Preaching to the chior

Kaelisebonrai said it here. Something which I myself have said before.

This is Cyan’s shard, yes. But I care not for their shard. I care not for their ways, their methods. Their methods may’ve brought the game to life? but their methods have ALSO killed it, many times. Their methods are poorly thought out, poorly implemented. They care not for the follow through. Do you think we’d be in a situation where the game is barely hanging by a thread now if they were good at making a game like uru, good at managing a community? I love Uru, not for the game it is.. But for the *potential* it once had. Potential it has even now – but will never achieve, because of stupidity like this.

The Uru I dream of is an Uru where Cyan has finally moved on, and the rest of us can set about restoring intentions never finished, content never completed, dreams never realised. When the fans begin to grow the tree, when the Deep City breathes again. Because Cyan is not the one to lead us there – they haven’t been for years. They need to move on, and actually do what they’ve been saying they /want/ to do for years -> Give it to us. Rand once said: ‘We don’t want to keep any of it anymore, we want to give it all to the fans.’ Where is this? I do not see it. I see Cyan desperately clinging, futilely to control over something that has only ever caused them to lose money. Business sense suggests -> give it up, give it to the fans. Stop trying to make something that has nearly ended your business, not once, but /twice/ work.

Yet they still cling, making life for those that want to see it live, breathe, and work as the game we all dreamed of sorely difficult.

The hax aren’t killing Uru. Never have been. Cyan is killing Uru, more surely than anything else has ever killed it.

I’ve seen it, He’s seen it. We’ve all started to see it, but most try to ignore it. Bolded emphasis mine.

Exactly my Point made a while back in that letter to Cyan that I wrote- You all remember the one- that made a simple suggestion if you were to read between the lines.

Someone who ‘read’ my letter, though I doubt they really did, thought that Cyan should NOT let go because of the “Hax are killing URU” Mentality. I told him to re-read my letter, and to understand. I haven’t heard from him back on the subject, so I doubt he did.

Recently, over the last few days in Cavern, I’ve tried warning people about this, about the cav-con meter, and of other things. And nobody would want to let me finish. Why?

One man was going on about “You’re promoting another game!” A Game I was using as an EXAMPLE of the potential URU still has. Another said “You’ll scare the newbies away!” And if you’d have let me finish without interruption, I would have changed to something more positive.

Selfish reasons! Much like Cyan, people are clinging to the ideas that this shard is the ONLY way URU can grow! And when messengers try to tell them otherwise, they get shot at!

There’s an old saying, “Don’t shoot the Messenger.”  But that’s exactly what these clingers do. I’ve seen it too many times to count. Someone tries to do something good, telling everyone that there is some wrong that needs to be righted… And what happens? Those explorers get PUNISHED for their deeds. Tweek being one of the prime examples.

He worked as an Intern for Cyan, had blue text on the forums and everything. He was a fan, he was an age developer, and he saw things happening that wronged people. When he tried to speak out against these actions, he lost the blue text.

Cyan later said it was because they were trying to hash things out internally without observation…But the fact of the matter is that Tweek was not INFORMED of their reasons until WELL after these events had transpired.

Too Little Too Late. Damage Done.

Anymore, I’ve only ever seen Tweek post on the MO forums when he’s put up some piece of Myst fan art, with a rare post on other things every now and again. He was one of the good guys, and I’ll bet you now that most explorers of this generation don’t even know of his name.

Is it any wonder that there is such bitterness in the community against Cyan’s run URU? Especially after light was shown on the Myst Movie ‘snafu.’ I’ve given my thoughts on that subject already.

Cyan cares too much for URU. That’s the gist of it. MOULa’s life expectancy is falling shorter under Cyan’s control. They say they want to do these things, releasing everything to us. But they haven’t! Why? Legal matters?

Please. It’s not that at all.

Keep in mind,  if Cyan doesn’t let go of URU eventually, the MOULa Shard will *Close* due to nobody coming in, the signs of which are already brewing in front of our eyes. And if it does close, Cyan won’t have a reason TO hold on anymore. The shard will not exist, and the Fans will have complete reign to do things their way on their own shards.  MOULa is only ‘prime’ because it is run by Cyan. If that’s gone, everyone will default to another shard. Another URU.

That’s the only way URU can grow with this current hold on the Cavern, we all see it. It just needs to be acknowledged on a larger scale. Everyone needs to see this fact, and we need a Looser Uru. An URU that is not held back by over indulgence.

Call me sarcastic, call me a fool, call me a traitor, I don’t rightly care. People need to Wake Up! Those that listen and understand need to speak up as well! You there, the one reading this and understanding all of this! Yes! You! Everyone has their parts to play. Nothing happens without reason.

URU can only survive if Cyan let’s it GO, and become involved NOT as creators, but as fans just the same as the rest of us. They’ve done it in the story, the DRC are but explorers now. Those that visited back in 2010 said that they enjoyed it differently as explorers than as DRC members. They’re just like us now.

So why hasn’t Cyan done the same then?

Let me direct this next part At Cyan directly.

You all have created an impressive world. But you’re looking at this game too linearly. Too compressed. I don’t care if you think me mad, but this is how I feel on the matter.

Do the same thing as you’ve had your characters do! Become Explorers, not maintainers! Don’t distrust the fans that still love this game. That is where everyone is falling short right now. We’re all clinging to the idea that You, at Cyan, can one day bring back the URU that once was but never was.

That’s never going to happen, and we all know it, but are afraid to admit it.

I’m sorry if this comes off as rude or presumptuous… But Consider this: I’ve lived my entire life with the Myst games. I’ve grown up with URU as it’s grown. I feel like I’ve become part of D’ni physically and emotionally. I Don’t claim to speak to the rocks, or the dirt. I don’t claim to be some almighty prophet.

But if D’ni could talk as a being, I feel that this is what it would be saying. People hear the Call constantly now… And I feel called to speak out on this.

.shorah b’shemtee, kehnehn gor kogloeht

Peace to All, It is time to begin.



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