News of New things and Old things

Let me just say that what I’m about to say is *NOT* Related to any Fun House Event at all!

Alright so… If you take a visit to the Tokotah Rooftop, you might notice that there is a journal there now that there hasn’t been before. I don’t know how long it HAS been there, or how long it’s going TO BE there, but…

Long story short: The Shomat Story journal is back on the Tokotah rooftop.

Solo Shomat

Long story Long: This was brought to my attention by an explorer who, being fairly new, I was helping with Eder Gira and Kemo. As I explained that the Shomat Story journal in Kemo had once been in Ae’gura, he mentioned that he’d already read it there. Curious, I went to my own hood rooftop to investigate. Sure enough, there it was.

I went to the Fun House City, to inform the current manager of the development, and to inquire if it were possible that their internal turn on of the book might have affected external appearances.

After some testing with SDLs with him in the FH city, and myself in the hood instance (Having rebooted the game so no FH magic would taint the result), we discovered that the FH SDLs had no affect on the Hood instance SDL visibility of the Shomat Story journal.

This means….

The Shomat Story journal being in the city is as intentional as things can get. Take a look, and check it out for yourselves. All I know is: Fun House antics did not affect the hood instance of the journal what-so-ever, they are as contained as they ever were.

So enjoy the journal while it’s there.  Who knows if the other journals are going to start flooding in any time soon…? In any case, take a look, get a picture see what there is to see while it’s there to be seen!



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