So Copyright holders want to make it so that people have to get permission in order to sell ANYTHING. That’s not right, now is it?

The guys fighting back are planning a day of action for the Monday, October 29th Supreme Court hearing on this case: they need to draw as much attention as possible to this under-reported cause.

No matter how the Court rules, they expect to have a fight in Congress on their hands early next year, and they need to get to lawmakers before Big Business’s lobbying brigade does.

If they lose this fight, practically anybody who wants to resell products they bought — from Macbooks and iPhones to our clothing and textbooks — will have to ask copyright holders for permission first. And they’ll have the right to deny it!

It’s bad for so many reasons: It’ll undermine Craigslist and Ebay, hurt the environment, increase incentives for manufacturers to move jobs off-shore, and effectively ban the traditional American yard sale. For more info, please check out Marvin Ammori’s article about the lawsuit.



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