wrong about that too.
(08/26 12:33:27) DimensionTravelerCalum: “It is entirely possible that the destruction is a great deal larger than that.”
(08/26 12:33:38) DimensionTravelerCalum: He went on to tell us that Yeesha had been fighting for us,
(08/26 12:33:45) DimensionTravelerCalum: She had already been to hundreds of ages,
(08/26 12:34:00) DimensionTravelerCalum: Searching for some way- some thing- that could help end the fighting between the bahro,
(08/26 12:34:14) DimensionTravelerCalum: Or atleast to protect us when the good bahro could no-longer do such.
(08/26 12:34:34) DimensionTravelerCalum: Watson then said it was looking more and more likely that that wouldn’t happen.
(08/26 12:34:45) DimensionTravelerCalum: He said THAT was why the guilds were important,
(08/26 12:35:03) DimensionTravelerCalum: We needed new ages to explore, new ages to search for a solution to the bahro war.
(08/26 12:35:09) DimensionTravelerCalum: The war was coming,
(08/26 12:35:17) DimensionTravelerCalum: the good side was losing.
(08/26 12:35:26) DimensionTravelerCalum: And if we didn’t find a way to protect ourselves…
(08/26 12:35:36) DimensionTravelerCalum: We might have become their next target.
(08/26 12:35:52) DimensionTravelerCalum: So I’m going to challenge you all in the same way watson challenged us then
(08/26 12:36:08) DimensionTravelerCalum: That we should look to better ourselves,
(08/26 12:36:18) DimensionTravelerCalum: Be better at controlling our pride and emotions than the D’ni were.
(08/26 12:36:28) DimensionTravelerCalum: Repeating the mistakes of the past was NOT an option,
(08/26 12:36:38) DimensionTravelerCalum: It STILL is not an option.
(08/26 12:36:51) DimensionTravelerCalum: Men like Veovis and his shady associates lurk around the corners,
(08/26 12:37:00) DimensionTravelerCalum: Not just here in D’ni,
(08/26 12:37:03) DimensionTravelerCalum: But on the surface,
(08/26 12:37:08) DimensionTravelerCalum: In our own lives.
(08/26 12:37:13) DimensionTravelerCalum: Let’s do what Watson said-
(08/26 12:37:17) DimensionTravelerCalum: Let’s learn FROM D”ni
(08/26 12:37:28) DimensionTravelerCalum: And apply WHAT we’ve learned to our lives,
(08/26 12:37:43) DimensionTravelerCalum: Let’s learn to read between the lines of words long since spoken,
(08/26 12:37:50) DimensionTravelerCalum: Let’s see what we were not meant to see,
(08/26 12:38:11) DimensionTravelerCalum: decide for yourselves if the damage you see in a fortress is due to an earthquake or a battle,
(08/26 12:38:23) DimensionTravelerCalum: Decide for yourselves if the sun in the sky that you see is actually a sun,
(08/26 12:38:24) DimensionTravelerCalum: A moon,
(08/26 12:38:28) DimensionTravelerCalum: Or some artificial satellite,
(08/26 12:38:32) DimensionTravelerCalum: Decide,
(08/26 12:38:35) DimensionTravelerCalum: Make the choices,
(08/26 12:38:41) DimensionTravelerCalum: Learn what there IS to learn,
(08/26 12:39:01) DimensionTravelerCalum: And that’s really all there is to this week’s retelling,
(08/26 12:39:10) DimensionTravelerCalum: I’ve covered the facts given to us already,
(08/26 12:39:23) DimensionTravelerCalum: Now its up to you all to look for yourselves,
(08/26 12:39:29) DimensionTravelerCalum: to find what is hidden,
(08/26 12:39:34) DimensionTravelerCalum: Connections between the guilds,
(08/26 12:39:40) DimensionTravelerCalum: Between ourselves,
(08/26 12:39:51) DimensionTravelerCalum: Between the different groups and factions on the surface,
(08/26 12:40:06) DimensionTravelerCalum: Let’s all discover together, shall we?
(08/26 12:40:14) DimensionTravelerCalum: So i’ll thank you all for coming,
(08/26 12:40:18) Karim: Hello
(08/26 12:40:23) DimensionTravelerCalum: It was a bit shorter than I was expecting…
(08/26 12:40:23) Nykolai cheers
(08/26 12:40:27) Minta: Thank you Cal
(08/26 12:40:30) WaySeeker claps his hands
(08/26 12:40:30) DimensionTravelerCalum: But i think it came out well.
(08/26 12:40:30) Minta claps her hands
(08/26 12:40:33) KaajaLaroo claps her hands
(08/26 12:40:37) palla claps his hands
(08/26 12:40:39) Olrick140 claps his hands
(08/26 12:40:39) iPenguin claps his hands
(08/26 12:40:40) DimensionTravelerCalum: Next week is the last week of the second restoration,
(08/26 12:40:46) WaySeeker: Thank you, Cal
(08/26 12:40:46) DimensionTravelerCalum: Same time
(08/26 12:40:46) DimensionTravelerCalum: Same place
(08/26 12:40:48) PeterC claps his hands
(08/26 12:40:55) Karim: cest koi ca
(08/26 12:40:57) KaajaLaroo: thank you everyone
(08/26 12:41:01) KaajaLaroo: lol
(08/26 12:41:03) DimensionTravelerCalum: Lets make sure history only repeats in the tales told every day, shall we? :)
(08/26 12:41:05) DimensionTravelerCalum bows
(08/26 12:41:07) Nykolai: Door run in GH delin
(08/26 12:41:08) …Chat.log stopped.


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