Site Update and HN news!


(If you’re confused by the terms used in this post, check out the Updated Terms Page on the sidebar over there! ==> )

Did a temporary background update, ’cause I was kind of tired of the star field and also stumbled upon this awesome view in the Cleft today that I wanted to share. Also; FAQ page has been updated to recent times, mainly to link back to THIS PAGE, right there.

And speaking of That Page, I’d like to do a re-boost of that signal! I am looking for MANAGERS for weekday Heritage Nights! It doesn’t have to be in English! If you speak Dutch, hold a Dutch HN! If you speak Spanish, hold a Spanish HN! Any language works!

I am looking for SPEAKERS for the next round of HN! I’m not sure what the scheduling will be just yet, but that’s good! ‘Cause that means we can work around to fit you all in better!  ALSO: If you’re looking into managing a weekday HN, you will need to find Speakers AND Ushers as well!

For both: Familiarity with the story is NOT required (Although it helps)! Previous experience is NOT required! Training WILL be provided!

I’m putting the word out here! I want YOU, Explorers of D’ni, to help with Heritage Night!



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