Well, this is embarassing. I finally caved in and got a youtube account about a month ago for Skyrim stuff, but completely forgot about the Mysterium Videos at the time… And then I go checking the photos on my local backup tonight and BAM. THERE THEY ARE. Completely forgotten about that they were copied to this computer.

Sooooo… I’ll be uploading these videos a couple at a time. Some might need to be edited a little just to fit Youtube’s time limit (Do they even have one anymore? All of my video uploads so far have been under 15 minutes.) Anyways, one video’s uploading right now. Well, I suppose will have been uploaded by the time anyone sees this. But….YEAH! WHOO! Finally got around to this. :/ CAN NOT BELIEVE I forgot about doing this, but still!

At least its better than 2009 where all the videos turned out like junk! :/  16 minutes til the first one finishes uploading….Then it’ll have to “Process” or whatever. I’m only going to get this one uploaded tonight, I think, Oh well. 14 minutes now. Am I going to do a running commentary as I wait for it to upload? Maybe.

Meh! I’m just going to post this and hope it’s uploaded by the time anyone sees this. XD

SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADUE: The first of the Myserium 2012 Videos!


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