A quick reminder to those who use “Internal Clients” in MOULa:

Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please do not use their features in public areas, specifically the City Links through the Nexus. Some people are getting really upset by this! And it’d be best if the issue isn’t pressed any harder than it needs to be. :(

So I ask of you all, please don’t use internal client features (such as wearing any kind of hidden clothing item, or even super jumping or warping) in public areas like the City! They’re fine for use in Private Ages or in Fun House/Magic Locations– but not for Public City Use!

If Cyan feels that people are *NOT* following the rules that they’ve put forth, they could very well take down the server for *everyone*! Nobody wants that! So please, please to the 8^8 power, don’t use Internal Client functions in the City!

Now some people might argue, “Well if Cyan did that then I won’t donate to CavCon!” But that’s missing the point entirely! If Cyan feels that they need to pull the entire server down, there won’t even BE a need for CavCon! Now even especially with the MOULa server having troubles, I’m practically begging…

Please Don’t Use Internal Client Functions In The Public City.



One response to “PSA: INTERNAL CLIENTS

  1. It is easy to mix the Nexus and Private links books up, as they are right beside one another on the shelf. I was myself was so use to run thru the nexus to the city that it became automatic without thought.
    So, I’m embarrassed to stay I space-out and went to public City instead of my private hood City instance and used the /list and /upload commands.
    It did provoke immediate reaction from those present as to what they meant.
    I have since tried to be more diligent about making sure not to use it in the Public City instance. I think this might be something that can happen to any who are new to using the Marker Editor Client.

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